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How to Take Care of Your Pets | Time and Space in Canine Life

Basic Tips to Care of Your Pets

Hello new owners! We will give a review of the basic points to take into account to start being a responsible owner. If you want to start with the right leg, follow these tips.

How to Take Care of Your Pets

Visit the Vet!

We could not start any other way, the first thing you have to do with your hairy, is going to the vet. Pay close attention to everything he says. It will give you advice on feeding, deworming and general care. In addition to checking your health status. Surely your dog or cat will end up hating those visits but for us, they are good and obligatory.

All for Your Health.

Parasites: Cats and dogs should be treated against internal parasites every 3 months, and especially when they are puppies and before being vaccinated. There are also external parasites, such as fleas and ticks that are eradicated using appropriate products. You’d better check with the vet. That way we will have our friend clean inside and out.

Vaccines: The first thing you should know is that if the animal is not vaccinated, it can not come into contact with other animals or with the outside during the first two months of life. The vaccination plan will vary based on race, immune status, and lifestyle. Our veterinarian will design it and you can check how beneficial they are to avoid diseases such as parvovirus, distemper or canine hepatitis in the case of dogs and others such as calicivirus, panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis in the case of kittens.

Sterilization: Sterilization is a recommended practice. In the case of males, castration decreases fights with other dogs, house leaks, even tendencies such as marking with urine or riding. In the case of females, it will reassure you that sterilization eliminates estrus, the possibility of pseudopregnancy, reduces the incidence of breast tumors, as well as meows and other behaviors characteristic of heat. This operation does not cause mood swings in the animal and turns out to be very common and without risks. Check with your veterinarian about the best dates to do it and remember that a dog and a sterilized cat avoid unwanted litters that in our country suppose 15% of the animals that have been abandoned.

Administrative Procedures

The more meticulous you are in this step, the easier you will find to have your animal well located. You have to register him in the City Hall census as one person. Put the obligatory microchip and get your health care where you will have the vaccines and the veterinary history up to date. If your dog or cat is going to be a traveler, take out the Passport for Companion Animals.


A walk has been said!. Enjoy the walks with your dog. He needs them to exercise and socialize, so about 3 walks a day will be fine and better still if you alternate them with long walks in the countryside. The cat, unlike the dog, can spend his life at home, but yes, you can create a fun environment for him to have a good time. Be civilized and collect your dog’s excrement and if you have a cat remember to clean your tray and change your sand periodically.

Bathroom. It is not necessary to bathe the dog every month, if we brush daily it will stay clean and it will only be necessary to bathe it twice a year. If the cat is healthy and does not leave home you will never have to bathe it.

Power. If you are a puppy you will have to ration the food three times a day, as an adult, it will be enough two or one times a day. Cats, unlike dogs, know how to ration food quite well. Always remember to have fresh water at your disposal, especially in the hottest months.

How to Take Care of Your Pets

Well, if you follow these tips you will be an exemplary owner and your cat or dog will be really grateful. Do not forget to give him love and enjoy everything you can together. And if there are children at home this article you can not miss it: How to distribute the tasks to care for a pet as a family?.

How to Take Care of Your Pets

The product of the pyrotechnic show and high auditory sensibility that they have, many pets out of fear flee and are run over or lost. Learn how to reduce stress in your pet and avoid dangerous situations.

Each new year the pets suffer product of the New Year pyrotechnic show. Not only that, many pets end up being taken to the vet for stomach problems when eating too much food or are run over after leaving the house because of the noises.

To lessen these reactions, Carolina Figueroa, Royal Canin Veterinarian, gives the following tips for your pet to spend a New Year with the least possible stress:

  1. Do not take our pets to the places where Fireworks are launched since the noise and stress is greater (eg Torre Entel or on the beaches of the V region).
  2. It is recommended to leave dogs and cats inside the house in the room that most suits them ideally or in the most isolated place in the house (eg bath). This, as long as, pleases you and does not cause more stress.
  3. The remains of the food are not a prize for our pets, in fact, they can mean a great danger. Our intestinal flora is much more varied than that of our pets, so we can digest different types of food without getting sick, unlike them.
  4. If the pet eats meat, sausages, mayonnaise, potatoes or fried foods, it will suffer multiple signs associated with gastrointestinal problems, such as abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea that can be bloody.
  5. With the puppies care should be redoubled, as they tend to pick up everything that falls to the ground, but they can not digest it since at this stage of life their digestive enzymes are scarcely active and indigestion can have irreversible consequences.
  6. It is not advisable the use by the owners of medicines with the component Acetromycin, since it can cause severe hypotension unless your veterinarian indicates it in the appropriate doses.
  7. Never tie dogs, as this can cause more concern, which runs the risk of self-inflicted some kind of damage.
  8. Always have them with an identification plate, as these holidays increase losses and abuses. It is also advisable to be careful with poisonings since some people give foods that do not correspond as chocolates, food remains, and even alcohol.
  9. It is recommended to use alternative medicine: Reiki, Bach Flowers (Rescue, Rock Rose), pheromones, aromatherapy (Lavender or Chamomilla), among others. This helps both owners and pets.
  10. Use recordings of fireworks sounds days before the new year, in low volume and while playing with the pet so that he gets used to this annoying noise in time. Putting nice music close to 00:00 hours also helps to avoid stress.
  11. If your pet suffers a lot in these parties, the ideal is to take it months before to a Veterinarian specialist in Ethology or animal behavior, so that it evaluates it and makes the appropriate treatment, especially if it presents hyper attachment or separation anxiety.
  12. Finally, it is important to keep in mind these tips since dogs and cats have greater hearing sensitivity. The dog has a greater hearing capacity (60,000 cycles per second) that is 4 or 5 times greater hearing than the human. If you see your pet with signs of stress such as palpitations, tachycardia and wheezing (especially in cats); excessive salivation, nausea, howling and uncontrolled meowing; destruction of doors or nearby furniture, need for escape and fear or aggression; We recommend you consider these tips to take care of our animals in the best way.

From the veterinarian and president, Eugenio Aguiló, says that dogs and cats are animals that have a greater hearing sensitivity than other species, and therefore the noise of the bursts of the fires produce them anguish and despair. “They can recognize large wave densities per second and this type of noise is going to bother them a lot,” he explains.

To help them not suffer so much during that night, the expert gives five useful tips:

  1. Make him exercise: It is very important that on December 31st the dog walks, plays, runs and gets as tired as possible during the day since this will help him to sleep well during the night and be more relaxed when the dogs begin. pyrotechnic noises
  2. Close the doors well: when the dog begins to perceive the pyrotechnic waves, he despairs; the veterinarian advises that the owner leaves the doors closed tightly to prevent them from escaping from the house and becomes disoriented as a result of the anguish. “It is important that you never get tied up or locked up in a small space. Also, it is advisable to remove any object that may break, “he emphasizes.
  3. Consultation with a veterinarian: some dog owners use sedation as a way to keep them calm and prevent them from being disturbed during fireworks. This is called to be careful with this type of practices and to do them only with the consent of a veterinarian.
  4. Use the television or music: this noise can help the dog not receive the impact of the fireworks so strongly, and be an aid so that he does not feel so intense the waves that the pyrotechnics emit. “The idea is to put the television, but always be accompanying it, because the dog will feel more secure if his master is with him,” says the veterinarian.
  5. Tellington Touch method: this technique, widely disseminated in social networks, is based on tying a fabric in sensitive points of the dog’s anatomy. “Through the fabrics, we can make the dog feel protected areas sensitive to the impact of noise from fires. These are the legs, the ears, and the back, among others. This will help the dog to be calm when the pyrotechnic show begins and will prevent him from feeling anxiety during it, “concludes the head.

Finally, the professional says that the most important thing is to accompany the dogs when the fireworks start because in this way they will be calmer and you will be able to help them to contain the desperation of the moment.

Time and Space in Canine Life

When the animal grows, time and space are subjects of concern for their owners. Practical advice for the welfare of your pet.

How to Take Care of Your Pets

Having a dog at home is not a simple decision. In the beginning, everything is joy and enthusiasm, but as the animal grows, the time we dedicate to our pet is limited and the lack of space can be an inconvenience for the owners.

Can these motives be a cause of suffering for the animal? Should we give it up for adoption? This question is recurrent and tends to upset family dynamics. For this reason, informing us about the subject can alleviate and solve the problem.

– Do Dogs Suffer From Lack of Space and Attention?

“We must not talk about animal suffering, but we have to talk about the basic behavioral needs that the dog has to satisfy to have a good quality of life. If those needs are not met, the dog is frustrated, stressed and is a cause for concern for the owners, “says veterinary ethologist Gabriela Quesada. 

The relationship of the pet with its environment is fundamental for the balance of the animal. You can not think of having an isolated dog, without a daily bond with other animals, as well as with human beings.

“Dogs are psychologically organized to live together, that’s why the master’s attention is paramount and having a game with animals a day is enough. You also have to think about a daily walk, which is the exploration behavior necessary for your quality of life. And as for space, we can enrich the environment so that the dog feels comfortable, adding objects so that it plays and does not get bored. If he gets bored, he will surely start to break whatever he finds in his path. ”

Space and Its Limitations

Whenever we think about having a pet, the physical space of the home is a point to consider. But no more space the dog will be more comfortable. Everything will depend on your activity.

“The dog adapts to the space it has. We just have to make sure that he does the minimum physical exercise to maintain himself, that he has a place to lie down and walk a little, that he has his place to defecate, so that he drinks water and that it is not a monotonous space. That’s why the importance of enriching it with objects for the pet. We can have a huge park, but a boring dog because it has no attention, nor interaction with the environment. ”

Adoption, An Avoidable Path

Giving a dog that we breed for a long time is a traumatic situation for both the owners and the animal. 

Therefore, changes in the behavior and behavior of the pet are alarms to consult the specialist and prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

“If we think about giving a pet for lack of time, place or behavior, the first thing we have to do is consult the ethologist veterinarian, because the situation can be reversed with the points we mentioned. In general, adoption processes occur when the dog has a behavior problem. And in this transfer it is convenient to do it together with the ethologist because the animal can suffer a disorder of temperament, “says the specialist.

It’s just a matter of getting organized in the routine, having the will to pay the least attention to the animal and adapting the physical space so that your dog has a life belly up.


  • Enrich the animal’s everyday space with striking objects for him.
  • A small daily walk on the outside to stimulate exploration.
  • Procure the comfort of the animal in small spaces.
  • Promote the movement of the animal.
  • Moments of socialization with other animals and their owners.
  • Regular visits to the veterinarian.


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