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Halloween Movies for Kids

Halloween Movies for Kids: scary Halloween movies for children Ghosts and monsters to share a family Halloween Movies.

Halloween Movies for Kids

Halloween Movies for Kids

1. ‘Casper’ (1995)

Dr. Harvey, an expert in the paranormal, arrives with Kat, his teenage daughter (Christina Ricci), to an enchanted mansion with the task of freeing her from the ghosts that inhabit her. Whip, Tufo and Gordy are hooligans and bullies who can not tolerate mortals, who try to chase away with their black sense of humor. 

Halloween Movies for Kids

On the contrary, his nephew Casper is a friendly and good ghost, who, after the first impression of the girl, will become his friend. The film is tender and is recommended for all audiences.

2. ‘Hotel Transylvania’ (2012)

The luxury hotel run by Dracula is the best excuse to present a catalog of cute monsters with their strange customs. Everything is altered when Mavis, the vampire’s teenage daughter, falls in love with a young human who arrives at the resort by mistake.

Halloween Movies for Kids

 The transformation of Dracula into a father overwhelmed by interracial love and teenage rudeness also leads to multiple gags. Both the first and second installments (2015), in which Mavis and Jonathan face the challenge of being the parents of a half-human half-vampire baby, are recommended for all audiences. Laughter assured.

3. ‘The Addams’ family (1991)

A classic with a luxury cast headed by Angelica Houston as the famous Morticia Addams, and where we can see again Christina Ricci, her crabby daughter Wednesday. The rest of the family is composed of the father, Gómez, the ‘normal’ son, Pugsley, the fetid uncle and a hand that moves alone.

Halloween Movies for Kids

All live happily in a terrifying mansion, but are threatened by a corrupt lawyer who plans to ruin them. Filled with elements of terror that are not scary because of the tone of Gothic parody, it is now topical with the premiere of the musical in Spain. Classified for all audiences.

4. Paranorman (2012) – FilmAffinity 

Norman is a boy who can see and talk to the dead, a gift that makes him the ‘freak’ of the town, even for his family, since others believe he speaks only .But one day, due to the curse of a witch, the dead rise. Norman will be the only one capable of saving the town, full of boorish inhabitants, while discovering the terrible story behind the witch. 


Halloween Movies for Kids

It is a film with nuances and a message against intolerance. It is rated for over 7 years, as it can give some impression or even fear to younger children.

5. ‘Cazafantasmas’ (2016) 

Renewed version, more than 30 years later, of the classic that we all remember. Ghosts and demons escape again from the underworld to destroy New York, and this time it will be a team of four women who will face the threat and save the city. 

Halloween Movies for Kids

Although there are some scares, it is authorized for all audiences. This version is politically more correct than the original, from 1984, which is also a movie that kids love, although parents take us the surprise of finding us a couple of slightly risque scenes that we did not remember and a foul-mouthed Bill Murray. The ‘Ghostbusters 2’ (1989) can be added to the marathon.

6. ‘Frankenweenie’ (2012) 

Tim Burton is undoubtedly the most appropriate director to introduce children to scary ‘low intensity’ films, which combine macabre elements with humor and tenderness. In this film of animation in black and white, tells the story of Victor, a boy who manages to revive his dog Sparky, who died run over. Halloween Movies for Kids

The problem arises when this dog Frankenstein escapes and other schoolmates discover what Victor has been able to do and try to imitate him.But their experiments fail and the animals that resuscitate become monsters. A film of tender horror as only Burton knows how to do. Recommended from 7 years old.

7. ‘Beetlejuice’ (1988) 

nother film by Tim Burton, in this case not animation but full of special effects, some still very credible despite the time since it was shot. It tells the story of Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis), young newlyweds who die in an accident. 

Halloween Movies for Kids


Once they assume their ghosts, they continue to live a normal life until a family buys their house. To kick them out, they hire Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), a hooligan and histrionic ‘exorcist of the living’ with somewhat extreme methods. It is classified for all audiences, although the smallest may not understand it.

8. ‘Corpse bride’ (2005) 

Another film with the unmistakable style of Tim Burton starring also a Victor, in this case the nineteenth century. The timid young man, rehearsing his wedding vows alone in a forest, ends up accidentally married to a corpse, Emily’s, a girlfriend murdered on their wedding night, and is dragged into the underworld. 

Halloween Movies for Kids


Victor will try to escape to return with his true love, although he has trouble leaving Emily, who tries by all means to retain her new husband.A story wrapped in romanticism with macabre elements, sad but with touches of humor. Recommended from 7 years.

9. ‘Nightmares’ (2015)

A film that recalls those we saw in the eighties. Funny dialogues mixed with scares and a spooky maleficent puppet, in a film-homage to the series of juvenile horror books of the same title. The teenager Zach moves to a small town, where he meets his neighbor, Hannah, daughter of RL Stine, author of best-selling books, played by Jack Black.

Halloween Movies for Kids


 But Stine has a secret: the creatures of her stories are real, and she keeps them locked in her famous books.As expected, the kids unwittingly release the monsters. Recommended from 7 years.

10. Coraline (2009) 

Based on the novel ‘Coraline’, by Neil Gaiman, this film starts with the loneliness and boredom of the girl protagonist, of 11 years. New in the neighborhood, without friends and with parents who hardly take any notice, Coraline discovers in her house a secret door that transports her to a similar but much more fun parallel world, where people have disturbing buttons for eyes. 

Halloween Movies for Kids

Although she feels comfortable here, she discovers that her other mother is not as good as she looks and plans to stay with her forever. You should look for a way to get back to your real family. Recommended from 7 years.

11. Saga of ‘Harry Potter’ (2001-2011)

The films of the child-magician are ideal to live adventures and companionship in a world full of fantastic beings, and sometimes, terrifying. With a rising level of complexity and darkness throughout the eight installments of the saga, you can see the first, ‘Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone’, with the smallest (although better from 6 years so they understand better the argument). 

Halloween Movies for Kids

The rest are classified as apt after 7 years, although the last four will understand and enjoy more from 9 or 10 years.

12. ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ (2016) 

Another by Tim Burton, which reminds one of the X-men mutant boarding school and perhaps has less humor. Jacob, a 16 year old boy, travels to an island in search of the orphanage where his grandfather Abraham, who died in a strange way, grew up. The boy finds the home of Miss Peregrine, where children with strange powers live, fleeing from some horrible creatures that seek to destroy them.

Halloween Movies for Kids

 It is classified for children from 7 years old, although it may be the one that causes the most fear, since the monsters, the “holes”, are really unpleasant.

13. ‘A hallucinating gang’ (1987) 

A teen horror film that was a box office failure but now claimed as a cult film. It tells the arrival of a strange character and his companions to a small and quiet city, where they look for an amulet that controls the balance between good and evil. A gang in the style of foul-mouthed ‘goonies’ has to fight against Dracula, the werewolf and the mummy, among others.

Halloween Movies for Kids

 At the time it was classified in the US as apt from 13 years, although in Spain it is qualified as a film for all audiences.

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