Top 4 Best Hardy Palm Trees for Your Garden

Best Hardy Palm Trees for Your Garden: Do you want to decorate your garden with palm trees? It is a very good decision since its leaves will bring that exotic and tropical touch that you usually like.

The 4 Best Hardy Palm Trees for Your Garden

However, there are many species that you will find in nurseries and, although all of them may be the ideal plants for you, the reality is that there are several that stand out above the others.

Hardy Palm Trees

So, let’s see what these resistant palm trees are and why they are the most recommended.

1. Phoenix Canariensis

The Canary Palm or Phoenix canariensis is a plant that reaches 10 meters in height with a trunk thickness of up to 1m at its base. The leaves are pinnate, long, up to 2m, green. It has a slow growth rate, growing at a rate of about 20-40cm per year, depending on the growing conditions. It needs regular watering, especially during the first year, but we can reduce the frequency quite frequently from the second year to 1-2 per week. In addition to shade, it supports up to -15ºC.

2. Brahea Armata

The Brahea Armata is a palm tree with a beautiful silver-blue color, fan-shaped leaves. It grows slowly, reaching an approximate height of 5-6, being able to reach 8m if the conditions are very favorable. The thickness of the trunk measures 40cm. Unlike other palm trees, you can place it indistinctly in semi-shade or in full sun. It supports up to -12ºC.

3. Trachycarpus fortunei

The Trachycarpus fortunei, known as high palmetto, is one of the most resistant palm worlds. With a height of up to 5-6m and a trunk thickness that rarely exceeds 30cm, it is best suited for small gardens. It supports up to -18ºC without suffering almost any damage (maybe the tips of the leaves are ugly, but nothing important).

4. Butia Capitata

The Butia capitata is a few species with a pinnate leaf that can be cold gardens. It grows slowly until 8m. The leaves are a very interesting green, glaucous color and have a trunk thickness of 40cm. It is a very beautiful plant, which likes to be in full sun and located in a place where it can develop and grow normally. It supports without problems until -18ºC.