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FC Barcelona vs Inter Milan Live Stream, Highlights & Tv Guide

Barcelona vs Inter Milan Live: FC Barcelona vs Inter Milan Highlights: The most recognizable Barca exhibits trade without Messi based on the position game. Rafinha buys all the tickets to play the Clasico and Dembele is indicated.

Barcelona vs Inter Milan Live

FC Barcelona vs Inter Milan Highlights

Barca put foot and a half in the knockout stages of the Champions League after defeating Inter 2-0 which means for the Valverde lead their group with 9 points after adding three wins in three games and be a duel to pass screen In a game that, in the absence of Messi, it was the exaltation of collective and choral play evoking a style that was once again recognizable. A tuned orchestra that did not require the virtuoso soloist to win.

Between the score and the style, Valverde opted for the method to face his first match without Messi. It is clear that the Argentine cannot be replaced because no matter how much he paid for Demebélé or Coutinho, there is no one like Leo. Therefore, in this circumstance, it was best to return to the origins and prioritize the possession game, the sacrifice of high pressure and the position in the field. And to bring this plan to fruition, nothing better than to put in the team two players like Sergi Roberto and Rafinha who have sucked the mother system since childhood.

Valverde’s bet for Rafinha instead of Dembélé, a crazy goat capable of the best and the worst, and for Sergi Roberto instead of Semedo mixed pearls with the order of Arthur, who seems to have lived all his life in Aristides Maillol, 14

The first part of Barcelona was conceptually perfect, although it lacked the touch of genius of Messi, which was missing in the final phase.

The Barça wrote a play in the first part in which the approach was rational, the development was pristine but at the time of monologue was missing nerve. Everything went well until the last stage, where everyone missed the genius.

FC Barcelona vs Inter Milan Score

But the Barça method weighs a lot and on the basis of insisting, of being much better without the ball than with the ball, of holding on to an idea, of patience with the ball and of going again and again to look for the prize, Rafinha, the man who He put Dembélé in the starting line-up and bought all the tickets to play the Clásico on Sunday. He managed to get the goal in the 32nd minute in a play that, as the Argentine genius usually does, started and ended in him.

Inter was almost harmless in the first half. His high pressure made it difficult for Barça to leave the ball and Mauro Icardi showed that he could be out of the game for a long time but that every ball he catches in the last 25 meters is a dangerous opportunity.

 Champions League 2018-19 Group B League Table

Based on method and position, Barcelona came to the half as clear dominator of the meeting. At the limit of the break, Coutinho was about to score the second of the direct foul. A goal that would have done justice and reassured a Barcelona that was aware that Inter was a rival who gives his best in the last minutes of the game and who never gives up.

Spaghetti started the second half by entering Politano for an unprecedented Candreva and started the second half with more fang, but the chances were still a Barca commanded by a tremendous Arthur who could sentence through Suarez, Lenglet (dangerous to set pieces) and Coutinho.

When Valverde began to move the team giving input to Vidal and Semedo, the style remained untouched and Rakitic was erected in the metronome of Barcelona and assisting Alba so that the lateral scored the second in 83. The match ended there. Group work compensated for the absence of genius. For once, the choir supplied the tenor.

FC Barcelona vs Inter Milan Highlights

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