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The 7 Best Places to Go for Halloween Celebrations

Places to Go for Halloween: Although when we hear about Halloween we all come to mind the American celebration in which the pumpkins and the famous ” trick or treat ” are the protagonists, in the world, there are hundreds of places and ways to celebrate this holiday.

7 Best Places to Go for Halloween Celebrations

Today we are going to meet some of the most curious. Japan, Mexico, or Romania are waiting for you to have a great time on the night of October 31st. Of course, do not forget to get the best travel insurance to be covered before anything that may happen in that mysterious night.

1. Mexico

To say that Mexico has one of the most spectacular Halloween celebrations would be, possibly, to start this list offending many Mexicans. In Mexico, on October 31 the celebrations of the ” Day of the Dead ” begin. During the 3 days that this festival lasts many streets of the country are filled with altars where families pay homage to their deceased. These usually contain photographs, objects, and memories of the deceased, as well as some of their favorite dishes. Unlike what you may think, it is not a sad celebration but a tribute to life.

Places to Go for Halloween
Places to Go for Halloween

One of the characteristics that make the “Day of the Dead” one of the most picturesque Halloween celebrations is the makeup of ” Catrina ” with which many are decorated. If you visit cities like Merida by this date, do not be scared, you will cross with a crowd of people with their faces made up as if it were a skull.

2. Derry, Ireland

The Halloween holiday as such was born in Ireland under the name of “Samhain Night” and if you are looking for the most authentic Halloween celebrations you should not miss it. This date marked the end of the harvest and the time when the days began to be shorter. The beginning of the so-called ” dark half ” of the year was related to the moment when the world of the dead connected with that of the living.

Places to Go for Halloween Celebrations

In the Irish city of Derry, this festival lasts nine days under the name of ” Banks of Foyle “, during which terrifying parades, fireworks, tours of “haunted houses” and cultural activities for the whole family are held.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Halloween celebrations in Japan began to take place relatively a few years ago. The Japanese country has three celebrations during the year dedicated to the deceased, so when they absorbed the Halloween party they were left alone with the colorful party.

Places to Go for Halloween Celebrations

Tokyo is the city where you can live the greatest expression of this party in Japan. In neighborhoods like Shibuya or Shinjuku area where you can live the night of the 31st at its peak. Thousands and thousands of people gather in its streets to show off their most extravagant costumes and have fun for hours.

4. Fantastic Film Festival of Sitges, Spain

Places to Go for Halloween Celebrations

We cheated, this event usually takes place a few days after the official Halloween celebrations. Every year, to kick off the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, the most important of its kind in the world, the famous Sitges Zombie Walk is celebrated. Dozens of professional makeup artists prepare hundreds of zombies who will then walk together throughout the city, creating a terrifying environment. It is not a celebration of Halloween itself, but the theme and proximity to the dates of this attract many of its fans every year.

5. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is, for many, the most terrifying place in the world. The one that was the birthplace of Count Dracula hides a myriad of legends, accounts, and mysteries yet to be unveiled. The city has realized the great tourist potential that it has and, in recent years, it has begun to create an industry around Halloween celebrations.

Places to Go for Halloween Celebrations

If you decide to travel to Transylvania at this time you will have the opportunity to make special tours of the city with a setting, if possible, even more terrifying.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Places to Go for Halloween

As in Ireland, in Scotland, there is also the “Night of Samhain” within Halloween celebrations. The city of Edinburgh is filled with different activities and proposals to spend a terrifying night there. To the dark Scottish nights of October, the attractions are added, apart from the classic costume parades, mysterious tours that will take you to the dark cemeteries and dungeons. Do you dare?

7. Paris, France

You may be wondering what makes a city like Paris in a list of places to celebrate a different Halloween. Normally we associate the French capital with “the city of love” or even “the city of lights”, but its subsoil hides darkness and gloom.

Places to Go for Halloween

The catacombs of Paris shelter, neither more nor less, than the remains of 6 million corpses that were moved from their cemeteries. A truly terrifying place that even Edgar Allan Poe mentioned in “El Barril de Amontillado”.

Do you know any other Halloween celebration that deserves to be on this list? Tell us in the comments and we will add it so others can enjoy it too. If you decide to meet any of them share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #Iatiporelmundo. We will show the best in our account, naming you the highlight of the day.

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