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Flying With Your Cat – How to Fly With a Cat on a Plane

Are you going to fly with your cat? We tell you how to do it as quickly, comfortably and economically as possible.

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Do you want to air travel with your cat but you do not know how? Do not panic. Sit down and start pointing, because what comes next is the most complete and detailed guide on flying with a cat that you will find on the Internet. Follow these steps to the letter and flying with your cat will be as easy as to lie on your legs while you dream of the next destination on the couch. We start?

1. Make Sure the Airline Allows You to Flying With Your Cat

If you want to travel with your pet cat on the plane, the first thing you have to do is choose a  company that allows you to fly with cats. As of today, airlines are not required to accept cats either in the cabin or in other parts of the ship. Each airline is free to decide whether to accept them or not and to set their own standards in doing so. In the event that the airline in question accepts cats – there are more and more  airlines that accept onboard pets in general and cats in particular – keep in mind that buying a ticket to travel with your cat may require more time than the purchase of a normal ticket, then, generally, requires the approval of higher instances.

Traveling With Your Cat

To know the company you want to travel with cats on the plane,  visit their website or call their customer service. And yes, be prepared to make some extra payment because, almost in all cases, your cat also pays a plane ticket (even if it’s to fly in a carrier to your feet or in your lap).

2. Have Your Cat’s Passport in Order

Just as people need a DNI or a passport to travel by plane, cats need it. And, eye! Because each country may require the documentation that seems appropriate to allow the entry or not of a cat in its territory. Therefore, before flying with your cat you must inform yourself of what administrative requirements must be met. The site to inform you about it is the embassy of your destination, where they can inform you. Check their website or call them by phone.

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Now, fly where you cat for air travel you will need a pet passport. This passport is issued by the veterinarian and, generally, it is usually given when the chip is put on the animal (whether you are traveling imminently or not). This passport reflects your cat’s medical history (vaccinations, deworming treatments, surgical procedures, etc.). It may be the case that the country of destination requires other documentation apart from the pet passport, hence the importance of learning well before flying and in an official institution. In the case of cats, to fly in Europe it is compulsory to have a pet passport and a  rabies vaccination. Other countries also require that the cat be properly dewormed (even with specific treatments) or, even, to pass a quarantine. Therefore, we insist, consult with the relevant official institution how you have to document your cat.

3. Choose a Suitable Carrier to Fly With Cat

After making sure that the airline you want to fly with admits cats and that you have all the necessary documentation to travel, the third most important thing when it comes to flying with a cat is having an adequate carrier, the one that  guarantees the maximum of comfort to your pet and, at the same time, it fulfills the rules of the airline  that you are going to use. Each company has its rules, they are usually very concise and, very scrupulous with their compliance!

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In general, airlines usually allow cats to carry up to 7 and 8 kilos including the carrier in the cabin. If your cat and his carrier weigh more than that, you probably cannot take them with you in the cabin. To know, you should check with your airline that, when you call, will ask you to give the dimensions and weights of cat and carrier (so, when you call, have them ready). It is true that, when the time comes, the airlines do not get to measure the transports to the millimeter, but it is important that your transport can go to your feet, under the front seat. If it does not fit, they will probably force you to take the cat out of the cabin.

4. Before Flying, Do Not Stuff Your Cat With Food and Drink

Before traveling with your cat by plane, it is not advisable to binge on food or drink. Many airlines recommend that the cat fasts at least two hours before starting the trip so that they do not want to relieve themselves during the trip. Remember that on the plane you can not take the cat to its stones and that, although the cat can hold a lot without peeing, there is no need to carry the full bladder for hours. A little traveling diet will not hurt them.

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Some people advocate giving tranquilizers to their cats to sleep while traveling by plane. In general, veterinarians do not recommend it and it is not necessary. Although the cat is not a fan of traveling (neither by car, nor by boat, nor by plane, nor by any means of transport), you may be surprised at how relatively calm it is on the plane. Many cats do not protest!

5. The Day You Have to Fly With Your Cat, Go to the Airport With Time

If you are going to fly with your cat in the cabin, the animal will also have to pass the security control. For that reason, it is convenient that you go to the airport with extra time. Although it depends a little on the ground staff that you have to deal with that day, your cat will usually not be able to pass the security control inside his transport. Do not be surprised if they ask you to take it out of the bag, pass the bag in the X-rays and pass with the cat in your arms through the metal detector arch. It may also be that you have to pass without a cat through the metal detector and that the cat is in the arms of a security agent while this happens. As a tip, try to take the cat on a leash to run through – which is not normal because it is so scared by noise and people that the cat does not want to move – do not escape.

Flying With Your Cat

6. On the Scales, Look for Areas to Take Out Your Cat

You may have to stop when traveling with your cat. If this is your case, find out if there is any kind of patio or small park inside the terminal where you can take it out a bit to stretch the legs. If the scale is very long and your terminal does not have a patio or park, maybe you can go outside. Now, do not complicate your life too much, because, surely, your cat, when feeling in unknown territory, does not want to leave the carrier. Do not force him. While you are traveling,  the carrier is your cat’s comfort zone, there it is better than anywhere else.

How to Take Your Cat

7. If It Is Not Strictly Necessary, Do Not Fly With Your Cat

So far you have read everything you need to fly with your cat, but we want to give you one last piece of advice: do not fly with your cat if it is not strictly necessary. A cat is not a dog that is happy to follow you wherever it goes. A cat is an animal of habit that hates to be taken out of the routine and walk through strange places. Everything new terrifies him, makes him feel uncomfortable and helpless. Stress it. So do not take your cat on a whim by plane. Do it if you have to do it, fly with your cat, but if you can avoid that drink to the animal, avoid it. He will not thank you, but he will hate you a little less.


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