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Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Children’s Health | Questions And Answers About Homeopathy

What Is Homeopathy and How Is Homeopathy for Pregnancy. And How Is It Used in Children and Adults? Homeopathy is a therapeutic method for the prevention, relief or cure of diseases using homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy is effective in preventing and treating both acute diseases (flu, cough, diarrhea, migraine attacks, bruises, etc.) and chronic diseases ( allergy, dermatitis, asthma, rheumatic diseases, anxiety, etc.), in recurrent infections (throat, ears, gynecological, urinary ??), and even in palliative care (control of symptoms such as pain or constipation and relief of side effects such as nausea of chemotherapy …).

Homeopathy for Pregnancy

What is Homeopathy

In homeopathy, and especially in chronic diseases, the goal is to go beyond the relief of the symptoms that are appearing, it is intended to help the patient to globally restore their natural balance. For this, the homeopathic doctor in the consultation will take into account, in addition to the symptoms or health problems that the patient presents, their physical constitution and their way of reacting and sensations in front of the disease, in addition to factors of improvement or worsening. That is why it is said that the treatment, in homeopathy, is more individualized.

In addition, these drugs have the advantage that, in general, they do not present contraindications, drug interactions or relevant adverse effects related to the taking of the medication, for which they are usually recommended for all types of patients, including children, pregnant women, and polymedicated patients.

Depending on the case, these medications are used alone, exclusively, or together with other treatments, especially in chronic diseases. In this case, the use of homeopathic treatments associated with conventional treatments allows, in many cases, under the supervision of the specialist, to reduce conventional medication and/or its side effects.

Like any medicine, homeopathic medicines are sold exclusively in pharmacies.

Homeopathy During Pregnancy

Homeopathy for Pregnancy: Homeopathic Medicines That Can Take in

Homeopathic medicines can alleviate the anxiety produced during pregnancy without harming the mother and the baby.

Every pregnant woman has a question in her head, what if ??? The nerves, the uncertainty about the health of the baby and her own, also related to the fear of having to use medicines that could harm her; waiting for the results of tests and controls; the doubts about the own capacity to confront motherhood ??, together with the 40 weeks of physical changes can generate anxiety .

Homeopathy for Pregnancy

Anxiety in Pregnancy

This can extend beyond pregnancy itself because it can be traced back to the preconception period if the couple has had difficulties to conceive, and postpartum, if they have to face complicated circumstances with the baby, the birth has been traumatic, there have been problems with the feeding, etc.

In fact, according to the European Epidemiological Study on the Prevalence of Mental Disorders, at least 1 in 5 pregnant women will present some type of psychopathology to a greater or lesser degree, especially those related to depression or anxiety. Other studies also suggest that high levels of anxiety during pregnancy could act as risk factors for the development of other disorders, such as puerperal depression, as well as having an influence on the future development of newborn behavior.

To avoid this, it is important to keep in mind certain tips and thus lead a relaxed pregnancy:

– Walk often for a quiet environment
– Sleep 8 hours, and if you do not get it, take a nap for an hour
– Avoid drinks with high caffeine or their content
– Lower the pace of work, inside and outside the home

Sometimes an even taking into account the advice, uncertainty takes over the pregnancy and begins to feel the first symptoms of anxiety. In these cases in which a pharmacological treatment is necessary, we must take into account not only the relief of the symptoms but also the possible side effects that some medications may have on the baby.

The benzodiazepines, for example, are widely used to treat anxiety, but in addition to those associated with its use (dependence, drowsiness, etc.) since undesirable effects several decades there is some controversy over whether its use during pregnancy associated with an increased risk of malformations. As for breastfeeding, both diazepam and other anxiolytics are excreted in breast milk and can cause lethargy, drowsiness and weight loss in children breastfed.

Homeopathic Medicines and Pregnancy

Homeopathic medicines can relieve these symptoms of anxiety produced during pregnancy without harming the mother and the baby.

In cases of anxiety during pregnancy or in pre and post-gestation periods, homeopathy can be a very effective therapeutic alternative, since treatment with homeopathic medicines relieves anxiety disorders without risks for the mother and the baby. The main advantage of homeopathic medicines is that they generally do not present interactions or contraindications, which is why it is suitable for any patient, especially pregnant women.

In addition, unlike sedatives and antipsychotics, they do not produce dependence, so they can be used safely even for prolonged periods, and calm down without producing residual drowsiness or enhance the sedative effect of other medications.

Pregnancy should be a happy time and as quiet as possible, for that reason and thanks to the benefits of homeopathic medicines, if needed, pregnancy can develop normally and there will be no symptoms of anxiety.

Homeopathy can successfully treat many common conditions of the pregnant woman:

– Typical digestive problems of the first trimester: vomiting, nausea, colic, flatulence, etc.).

– Back pain.

– Dental pain.

– Venous circulatory disorders.

– Hemorrhages.

– Psychic or emotional disorders: anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, apprehension towards childbirth.

– Problems of the urinary tract: cystitis.

– Respiratory problems: dyspnea.

Homeopathy For Children’s Health

World Health Day Is Celebrated on April 7

Good health can add years to life, which means not only that we will live longer but also that we will do it with a higher quality.

How do we get it? Above all, maintaining a healthy attitude since childhood, resorting to medicinal remedies such as homeopathy, which offer an alternative or complement to traditional medicaments.

Homeopathy For Children's Health

Children’s Health

Children should play, jump and play sports, maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins and avoid excessive consumption of sweets and pastries, and showing a positive attitude, as it is shown that when we are happy, we laugh more and in doing so we release endorphins, the so-called hormones of happiness, which directly affects our physical and mental state.

In addition to taking these tips into account, it is important not to skip periodic medical check-ups and follow the recommendations of professionals. Nowadays, we have a wide range of possibilities to treat any problem or discomfort, from the traditionally known to other therapeutic methods such as homeopathy.

Homeopathy in Children’s Health

The Homeopathy is a therapeutic method for the prevention, relief or cure of diseases which comprises administering to the patient small doses (infinitesimal) of a substance that in high doses, in a healthy person would cause the appearance of pathological manifestations; but in the patient who presents similar manifestations, it is curative.

The homeopathic medicines are effective both in acute and chronic diseases and are characterized by its safety profile since in general no contraindications or drug interactions or relevant adverse effects. Thanks to which, they can be indicated in children of all ages.

Its most common presentation are granules or globules, which facilitate and make it more pleasant to take in the smallest, since they are small spheres of sucrose and sweet-tasting lactose; although there are also other pharmaceutical forms, from tablets to gels and ointments, which allows choosing the most appropriate format in each case and start using them as necessary.


Homeopathy For Children’s Allergies

How to Treat Children’s Allergies With Homeopathy.

Sneezing, itchy eyes, and nose, nasal congestion, runny nose, poor tolerance to sunlight … … These and other symptoms are linked to the onset of allergic reactions, so common among children during the spring.

In the months of May, June, and July, the air is filled with pollen and other dispersed particles that, when inhaled, cause millions of children to suffer acute episodes of rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and asthma, of greater or lesser severity.

Homeopathy For Children's Health

Types of Allergies

We can talk about different types of allergies depending on where they develop, so we can identify:

  • Dermatitis, when it manifests on the skin in the form of a rash, redness, etc.
  • Conjunctivitis, watery eyes, warts, etc.
  • Rhinitis, when it affects the nasal mucosa; asthma, if the inflammation affects the bronchi.

Pollen is one of the most common causes of allergy, are also dust, mites, fungal spores, latex, cat hair, and other pets, insect bites, insecticides, certain foods, and some medications, elements with which they are always in contact.

Treatments for Allergy

Today, the allergy cannot be cured but there are treatments that alleviate the symptoms by providing a better quality of life to the allergic child.

The first thing to take into account to treat it is to identify what substance causes the allergy and prevent them from being in contact with it. Even so, when a medication is necessary, the treatment is usually based on antihistamines, but they have the inconvenience of causing drowsiness, so children do not perform at school and they feel fatigued and tired without apparent cause.

In this situation, homeopathy has many advantages. It has been shown that homeopathic medicines are effective both for prevention (spacing the continuous allergic attacks) and for the treatment of symptoms (relieving the sensation of itching, congestion, and sneezing of the allergy itself). In addition, no interactions or contraindications have been described in the treatment of homeopathic medicines and do not cause drowsiness or any other adverse effect that prevents the child from maintaining its usual rhythm of life: attending school normally, participating in extracurricular activities …

Another benefit of homeopathic medicines is its practical presentation, adapted to the pediatric use since it is small spheres of sucrose and lactose that do not need water for its administration, which allows them to take them in the backpack and start the treatment in when the first symptoms appear.

10 Answers About Homeopathy

  1. Who can prescribe homeopathic medicines?

Solutions to your doubts about homeopathy and its treatments

Here you have all the answers to the most common questions around homeopathy. If you have children or babies and you are interested in knowing the advantages and benefits of homeopathic medicines, here you have more information.

Homeopathy can be taken by babies, children, and adults. Even pregnant women can benefit from homeopathic medicines because they have no contraindications. Homeopathic medicines are legislated as medicines in Europe and therefore also in Spain. Therefore, like all medicines, they are sold exclusively in pharmacies. In general, it is the same regulatory framework to which the rest of the drugs are subject, although there are specific chapters for homeopathy.

Questions and Answers About Homeopathy

10 Questions and Answers About Homeopathy

  1. Who can prescribe homeopathic medicines?

In Spain, homeopathic medicines are not mandatory. As with most medications, pharmaceutical advice, in the case of minor conditions, and/or medical diagnosis, in more chronic conditions, are essential to establish the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

  1. Where can you buy homeopathic medicines?

Like any other medication, they are sold exclusively in pharmacies.

  1. What considerations should be taken into account before taking homeopathy?

Like any other medicine, all homeopathic medicines carry in their leaflet or on their labeling the warnings to take into account before taking them.

  1. Regarding interactions: can it be combined with other medications?

In general, homeopathic medicines can be combined with any other treatment. In any case, all the necessary information is included in the package leaflet or on the labeling of the medicine, and it is advisable to read it before starting the treatment.

  1. Why do some homeopathic medicines not carry a leaflet?

Some homeopathic medicines do not carry a leaflet when all the necessary information about the medicine is included in the labeling of the same. This is the case of most of the drugs presented in granule tubes or tube-dose of globules

  1. Is it possible to take homeopathic medicines with food?

The taking should preferably be done outside of meals for a better absorption of the medication. Products such as mint and coffee, taken with a certain margin of time, before or after, of homeopathic medicines, do not interfere with their action.

  1. In what format can homeopathic medicines be found?

Homeopathy is available in the same pharmaceutical forms as any other medicine, such as tablets, syrups, ointments, ?? Likewise, it can be found in the most specific pharmaceutical form of homeopathy: granules and globules.

  1. What diseases can be treated with Homeopathy?

The homeopathy is effective in preventing and treating both acute illnesses (flu, cough, diarrhea, migraine, bruises etc.) and chronic (allergies, dermatitis, asthma, rheumatic disorders, anxiety etc.) in recurrent infections (throat, ears, gynecological, urinary ??), and even in palliative care (control of symptoms such as pain or constipation and relief of side effects such as nausea of chemotherapy …).

  1. Who can take homeopathic medicines?

It can be taken by everyone, from pregnant women to children, polypharmacy people or allergic to certain types of medicines such as anti-inflammatories, acetylsalicylic acid or acetaminophen. In any case and as with any medication it is advisable to consult with the doctor or pharmacist before starting any type of treatment.

  1. Does homeopathy have side effects?

In general, there have been no documented side effects related to taking homeopathic medicines


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