Members of Proud Boys Surrender to the New York Police

Irvin Antillon, 41, Douglas Lennan, 40, and Maxwell Hare, 26, went to a precinct in the Manhattan district where they turned themselves in and were charged with riot and assault.

Members of Proud Boys Surrender
The police released two videos last week about the brawl.

Three members of the group of extreme right “Proud Boys”, were given today to the police of New York by to have participated in a fight with members of an anti-fascist group, after an event in a Republican club in this city.

Irvin Antillon, 41, Douglas Lennan, 40, and Maxwell Hare, 26, went to a precinct in the Manhattan district where they surrendered and were charged with riot and assault, according to local media. Hare was also charged with possession of a weapon.

On October 12, Gavin McInnes, founder of the “Proud Boys,” which the civil rights organization Southern Poverty Law Center defines as a group of hate and extremism, gave a speech at a Republican club in Manhattan.

Outside, members of the organization supported him while others, from the anti-fascist group Antifa, protested his presence. Initially, there was a confrontation between both groups but it was dissipated by the police, who arrested three individuals.

However, shortly after the club steps, a riot broke out between the members of both groups, which has been harshly criticized by politicians such as state governor Andrew Cuomo, who requested the intervention of the FBI in the investigation of the incident.

The police, which was criticized for not having acted in front of the right-wing demonstrators after the riots, released two videos about the brawl last week.

The first one shows a group of men beating with fists and kicks a subject that is lying on the sidewalk and trying to escape from them and asked for help from the public to identify the subjects.

In the second there is a group of masked individuals of the Antifa group throwing something against those of “Proud Boys”, which initiates the confrontation.

After the videos were published, two men from the “Proud Boys” turned themselves in last week to the police for having participated in the fight, to which three others joined today and all have been accused of rioting and aggression. Some of them have been presented with other charges, including possession of a weapon.

Police are still searching for three more suspects.


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