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Obama Alerts About Risk Due to Lack of Election Movements

“These November elections are more important than all the others I remember in my entire life, including those in which I was in the nomination,” Obama warned (2009-2017) at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Obama Alerts About Risk
Former US President Barack Obama (i) and Democratic congresswoman and candidate for the United States Senate Jacky Rosen (d) participate during a rally today, Monday, October 22, 2018, at the Cox Pavilion of the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas.

Former President Barack Obama warned today of the “dangerous” consequences for democracy that could have a lack of mobilization of the Democratic electorate in the face of the legislative elections on November 6, in an action in which the Colombian reggaeton played J Balvin.

“These November elections are more important than all the others that I remember in my life, even in those that I was in the candidacy … The consequences of which you stay at home would be profoundly dangerous for this country, for our democracy”, warned Obama (2009-2017) at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although the Ex-leader did not mention the name of his successor at any time, President Donald Trump’s intervention was plagued by messages referring to him, who feared that he would take credit for the buoyant economic situation in the country.

“When you hear all this talk and talk about economic miracles now, remember who started them,” said Obama, who also stressed that he is a politician who bases his words and policies on facts, in apparent allusion to Trump, he has had to disdain numerous times for, at least, make incorrect statements.

“I believe in a reality based on facts,” he continued, “in a policy based on facts, I do not believe in simply inventing things,” said Obama, who constantly appealed to the votes of those present and viewers to consolidate the progressive changes: ” Booing is worth nothing. Vote! ”

The presence of Obama in the act of campaign of federal legislators of the state was animated by the performance of the artist J Balvin, who put the assistants on foot with his success “My People”.

Colombian singer J Balvin
Colombian singer J Balvin entertains the crowd before former US President Barack Obama speaks during a rally on the Nevada Democratic ticket.

The former president himself appealed to the followers of the artist: “Who does not like J Balvin and reggaeton? We were in the dressing rooms before, fortunately, there were no cameras when we were improvising,” said Obama making dance gestures. The scene was shared on the singer’s Twitter.

Trump’s predecessor specifically urged young voters to go to the polls.

“You would not let your grandmother tell you how to dress, you would not let your parents decide what you should listen to if you are so protective of options like that, why are not you going to be on issues like the environment? ” Obama exclaimed. who said he was “hopeful” before the November 6 elections.

Obama indirectly mentioned potential attempts at abuses of power in the White House and called for a vote to “control” these situations.

“There is only real control of abuses of power and that is you,” said the former president, who also said that “pressure the attorney general (Jeff Sessions) and the FBI” to pursue political rivals is not what should be done in the country, but it is typical of “some dictatorships”.

The former president also responded to those who are interested in his wife, Michelle Obama, as a possible candidate for the 2020 presidential election, where she would face Trump.

“She is not a candidate for president, but she’s out there telling you to vote because the antidote to a government of a few powerful ones is a government of many energetic and organized,” said the Democrat.


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