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Ultimate Guides for Travel With Diabetes – Top Tips

Travel With Diabetes: When you have a disease like diabetes you have to follow strict guidelines, but that does not mean you have to give up traveling.

Travel With Diabetes
Travel With Diabetes

Having diabetes makes your life more regulated, more leisurely, quieter. It affects many aspects of your day to day life, but if your passion is traveling, much more. This is a sugar-free guide. And this is Laura’s story.

The Story of Laura Pandolfi – Travel With Diabetes

The love of Laura Pandolfi goes back to a two-month trip through Thailand with her best friend. He was 18 years old and his friend came home, but she could not. He moved to Cambodia and began to collaborate with a project to help out-of-school children in an area of the country.

Travel With Diabetes
Travel With Diabetes

From that moment on, he felt that if he stayed in one place, he would burn the ground under his feet. Life became for her a constant journey. And do not travel any, if not cross Mongolia on horseback or get lost in the Amazon. He felt free walking the world, independent. Nothing tied him to anything.

At the age of 26, he started a trip through Southeast Asia for 6 months. While there he began to faint and to have episodes and hypoglycemia. He endured until the end and when he returned home his suspicions were fulfilled: he had diabetes.

Doctors told him that those long trips he was doing were not the best for his health. Trips that lasted months and that supposed a huge dose of adrenaline for her. But Laura did not listen to them.

He raised a thousand dilemmas and questions, but he knew that his life should be traveling the world, meeting people and walking new lands. But how to transport insulin (should it always remain cold) from one place to another? What to do if you needed a doctor in the middle of nowhere?

Laura decided to transform the problem into an opportunity and, in turn, help more people who also have diabetes but do not want to stop eating the world, even if it is sugar-free.

Sweet Trip

Travel With Diabetes
Travel With Diabetes

Sweet Trip is the name of Laura’s sugar-free guide. It arose when he was going to make one of his trips and detected that very vague data appeared on the Internet, without details or concretions. Traveling seemed more of a challenge than pleasure, and she was not willing to do that.

This is a guide in constant creation, based on the experiences of Laura herself and her partner Omar. Thus, two years later, they have managed to cover Paris, Nice, the French Riviera, Lisbon, Cuba, and Mexico.

To cover the content of the guide, they first investigate online, then travel there and check everything first hand and verify that information.

How Is the Sugar-free Guide

Travel With Diabetes
Travel With Diabetes

The guides of each city are structured in three sections. The first focuses on local nutrition and nutrition, that is, necessary local vocabulary, tips for balancing typical foods, etc.

The second speaks of an element as important as the local health system: how it works, where it is located, pharmacies, specialized dictionary …

And finally, it refers to dynamic tourism. For a person with diabetes, it is very important to exercise daily to maintain adequate blood glucose levels, so Laura proposes different activities and itineraries to do so.

From Sweet Trip bet to know diabetes, to get that this is not an obstacle to do anything, and less to travel. Although it is true that any injury, accident or illness is more serious for someone with diabetes than for those who do not.

Therefore, it is important to get used to living with her and to be very careful with everything. Sugar-free guides will be a good support until you reach a point where you will no longer be afraid to face the challenges that exist in the world for a diabetic. Then, you will be free again.

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