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The Top 8 Adult Vacation Ideas for Adults Only

Adult Vacation Ideas: Hotels, planes, trains or cruises have segmented their offer to conquer those travelers who need to disconnect, at least a few days, away from the small ones of the house.

Adult Vacation Ideas
Adult Vacation Ideas

Choosing a getaway only for adults is a trend that gains adherents inside and outside our borders. For this reason, there are many tourist spaces that have designed a free offer of children, in which romanticismluxury or welfare proposals go out to conquer their guests. Below, we offer a selection of plans to enjoy an adults-only vacation.

The Top 8 Adult Vacation Ideas for Adults Only

Flights without children

54% of passengers recognize the existence of flights without children, according to a survey by the Jetcost search engine. Although this is not yet a reality, yes you can enjoy the quiet zone calls created by airlines such as Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia X or Scoot, where you can relax among adults for a small supplement.

Other companies are betting on distraction, such as Etihad Airways, which has just launched a nannies service on board to help parents entertain, sleep and feed the little ones.

Trains in silence

Other means of transport, such as the train, have applied measures to satisfy travelers who seek tranquility. This is the case of Renfe, which in 2014 enabled a silent car on the AVE that has a dim lighting, does not have a public address system, does not allow telephone calls and does not admit minors under 14 years of age. Tickets for travel in this type of wagon can be purchased through the Renfe website at the same price as a tourist class seat, and its purchase implies the passenger’s commitment to “respect the rest” of others.

In other countries such as the United Kingdom, there are so-called calm cabins for business class passengers who do not want to mix with the smallest.

Cruises for adults

Adult Vacation Ideas
Adult Vacation Ideas

The boats have also joined the fashion of adults only proposals. This is the case of the Disney Cruises, which have reserved in some of their boat areas of exclusive access for adults who want to enjoy greater tranquility.

Other companies such as Costa Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line or MSC Cruises offer complete crossings for adults only, as well as exclusive spaces without children in traditional vessels.

In addition, to add value to the experience, the Mexican company Original Group proposes to enjoy in 2019 a trip in the Desire Cruise, a cruise in which to go dressed is optional in many of its spaces. This boat will depart from Nice to Barcelona and is scheduled to make stops in Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza and Valencia.

Hotels for adults only


Adult Vacation Ideas
Adult Vacation Ideas

As for accommodation, our country offers multiple alternatives for a stay without children. In Hotelscan.com, for example, travelers can opt for chain hotels such as Vanity Hotels, which has three adult-only establishments in Mallorca and Menorca; and for other spaces such as H-10 Big Sur or Hotel Arenas del Mar, both in Tenerife. Private pools, romantic dinners, massages or personalized attention are some of the attractions of these spaces.

Also, tour operators and travel agencies offer a special range for adults only, such as Viajes El Corte Inglés, which only in Spain offers 130 establishments that do not host children.

Erotic Spaces

For the most daring couples, there are options such as the Hedonism hotel, located in Negril (Jamaica), an erotic resort founded more than 30 years ago that offers the same as a traditional complex-sports activity, gastronomy, spa, animation … – but with an added value: eroticism is another guest. Thus, those who wish can walk without clothes and enjoy fetish nights, lingerie or games rooms open to the imagination.

Sleeping in a Museum

Adult Vacation Ideas
Adult Vacation Ideas

Adults also have at their disposal original accommodation alternatives such as spending the night at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, thanks to the pajama parties organized for those over 21 years old. The initiative, which lasts twelve hours, includes a reception with champagne and live music, a dinner and an original evening under a 28-meter blue whale. Enjoy this initiative costs 330 euros per person.

For travelers ‘single’

Adult Vacation Ideas
Adult Vacation Ideas

Adults who want to travel alone can choose vacation proposals that guarantee independence, the opportunity to make new friendships and the ability to choose and modify the itinerary. In the hands of Club Impar, people between 30 and 60 years old can participate in dinners, cultural outings and parties of different kinds; while with the Solteros de Viaje agency you can choose getaways and cruises for singles.

For LGBT travelers who want to enjoy solo, there are portals such as Gay and Pride or Gays Living with all kinds of trips and leisure proposals.

Solidarity adults

Finally, for those who want to take their most supportive side, we recommend a vacation for adults with the help of Construye Mundo, a company that organizes trips committed to the environment , the local culture , local employment and respect for places that they visit The objective: to enjoy and, in passing, achieve a positive impact in the communities that are visited.

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