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Get Fit With Your Dog – How to Get Your Dog Fit – Dog Fitness Tips

Get Fit With Your Dog: The dog can make our best friend and personal trainer. It is important that your pet trains also to improve its cardiac function, we will work on its joints, we will stretch and we will also get fit him and us!

Get Fit With Your Dog

Motivation is essential when it comes to exercising, and a partner can be the solution for lazy days. However, friends are not always willing to sweat the shirt in favor of friendship. There is only one that never says no, and that, in addition, will enjoy it: the dog. In addition, go for a run with him is the perfect way to take advantage of all the physical and psychological benefits of running and, at the same time, strengthen the relationship with your pet. Although, as in any other activity, you have to take into account some recommendations before putting it into practice. In this sense, It is advised following these steps so that the experience becomes a fun and healthy routine.

Get Fit With Your Dog | Running With the Dog

When we go for a walk with the dog or running with the dog we must use the proper strapit should not be too long to not trip properly, if we are going to walk we can leave it at a safe distance but when running it is important to put it in the forearm and hold it close by hand; change the strap from right to left, maintaining the position to avoid one side working more than the other or causing tendonitis or overload problems in the biceps and forearms.

When you do exercise like running, you should do stretching, also the dog stretching its legs! Dogs with time, when they reach 10 years are older and can suffer from age problems like arthritis and these exercises come greatly to keep strong and elastic muscles that protect the bones. With the dog, leash stretches back and arms taking it up and turning the body on one side and then on the other, to stretch the intercostal and lateral muscles of the trunk. To stretch the chest, take the strap from each end and pass it behind the back going up and down.

Come Out Well Equipped

“Wearing the right equipment is essential to avoid possible injuries to both the person and the animal, as the pulls can be dangerous for the bones and joints of both. Therefore, he adds, three essential elements cannot be missing: a belt with protection for the lumbar, a line of fire with a shock absorber and a cross-pull harness that rests on the sternum of the dog.

Get Fit With Your Dog

Train Obedience

In order to achieve an adequate coordination at the moment of the race, the animal must know certain basic commands that guide him and protect him from unnecessary risks. And the best way to make sure you learn them is with the advice of a professional. “It is always better to train obedience with the help of a canine educator, who knows how to teach positively, avoiding unnecessary corrections and paying attention to signals and not control, so the dog will identify that moment with something good, and not with fear of being scolded, “warns the expert.


“Do not take into account temperatures, the resistance of the animal, its schedules … If we do not show sympathy with the dog and do not start in a progressive way, it is likely that he understands the time to go running as something negative, and none of the two will feel comfortable doing sports.

At the Right Temperature

According to the canine trainer, the ideal would be to run with temperatures below 16 degrees. “In fact, in the competitions, from those degrees, the distance of the race decreases, and if it exceeds 20 degrees its suspension is even valued”, acknowledges the expert. Only then is the dog safe from heat stroke, since it is much more sensitive to them than people.

Get Fit With Your Dog

Discover New Routes

While it is true that for the dog to learn to run accompanied is better to always go to the same place, when you have learned, discover new places where running can be very stimulating for both.

Hydration Before, During and After

While the food is best left for later, good hydration before, during and after the race is essential for the dog’s health. “Depending on the number of kilometers that will be traveled, if they exceed five, it would be advisable to stop to drink water, but it is very important that the animal does not take too much or could cause a stomach torsion.

Age Matters

“As soon as possible after eight months, and progressively,”. On this, the expert points out that in order for the joints of the animal not to be resentful due to not being fully developed, it is necessary to wait until it reaches, at least, between eight months and one year of age.

Get Fit With Your Dog

Try to do exercises with obstacles, such as climbing up and down stairs with different levels and slopes. Changing directions to work well on the joints. Use game objects, such as a typical branch, it is important not to split. So we first start to work the jaw muscles, because dog food is not the same as the bones and weakens the jaw. So osteoarthritis, arthritis or bone diseases may suffer.

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