The Controversial Painting of the White House – Painting of Trump Among Past Presidents

The Controversial Painting of the White House. The US president showed a picture in which he appears with several Republican presidents having a drink and playing cards.

Painting of the White House

The US president, Donald Trump, again raise the debate to decorate a room in the White House with a painting by American artist Andy Thomas, which is the magnet having a drink with other former presidents Republicans like Richard Nixon or Teddy Roosevelt, while they play poker.

The Controversial Painting of the White House

The painting could be seen during the walk through some of the rooms of the White House that Trump recorded with the journalist Lesley Stahl, prior to the broadcast on Sunday of an interview on the 60 minutes program, which the reporter directs on the CBS network.

The box  The Republican Club of the aforementioned artist did not go unnoticed in social networks, where there were all kinds of comments, including those of the author, surprised to see his work hanging in the official residence of the president.

“I was working and I turned on the television to watch a soccer match,” the artist said before recognizing the NBC network that, after his wife verified that ” social networks had been turned on account of the box, calls began to arrive. phone calls from everywhere. ”

“I was ecstatic,” the painter told Time magazine. “Many times the gifts do not really hang, they are simply stored in a closet somewhere, and discovering that they are hanging is really a gift,” he said.

In the scene, in addition to the aforementioned presidents, they appear talking around a table Abraham Lincoln, the two Bush (father and son), Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan.

According to NBC, the painting is part of a series created by Thomas that imagines historical figures socializing in various contexts.

Specifically, in 2008 he painted a painting with some of the Republican presidents in a poker game and something similar he did with several of the Democratic leaders who have reached the presidency, the network adds.

The reprints of these works can cost between 155 (two thousand 900 pesos) and one thousand 700 dollars (31 thousand 900 pesos), according to NBC, depending on the size and other factors that are included in the compositions. The artist is still in possession of the original.

Thomas, who does not know how the painting came to Trump, explained that he is not a member of any political party, has libertarian opinions and has often voted for the Republicans.

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