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20 Best Halloween Vampire Makeup 2019 (Tutorial & Ideas)

Halloween Vampire Makeup: Halloween is coming so let’s dedicate a series of special items for this celebration. So you know for example how to decorate your nails for Halloween for example, but first we focus now on how you can get a terrifying appearance with the Halloween vampire makeup 2019. With this makeup you can look perfect for a celebration like Halloween and also complete your costume to be the center of attention of all. This is a recurring makeup for a night so special and safe that with our advice you will scare many.

Halloween Vampire Makeup 2019

Vampire makeup is perhaps one of the most repeated makeup during the celebration of Halloween. It is apparently simple if we consider that the first thing to do to be a vampire or vampire is to whiten your face with makeup and above all, if you want to be one that is as realistic as possible.

You can buy white makeup in stores specializing in makeup for parties. In these stores you can buy liquid or semi liquid depending if you have to mix it with another makeup or directly you want to apply on face and neck. The best you can do is to blur it so that it is all extended and without your face looking too white. The key or what we want to do with this makeup is that you resemble someone dead , like vampires, or that you do not have blood on your body so you must be pale and not completely white.

If you make the skin only white, even subtle, you will end up looking like the Joker. The vampires have pale skin but also a little blue (hence they are dead). We can then mix the white makeup with another one that is blue or as I say, we extend it well and we blur it. You can help for example with a makeup sponge or directly if it is makeup on the bar, with your fingers.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

A more homemade option will be the use of talcum powder that you apply on the face. The only thing that you have to do is to throw a minimum quantity, with the help of a sponge or with the hands and then you blur with a brush. The bad thing about these powders is that little by little they get lost, but if you want them to hold the maximum time on our face, there is a trick that consists in spraying a little spray all over your face, at a safe distance.

To mix both makeups that will be the basis of your vampire makeup, you will have to use a normal makeup latex sponge to apply the tones. You can make the features look more exaggerated by trying to highlight the volumes and shadows. For example, makeup the cheekbones with white and under the cheekbone gives a blue shadow. If you do it right, the area will seem more sunken.

Next to the white base, you should also buy a black or purple eye shadow, a red eyeliner and a blue and / or violet eyeliner to give the real impression of being a vampire.

Make the dark circles under the eye shadow, but do not go with the black. Once applied spread it a bit with your finger so that it diffuses. With the purple, it gives a more realistic dead appearance. This color can also be slightly blurred in the area of ​​the cheekbones to mark them more and make you look much more emaciated.

Returning to the eyes, you have to be careful and bet on the details. In this way, you can paint the inside of the lower eyelid , right on the eyelashes, that is, paint the skin. This will give a fiercer feeling to the look.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Another thing that is very good is to paint in blue or violet the most important veins of the face. I recommend you look for a diagram of the blood vessels of the human body to get an idea of ​​how the veins go through the head. It is best to mark especially the neck until just reach the jaw, surpassing it up an inch or two, and then a couple of veins on the side of the forehead (the famous vein of anger). Use the profilers for this.

You can also buy in the make up shop in bar shop. Do not forget to diffuse the veins a little so that they do not look too much, but they are noticeable. In the photo above you can see the result of what we have indicated. It is very simple, it is enough to paint a fine line and from this other many (with two or three it will be more than enough). Try not to pass since this is only a detail in your makeup, it should be something subtle and not that you cover your face and neck excessively. If you want to hit, I recommend that you use a colored pencil in gray, you will see how it looks good and you can even make the lines a little more marked.

For those who want a much more dramatic effect with the eyes; we will say that for about 25 euros you can buy several types of contact lenses that would give greater credibility to the disguise. I would especially look at those with white eyes, which only show the pupil, covering the iris. That does have an impact. These lenses, if you are not used to using them, can bother you a bit and even sting your eyes.

Try to get some eye drops to avoid drying the tear and especially test the lenses before wearing them on Halloween night. It is better that you know the effect that they do and what you feel with them before seeing you with the definitive disguise and realizing that perhaps they bother you too much. I recommend that while you are making up you are going to put them to check how they are with the makeup that you are doing.

Make the Fangs for Vampire C

We have already explained how to make this vampire makeup for this Halloween 2019 but if you want it to be completely complete, and regardless of contact lenses, it is clear that you will need good fangs.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

In the costume stores have some very realistic fangs that are placed on the normal fang (not the entire front piece) and give quite the hit. The problem is that there is only one color and you have to be lucky to match exactly the color of your teeth.

Of course, this is not a problem if your mouth is full of blood. Another option is to buy in addition to these teeth, makeup for teeth ( yes, it exists) that you can find in the specialized costume stores at the price of 7.75 euros approximately.

Another option that you have, if you do not like it or you can not find your teeth, is to make homemade teeth, but it’s not worth it, for a while, to warm up your head, but if you want to try it, we’ll leave you this video in which It explains step by step how you can get good vampire fangs at home.

Sexy Halloween Vampire Makeup 2019

Most times we think of vampire makeup we think of a makeup that is scary and that impresses us. But we can also take it for the most feminine and sensual terrain and we can recreate a sexy vampire makeup for this Halloween 2019.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

What we must above all is to enhance the look and the lips to give fear or seek to focus all eyes and attention on them.

Gothic Halloween Vampire Makeup 2019

In addition to the vampire makeup that I have already explained we can make a slight variation if we choose to make up with a Gothic style since we can “play” to wear a makeup that serves both a vampire costume and perhaps a witch (the difference will be between wearing or not fangs).

Unlike the traditional and overused bloody vampire makeup,  Gothic looks are much sexier and seductive, and thanks to the sales success of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, vampires are still in their heyday of popularity, and we all like it be sexy and sexy whatever our costume. On the other hand I repeat that vampire is a disguise that is very suitable for it.

The “traditional” aspect of the vampire focuses on whitening the face and adding drops of blood and fangs for a gore touch, while the Gothic style is much more discreet and mysterious. While fangs are undoubtedly an accessory option, creating the foundation for a gothic vampire is much more important than highlighting the small details.

In this way, to make the gothic vampire makeup we can choose to highlight the eyes, but first we have to add that it will be important to know the type of vampire costume that you will wear to combine it with makeup. The “smokey eyes” or also known as “smoky eyes” are a good choice for a costume that is both gothic and sexy at the same time and that is not, that of a vampire.

Another option is to make up the upper eyelid of a dark gray or perhaps silver tone and then add a base of a darker color that can perfectly be black, and that also serves to make up the lower area of ​​the eye. A good false eyelashes and you can look like you see in this other image.

Another way in which you can make up as I say with a “smokey eyes” effect on the white base of the face; in this way you will be able to highlight your gothic look. Also apply a little gray or dark shadow on the cheekbones to give a sense of depth.

As for the lips , we can choose to leave the traditional red for slightly darker tones and that will undoubtedly bring a much more gothic look. To do this you must choose colors such as brown, lilac burgundy and blood red tones. In addition to the choice of the most popular red lipstick, you can choose an ethereal and cold option with the use of a silver or blue tonality.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

For a gothic vampire makeup it is always better to choose a tone of lips that is sober and dark. Many sure you try the black, but it may seem too strong or intense and more when it comes to something that is for Halloween. You can then choose a purple or lilac shadebetter. Even a burgundy or a burgundy that are very beautiful and are perfect for Gothic effect that we intend in our makeup.

For clothes of this type of disguise, for example, it will be good a velvet dress wine color looks sexy and gothic if combined with brown eye makeup, while one silver or can look good with an eye shadow bright and dark.

Step-by-Step vampire makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup

After the explained it better that you see a tutorial with photos and then with video, how to make a good vampire makeup but without it being as complicated as it seems (via wikihow)

1. Vampire Makeup: Pale Face

We start with the white base that I have explained before, if you do not want to spend on specialized makeup we have a trick to get a foundation makeup from talcum powder, eye shadow that is a shade lighter than your skin and shadow of eyes of dark gray color. These three “ingredients” are mixed and once it is well mixed, it should be something like ashes or colored powder. When everything is mixed, we spread it across the face making sure to also paint the neck, eyelids and ears. It is important to do this so that everything is covered and so that it looks uniform once you put on your vampire dress.

And then the trick that I told you before, when you have finished sprinkling the faces with a little hairspray and you will see how the base created by you is fixed throughout the night.

2. Vampire Makeup:  Vampiric Look

Vampires only suck blood. They do not eat. This means, that the vampires besides being thin are emaciated. To achieve that dead look, you must apply a dark gray eyeshadow and not only as eyeshadow, also on the nose bone and cheekbones. Mix well.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

3. Vampire Makeup: Dark circles

Vampires do not sleep or in fact they are not alive. They have dark circles. For best results, take a black / brown lipstick and paint under the eyes. You should expand it well, you can also blur a little shadow in gray that will help you highlight the natural circles under your eyes, which in fact we all have for day to day.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

You can also apply some makeup or white shadow, with it we will mix better and more if you opt for a shadow that is very dark. First apply the white shadow but very subtly, then the dark and again a little white.

4. Vampire Makeup: Blood Lips

Since vampires are always sucking blood, their lips are stained. Grab a blood red lipstick and apply a thick layer to your lips. Take a napkin and rub your lips, and around them too. Alternatively, you can use very pale lipstick for an anemic look. Also use a little artificial blood and leave a “trickle” around the mouth is a good idea.

5. Vampire Makeup: Fangs

Finally you must make yourself with some fangs. I repeat that for this it is better to buy them in a specialized store or in short a multi-price store.

6. Vampire makeup: colored contact lenses

One of the things that impresses most in a makeup look is the look. If in addition to the makeup you want to impress and do not stop looking into your eyes  use a contact lens of color that impact.

7. Vampire Makeup: False Eyelashes

To get a much more impressive vampire makeup you should help other elements such as false eyelashes. The false eyelashes will make your eyes look much more beautiful and not so much fear if not a much more sexy and feminine image.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup for This Halloween 

So far we have seen vampire makeup for adults but the truth is that this type of costume is also perfect in the case of girls. For them we can also opt for a vampire baby makeup that will count as not, with the white base that we have already mentioned.

You must apply the base lightly , first so it does not look too thick or doughy and second so that the skin of the girl is not too affected. From experience I can tell you that within half an hour of having applied the base you will be touching and may even tell you that it stings (not being used to wearing this type of makeup).

For the eyes, you do not need to be as eager as you are for yours. You can choose a dark gray shadow and paint the eyelid and also the lower part of the eye.

You can also apply a little red eye shadow and red blush, under the dark shadow under the eyes, just as we see in this photo. Use the makeup sponge to blur the red. It also borders the upper and lower eyelid with black eyeliner. Apply black mascara on the eyelashes.

Apply a little red lipstick on the lips and blend a bit to the sides so that it makes the blood effect that I mentioned several times.

Halloween Vampire Makeup for Girl 2019

In the same way that we have explained for the makeup of infant vampires in general, we can make one the same for Halloween night although you can try a small variation. Have you tried doing a  “smokey eyes” to a girl? Well for a vampire costume this Halloween may look great. To do this you only have to use the dark gray shadow and another that is something darker.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Combined they can create a wonderful effect for the vampire costume of a girl. They can be shades in gray and black as we would do with our makeup or make it less dramatic because for a girl it may look like a mix between shades in red , as we see in the photo above. Combine a purple with a red and you will see what fear this Halloween 2019 will give In this other post you can see other ideas of how to make up for this Halloween in case you want to go vampiresa.

Halloween Vampire Makeup Images Photos 

If you want to collect more ideas of vampire makeup for this Halloween 2019 you just have to enter the image gallery and choose the one you like most. We hope you have a scary Halloween 2019!

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Vampire makeup step by step

Halloween Vampire Makeup

We prepare the base of the makeup

Moisten the tip of a makeup sponge in water, and then use white makeup to cover the entire face, including the lips. Tip: Always keep the makeup sponge moist (not too wet). The extra moisture makes the makeup application softer.

We perform the contour of the face

To make the outline, use the purple or blue makeup to darken the holes in the face. Key points to highlight are around the eyes, the cheekbones, below the chin, and under the contours of the nose. This creates a haggard and sick aspect. Trick: Start with a slight contour of the face, and then come back and darken a little.

We mark the darkest parts of makeup

If you exaggerate the dark makeup, just apply a little more white on it with the makeup sponge. This particular character lends itself to uneven saturation, so do not worry too much.

Trick: The goal of this child’s makeup, as with the zombie makeup , is to get a haggard and sick look, so you have to accentuate the dark areas to get it.

Vampire hair

With black makeup and a small brush, create a widow’s beak near the hair. For this we must ensure that the hair is well combed back with rubber. The beak looks better if it rises enough on the forehead to hide the hairline.

Next, draw the bushy eyebrows, as shown. With fast and short strokes, give the eyebrows a disheveled look.

We make up the lips and vampire fangs

With the small brush and red makeup, the lips of the vampire are marked. Follow the outline of the lower lip when painting. On the upper lip, however, make two defined peaks, as shown. These peaks give a more stylized appearance. For the fangs, you have to think about drawing two commas or quotes, which go a little below the lip. Make sure to start the “comma” directly on the lip, not under it (this gives it a three-dimensional look). The first line of the comma should start at the corner of the lip.

Tip: Practice making the shape with a pencil and paper before painting on the vampire’s face.

Final look of the vampire makeup

To complete the vampire makeup , dress your son with a white shirt, necklace, black pants and a dark vest. A wide, red ribbon can serve as a sash and the medallion of the chain.

The vampire capes can be easily found in specialized Halloween stores.

Other Vampire Makeup Ideas for Boys and Girls

We leave you with more vampire makeup ideas for boys and girls, some more elaborate and others simpler. And although witch makeup usually triumphs among girls, we do not forget a vampire costume for girls.

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