Home News A Man Fell Down A Mining Shaft Had To Kill Rattlesnakes to Survive

A Man Fell Down A Mining Shaft Had To Kill Rattlesnakes to Survive

A man fell down a mining shaft and had to kill rattlesnakes while he was stuck there for three days. An Arizona man fell into the pit of a 30-meter-deep mine on Monday and remained there until Wednesday when a friend of his heard him screaming for help.

Man Fell Down A Mining Shaft

Jonh Waddell, 62, was found dehydrated and with broken bones at the bottom of the well. He had to kill three rattlesnakes to prevent being bitten.

Waddell is known as an experienced miner. That day he had gone to look for antique objects, precious stones, and some precious metals.

That property has two mines. One has not been explored, but Waddell had intended to enter there, so he built a structure and hung a rope. He would descend, but then he slipped when he went to the middle of the rope.

Waddell almost always goes out alone, but he tells people when he leaves to let them know if he does not come back. This time he told a neighbor that if he did not come back on Tuesday he would go see how he was doing.

His neighbor went to the mines on Wednesday to look for him. Then he could hear him scream: “Help, help!”.

” Some snakes came to him. He killed them, “said his friend, who was not entirely sure how his friend killed the rattlesnakes, but he suspected he had done it with a rock.

Rescuers found him dehydrated and with injuries to the lower leg and a friction burn in the hands of the rope. But he was happy that they had rescued him.

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