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12 Easy New Year Decorating Ideas of 2020

New Year Decorating Ideas: We just finished celebrating Christmas and we are already full with the preparation of the new year. For those who celebrate at home and want to surprise their guests, I bring the best ideas easy to implement to decorate your home in a special way.

New Year Decorating Ideas

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

I love the gold (which is very fashionable this year), but for those who do not dare so much brightness at home, this is the perfect opportunity to put a golden touch to your decor. It is a color that has a certain glamor, elegance and conveys the party wave we want to have to say goodbye to the year that is ending, so do not be surprised to see a lot of gold in these proposals.

1. Numbers

Very simple to do, just cut the letters in cardboard and cover them with golden garlands. It looks very nice hanging from the ceiling. Or you can also buy lists, like the ones that appear in the image below.

12 Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

2. Cups with glitter

This is a very special detail. Apply the glitter with small touches to give color to the glasses.

12 Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

3. Background for Photos

When I saw this, I thought, how did it not occur to me before !? I had seen it in marriages, but it’s perfect for the new year. This idea is great to make our New Year photos look really spectacular.

12 Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

In the photo above we see a craft paper background, with golden paper circles glued on top. These can be cut out of the same paper to wrap the gifts that we have left over Christmas.

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

Another alternative is to hang garlands, like these that can be bought readily in the market.

4. Balloons Room Decoration or New Year

The balloons are one of my favorite options for the holidays, because they quickly transform the space, as well as having a very good price / m² ratio, you can cover large areas quickly.

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

In the image above we see normal balloons attached to the ceiling, which give the appearance of floating. In addition, in this case, they posted photos, it is a good way to summarize the best milestones of the year, something similar to what Facebook does these days, but more real.

Another very nice option is to use transparent balloons and fill them with colored pieces of paper. You can end up blowing them up during the night, for an explosive end of the year.

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

The 3rd option with balloons is to inflate them with helium so that they float. They look really spectacular, but it is quite expensive.

6. Custom labels

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

What’s better than having your own wine/champagne with personalized labels? It can be a great memory, and you can download and print them yourself.

7. Skewers

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

The truth is that these accessories can be found easily in the market, (in fact I bought mine at Casa & Ideas). However, you can also do them yourself quite simply. Here you can find how to do them step by step.

8. Golden Candlesticks

We continue with the glitter! Simply choose some glass vases, apply adhesive spray and then sprinkle with glitter to give this shiny finish.

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

The good thing about this is that it is enough to wash them to remove the glitter and return the vases to normal.

9. Garlands

Hanging garlands in the window give a very special touch. If they are made of metallic paper, with the light that enters through the window, the brightness will multiply.

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

If you have hanging lights in the window, the effect will remain overnight as well.

10. Pom Poms

These paper pompons look great hanging with fishing line from the roof. In the following video, you can see the step by step where Rocio Jiménez from CasaHaus builds very similar ones.

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

11. Bar Cart

Drinks are a must in the new year – and beware that they do not necessarily have to be alcoholic beverages – there are many alternatives of alcohol-free drinks that you can prepare, to do something special and wait for the new year.

A very practical idea is to assemble a bar car where everything is at hand so that the guests can attend to themselves.

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

If you do not have a cart, you can mount everything on a console, or even the table. A practical idea, in this case, is to use a tray as a base, so you can make sure that the base unit does not get wet.

12. Drink Stirrers

Easy New Year Decorating Ideas

Continuing with the idea of the bar, you can put together these revolving drink stars.

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