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Toyota SLR4D – Analysis, Review, Faq & Opinions

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Toyota SLR4D

Toyota SLR4D: Welcome to our guide on the Toyota SLR4D sewing machine! Toyota SLR4D is a powerful, complete, precise, fast, efficient sewing machine that offers numerous possibilities. This model is indicated for those who look for something more than a simple machine to make arrangements at home.

Toyota SLR4D is somewhat more expensive than other models, but we must also say that its functions and features are much better. If you are looking for a sewing machine that is up to your needs, this product is sure to captivate you. The very good machine fulfills its purpose.

Technical Characteristics of Toyota SLR4D

The Toyota SLR4D sewing machine is a compact, small, automatic and electric machine. It has dimensions of 22 x 30 x 29 cm, so it can be stored comfortably in any hole in the house. Its weight is 8 kilos, so it is quite heavy, especially if it must be transported.

One of the most remarkable features of Toyota SLR4D is that it is capable of sewing with 3 or 4 threads, a very advantageous feature. It offers a sewing speed that reaches 1500 rpm, so it is a model with a speed more than acceptable. It has a direct light on the work area that facilitates visibility during sewing.

The Toyota SLR4D overlock sewing machine is really simple to use, as well as very easy to thread, avoiding complications of any kind. The price of this model rises above other products of the same range, but its features and functions are well worth paying that price.

Combining red and white color, this sewing machine has a carrying handle that facilitates carrying it from one place to another. It offers a width and length of the sewing area that can be adjusted. It is capable of cutting and sewing any type of fabric, including those with greater thickness. It is perfect for elastic fabrics, lycra, etc.

Toyota SLR4D is an ideal machine for polishing tips. It also has the differential, the foot pressure of the adjustable presser foot, an optional blade, as well as some lines and threading points by colors that are drawn on the machine itself to make its use much easier.

The materials of manufacture, as well as the finishes of this product, are of high quality. Although you have to be careful not to damage it with blows, in general, it is a fairly robust, solid and durable machine. It has a small wheel that allows to gather or tighten the fabric.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Toyota SLR4D


  • Includes perfectly detailed instructions in Spanish
  • Ideal for sewing all kinds of garments and fabrics, including the most delicate and the thickest
  • Practical design, ergonomic, robust, useful and with perfect finishes
  • It has direct lighting on the work area
  • Get practically professional finishes
  • It is a fast and fast machine in the sewing
  • It has a system of threading by colors very comfortable
  • The finishes and manufacturing materials are of very good quality
  • Simple, intuitive, convenient and functional use
  • Very small and compact model, occupying very little space
  • It is not a recommended model for professional use
  • Perfect sewing machine for domestic use


  • Price slightly higher compared to other sewing machines, but it’s worth it thanks to its functions and benefits
  • It is a heavy machine to carry it, although its transport handle facilitates its movement
  • It is common for some users to be frightened when they see its design and think it is complex to use, but nothing is further from reality

Questions and Answers from customers

  • Q: Can you tell me how I can make the cord for the flyers?Ans: To make the cord for the flyers you will have to buy plate B and pin B
  • Q: How does it work to sew jeans?Ans: It works perfectly for me and I have not had any problems. I have used it for harder fabrics and everything is perfect.
  • Q: In what numbers should the wheels be put in order to be able to carry out the override in ruffles?Ans: Between the intervals that each tensor marks, but I can not tell you exactly.
  • Q: In general, do you think it is a good sewing machine? Worth?Ans: I have to admit that it is my first sewing machine and I am delighted. It is very simple to use and works like a charm. Totally recommended.

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