Home News A Few Days Ago Mysterious Statues Were Discovered in Peru

A Few Days Ago Mysterious Statues Were Discovered in Peru

A few days ago mysterious statues were discovered in a pre-Columbian city of Peru. In addition, some murals were found. The surprising find that remained hidden for 8 centuries in Peru

Mysterious Statues

Peruvian archaeologists discovered a hidden corridor in the walled ensemble Utzh An, located in Chan Chan, a pre-Columbian adobe city, built on the north coast of Peru by the Chimu. This hall has 20 statuettes, each in its own niche.

Mysterious Statues

19 figurines are in good condition, while one is in poor condition. According to archaeologists, these figurines were the guardians of the ceremonial place and each represented an anthropomorphic character. Some have clay masks and measure 70 centimeters in height; the guardians are about 800 years old, and before they were unearthed they were sealed with earth.

Mysterious Statues

On the other hand, reliefs were also discovered on walls of another corridor of Utzh An. The murals are about 700 years old and show a marine theme. The murals have mostly scapes, which could represent fishing nets, and there are waves.

In the case of the statuettes, it is believed that they may be the oldest that have been found in the area.

Mysterious Statues

Mysterious Statues




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