The 6 Best Ornamental Trees for Small Garden

Ornamental Trees: When you have a small garden, you do not necessarily have to give up having an ornamental tree; In fact, I do not recommend giving it up since there are several species that do not grow much that can be very good in that corner of your home. Do you want to know what they are?

The 6 Best Ornamental Trees for Small Garden

Here you have a  selection of the 6 best ornamental trees for a small garden.


1. Apple Tree With Plum Leaves

This is a very curious tree because although it is an apple tree (Malus), its leaves, which are deciduous, remind a lot of those of the plum tree (Prunus), which is why they named it scientific Malus prunifolia ( folia is the plural of the word folium, which is a Latin word meaning leaf). It is originally from China, where it grows to a maximum height of 4-5m.  It can grow in all climates, except tropical and polar.

2. Judea Tree

The Tree of Judea, or the Tree of Love, is sometimes also called native to Southern Europe and Western Asia. Its scientific name is Cercis siliquastrum, and it reaches a maximum height of 10m, but it can be pruned to keep it lower. Its leaves are heart-shaped, glaucous green. It blooms at the beginning of spring, before the leaves sprout. It supports up to – 10ºC.

3. Lilo

The Lilo or Lila is a large shrub or small tree 3-7m high. Its scientific name is Syringa vulgaris and is native to southeastern Europe. It has deciduous leaves, lanceolate, with the beam of dark green color and the underside white woolly. Its flowers can be violet or white, aromatic. It supports the cold until – 17ºC.

4. Tree of Jupiter

The Jupiter Tree, whose scientific name is Lagerstroemia indica, is a small deciduous tree native to China that grows up to 4m in height. Its leaves are small, dark green, turning yellow and orange in autumn. The flowers can be white, pink, mauve, or purple, depending on the variety. It can withstand frost of up to -15ºC, but it can only grow in acid soils with a low pH (between 4 and 6).

5.  Cow Foot Tree

Best Ornamental Trees for Small Garden

The data path de vaca, also known as the orchid tree, is a plant that belongs to the genus Bauhinia. All species are highly recommended for small gardens because although they can grow up to 10 meters, they can be pruned to keep them low. Originally from Asia, they have become naturalized in some places of the Caribbean and the Neotropics. They have deciduous, ovate, green leaves. Its flowers are pink or white. It supports frost of up to – 4ºC.

6. Mimosa

The baileyana Acacia, as it is called scientifically, is native to Australia. It grows up to 8m, although normally it does not exceed 5m. It has evergreen, feathery leaves, and yellow-copper or bluish depending on the cultivar. Its flowers appear grouped in yellow inflorescences during the winter. It supports frost of up to – 5ºC.

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