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Russian Blue Cat Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Russian Blue Cat Breed Information: The Russian blue cat falls in love just by looking at it. It is impossible not to look at his powerful emerald eyes that contrast with a gray and thick fur that gives it a plush appearance. Nor are his elegant and almost aristocratic gaits unnoticed and his slender and fibrous body ready for hunting.


This domestic feline is very affectionate with his humans and loves the game. Of course, it is not one of those who surrender at the feet of strangers. He has shy and distrustful character with people from outside his circle but it is a matter of time that he takes confidence and becomes your best friend getting to anticipate many of your moods. It is very sensitive!

Another of the most remarkable characteristics of the Russian blue is its great intelligence. Able to learn tricks, is skilled at opening doors and windows, aspects that at first can have fun but that will force us to take extra precautions to avoid accidents such as falls into the void.

Russian Blue Cat Breed Information

This cat, whose origin is, according to some theories, in Arkhangelsk, a port in northern Russia, is extremely neat. If cats are clean by nature, you can get an idea of the level of Russian blue. With this, what we mean is that not only your feeder, drinker, and tray should not have a half speck of dust or else you will not eat or drink from the bowls and will look for a better place to relieve yourself, but you will demand that your human being as clean as he is and that the house where he lives does not clash.

And speaking of houses, Russian blue does not demand large dimensions to live happily. It adapts perfectly to small spaces, but not too noisy or stressful environments. It is an animal of routines that if we observe, carries out its daily activities almost at the same hours. He does not like surprises or unforeseen events! It is also very quiet.

Russian Blue Cat Facts & Pictures

As for its feeding, it is not especially exquisite and, as always, we recommend consulting the veterinarian the most appropriate option for each animal. What we do tell you is that the members of this breed tend to have a great appetite and, therefore, a certain risk of obesity.

Russian Blue Cat Breed Information

Archangel Cat

The Russian blue cat is also known as the archangel cat. The reason is that, according to Russian tradition, this breed of felines first appeared in the vicinity of Arkhangelsk, a port in northern Russia. Some theories argue that in 1860 an English or Russian merchant ship transported several copies of these kittens to Great Britain, where they were exposed from 1871 with the denominations of Russian shorthair, blue archangel or blue foreign.

Origin of Russian Blue Cat


Another of the theories about the origin of the Russian blue cat places it in the Mediterranean basin along with the Chartreux or French Carthusian, which would have earned it the name of Maltese cat or Spanish blue.

Green Eyes of Russian Blue Cat

Green Eyes

The Russian blue cat has eyes of a powerful emerald green color.

Very Smart of Russian Blue Cat

Very Smart

The Russian blue cat is very intelligent, able to learn tricks and to quickly associate his name with the different orders or objects that are shown to him as the scraper or the tray. It is also possible that you learn to open doors and windows so you should not let your guard down with it.

Affectionate of Russian Blue Cat


The Russian blue cat is affectionate, playful and calm. He will choose a favorite within the family that he will accompany in his activities whenever he can. He gets along well with children.

Character of Russian Blue Cat

Reserved Character

The Russian blue cat is usually shy with people he does not know so if someone unknown to him comes home, he will be the first to disappear from the room.

Health of Russian Blue Cat

Very Healthy

The Russian blue cat is a very tough feline. There are no known conditions of the race.

Russian Blue Cat

He Does Not Like the Changes

In general, cats do not like changes at all. Well, the Russian blue cat is even more delicate in this regard. If you are a person who needs to move every two times, you better choose another feline companion.

Clean of Russian Blue Cat

Very Clean

If the kittens are clean by nature, the Russian blue cat takes the palm and it is that as his tray is not unpolluted, he will not make his needs in it and will look for another corner that he likes more. The same thing happens with the feeder, as it is not clean, nor will it touch the food.

Russian Blue Cat Hunter

Terrible Hunter

The Russian blue cat loves to hunt so if he has access to a garden, he will bring you more than one prey as an offering.

Russian Blue Cat Adored

Adored in Japan

It is well known that in Japan the pussycat is an object of worship but the Japanese feel special weakness for the Russian blue cat. In the United States, they also like it a lot.

Meows of Russian Blue Cat

Meows Very Little

The Russian blue cat hardly meows and when it communicates with its owners it makes emitting very low and delicate sounds

Character of Russian Blue Cat

Prefer Calm Owners

The Russian blue cat has an extremely calm character so he prefers to be surrounded by calm people and in a calm environment.

Types of Russian Blue Cats

Types of Russian Blue Cats

Within this breed of felines can be distinguished four types: the Russian English blue cat, more corpulent and with a rounder head; the continental, more slender than the previous one and with bigger eyes; Scandinavian, muscular as English but more stylized than this and American, the longest and thinnest of all.

Russian Blue Cat Price

It Has a Double Mantle

The Russian blue cat has a double layer of hair. Its outer part is soft and gives it that “Apeluchado” appearance and the interior has a texture of vanilla and serves the animal to withstand the low temperatures of its natural habitat.

Russian Blue Cat Price

Being an aristocratic cat that has striking movements and appearance for its elegance and fibrous musculature will not be a cheap cat.

If you want to know how much a Russian blue cat currently costs, its approximate price is estimated between the US $400 to $700.

As always, the price depends on the country, the place where you buy it and the purity of the race.

It is recommended that all people verify before buying the cat, that it has all the relevant vaccines and is endorsed by a specialized veterinarian.

How to Know if My Cat Is A Russian Blue

To know if your cat is a true Russian blue cat of the breed, the first thing you should do is look at the characteristics.

The Russian blue cat is characterized by beautiful green eyes, a triangular head, and a muscular and slender body. It weighs approximately 5 kilograms and usually measures about 20 cm up to shoulder height. If you look at your hair individually, you will see that it has a gray color that ends in a silver tip.

Looking at these characteristics, you can imagine that a lost or gifted cat is Russian blue but if it does not have a pedigree and you keep the papers that accredit it, “officially” it will remain a domestic cat.

In reality, it does not matter because you will want it the same way and it will continue to be a wonderful company whether it is street or race BUT … if you want to be sure of its origin you can do a DNA test.


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