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The Brutal Final Battle of Game of Thrones Against the White Walkers

The Brutal Final Battle of Game of Thrones. The winter is already here. Although there is still no release date scheduled for the last season of Game of Thrones, fans are already waiting with unprecedented anticipation for the epic outcome of the HBO fiction. And in the last season, there is a moment that promises to be the summit, the final battle against the Army of the Dead commanded by the King of the Night. A war climax, promised by those responsible for the series, will be the biggest sequence in the history of film and television.

Final Battle of Game of Thrones

In its latest issue, Entertainment Weekly has revealed new details about the final showdown between the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms and the Army of White Walkers. It will be directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who has already directed The Battle of the Bastards. But the dimension of this sequence will make that confrontation between the forces of the bastards Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton look like a child’s game.

The American publication recalls that already last April, a member of the Game of Thrones team revealed that the team had completed 55 days of shooting at night only for the last battle. Media around the world published news saying that the shooting lasted twice as long as the Battle of the Bastards, which was filmed for about 25 days.

A figure, that of the filming of 55 nights, which does not really do justice to the dimesión of the filming. And, according to the report, those 55 nights were just for filming the outdoor scenes of the battle on the Winterfell set. The shoot was later moved to the studio, where Sapochnik continued filming scenes for the battle for several more weeks.


” It’s brutal, it makes the Battle of the Bastards look like an amusement park, ” says Peter Dinklage. The final confrontation promises to be the most brutal sequence not only of the series but of the history of cinema and television. And not to overwhelm the viewer, the director has decided to divide the chapter into different stories of the protagonists while the White Walkers advance towards Winterfell.

Thus, the battle does not have a single focus, but the different characters fighting for their own survival are interspersed between the stories. ” Having the biggest battle does not really sound exciting, it sounds pretty boring,” explains David Benioff.

“Part of our challenge, and really the director’s challenge, is how to make the battle compelling for the viewer … We’ve been moving from the beginning of the series to this moment, and it can not be solved in a 12-minute sequence “, he says.

To move the shoot inside the walls of Winterfell, the Game of Thrones team has greatly expanded the set of the Stark house. Those responsible for the series have added an imposing exterior to the castle, a much larger courtyard and more rooms interconnected in the fortress.

Invernalia Ensangrentada

Thus, says EW, strolling through the new Winterfell is like wandering through an imposing medieval complex compared to its previous version. The ground is covered in snow and blood. The air is full of smoke from the fires. You can look in any direction and you only see more and more Winterfell. Somehow you feel that you are really in Westeros.

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones still has no official release date. But it will reach HBO and Movistar + sometime before the summer of 2019.

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