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4 Years of Modi Government Performance Review

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Modi Government Performance Review

It has been over four years of Narendra Modi governance in India as the Prime Minister of the nation. Modi government performance till now has been very poor for the development of nation but certainly been productive for some corrupt politicians and businessmen. The government failed to fulfill almost every single promise it made while campaigning for 2014 elections. This failure and careless attitude of the BJP party and Narendra Modi toward the nation raise a lot of questions about the credibility of the party. The report card of Modi government performance can be drafted on some of the below-mentioned facts:


The most controversial and debated issue in the last four years of Modi government is the failure of the party to fulfill the promise of increased employment opportunities in the nation. On one hand, the party claims to fulfill its promise but on the other, several reports show that the job crisis in the nation is not averted.

One of the prominent BJP party member, Amit Shah, has made fun of this serious situation mocking that all the 125 crore Indians cannot get jobs. He further added that the decreasing number of employment is due to the rise in self-employment by people of the country. He claimed that over 90 million people employed themselves with Mudra scheme, Stand Up India, Startup India and several other schemes but in reality, the employment figure is remotely distant from this claimed figure.

Price Hike

As per the manifesto of BJP party, it is mentioned that the party will take serious measures to put breaks on increasing prices by incorporating special courts to prevent hoarding and black marketing. Till now, no special court or any such body has been formed and the prices of certain commodities have reached a record high level.

Common Necessities

The section of ‘Building India’ in the manifesto of BJP states that the government would take necessary action to provide shelter for everyone which is equipped with basic necessities like electricity, water and toilets. It has been over four years of BJP governance and a huge part of the nation’s population is still facing a lot of problems to fulfill these common necessities.

Black Money

The best measure of Narmada Modi government performance lies along the failure to bring back black money stashed in overseas banks. Modi has promised to bring the black money back to the nation and use it for the development of the nation and its population. He also quoted once that his government will deposit Rs 15 lakh in the bank accounts of every single Indian citizen. So far, both of these promises have failed.

Women Empowerment

It is seen that Modi government has put aside the women empowerment schemes. A lot of BJP leaders had claimed that their party has passed the Women’s Reservation Bill for women empowerment. In reality, the bill was passed in Rajya Sabha in March 2010 when Congress party was in power.

As of today, the Bill has not been passed in the Lok Sabha even after the majority Modi government in the Lok Sabha. The negative attitude toward the welfare of women and equal rights for them justifies the fact of degradation of Modi government performance till now.


The suicides of farmers are still at large and it seems like Modi government has closed its eyes on this matter. The false promises of providing a minimum of 50 % profits to the farmers over the cost of production turn out to be a stunt for gaining votes only. Issues like lack of crop insurance and farmers’ debts are still at large.


Even after the four years of governance, Modi government has not executed the Lokpal which was subjected to act against corruption. A lot of people believe that the failure to an execution of Lokpal is due to the fact that the BJP party is full of the corrupt politician and passing such a bill will increase their troubles.


The best evaluation of Modi government performance till now relies greatly on the failure of demonetization scheme by BJP. Demonetization not only put the people of the country in financial crisis, but it also resulted in an increase of unemployment. The worst part about this is the denial of the BJP government that it failed.


Another major failure by BJP government is the unplanned implementation of GST in a nation which caused severe damage to small and large businesses. Another major failure associated with GST is the denial of BJP to include fuel in GST slab. This inclusion alone will result in the reduction of fuel prices significantly but it seems like the government is against bringing the process down as a lot of new taxes like ‘Swachh Bharat Tax’ has been levied of several products putting the extra burden on shoulders of the common citizen.

So if you are wondering about the Modi government performance till now, you will find this information useful to evaluate the answer. The foolish and poor planned schemes and policies implemented by BJP has become the major cause of rising distress in the nation and it will require a lot of effort by the upcoming party to rise India above these turbulent times.

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