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Halloween Party for Kids – Ideas, Costumes, Makeup, Crafts & Recipes

Halloween Party for Kids: On October 31 is celebrated  the night of All Saints day, the night of witches and ghosts. The well-known Halloween night that is increasingly celebrated in many corners of the world, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, comes from a very old Celtic tradition, which turned the religious sense of celebrating the feast of All Saints, to celebrate in its place the night of fear and terror  If you are thinking of holding a party or want to do some original activity with your children, we propose all these ideas to celebrate Halloween with the children. 

Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween Party for Kids Ideas

The word Halloween comes from ‘All hallow’s eve’, a word from old English, which means ‘All Hallow’s Eve’. When you talk about Halloween or Halloween, you think of pumpkins , bats, parties, children, costumes of witches, ghosts and mummies, although at the beginning, a long time ago, it was not all that happy and festive.

October 31 is a date associated with the dead, the souls, the witches, the spells … because of its closeness to All Souls ‘Day or All Saints’ Day, which is celebrated on November 1st.

Because Halloween is celebrated

In fact, many writers agree that Halloween was the main festival of the Celts . Thousands of years ago, the Celts lived in what we now know as Great Britain, and celebrated the new year on November 1. On the eve, on the night of October 31 , all the people of the village gathered, bonfires were lit, and the skins of sacrificed animals were disguised as a way to scare off witches and evil spirits; it turns out that the Celts believed that the dead were returning on the night of Samhain, knight and lord of death.

That the dead communicated with the living and asked them for food. And in the case that they did not reach their requests, they cursed and made victims of their spells to the frightened villagers. Hence the custom of ordering sweets and treats on Halloween night . ‘Either you give me or I make you a prank’ (‘Trick or Treat’, trick or treat). All that history has generated many legends . The party arrived in the United States through small communities of Irish Catholics in the mid-nineteenth century and the tradition spread throughout the rest of the world.

Ideas for the Halloween party with the children

Here you will find endless ideas about recipes, games, Halloween songs, Halloween costumes for Children or Halloween make-up to organize a Halloween party with the children.  If this is the first time you prepare a Halloween party at home for your children and their friends, be prepared because like any other children’s party you can not miss the details. In the decoration for a Halloween party can not miss skulls, witches, cobwebs, pumpkins … That may scare you a little, but quiet that you can decorate the house in an economical, simple and at the same time fun.

A fun Halloween party for children

Like every year, my daughter has been invited to a Halloween party at the house of a friend who, more than 7 years ago, celebrates this party with her friends. You had to see how they decorate the house!

The ornamentation so well that it gives the impression, when you arrive, that you are entering an amazing cave. There are skulls hanging on the doors, illuminated pumpkins, balloons and orange and black garlands, cobwebs hooked on the roofs, stickers of ghosts and fluorescent monsters by the windows, apart from a skeleton at the entrance of the house to receive those who arrive Apart from all that, you had to see the atmosphere, lit only with candles and background music something dark.

Halloween party Ideas for children

For starters, you can easily make a pumpkin. You can buy them both in the markets and in the supermarkets for a small fee. At home, it’s just to follow some ideas that we have for the Halloween pumpkin and hands-on. As for the other dressings, you can, with the help and participation of the children, cut out drawings on black cardboard or a fluorescent color of cats, witches , ghosts, pumpkins … and distribute them throughout the house. Children will love to collaborate.

As for the web, try carefully to unravel a handful of cotton or gauze, to the maximum, and stick it through the ceiling. Do not forget to put some small plastic spiders in it. For the snack table, use the imagination.

With the help of an edible coloring, paint some red cookies as if they were blood, make magical potions (strawberry or cherry shakes) with a few drops of strawberry syrup. You can also serve snacks with bat format, spiders, etc. In this time it is very easy to find napkins, glasses and tablecloths with Halloween drawings .

For the rest, you just have to find a ‘scary’ costume  for your children, make them a good makeup and hope that their friends arrive and have fun touring the neighborhood together, hitting all the doors and saying that trick or treat . Surely they will return happy, with the bag full of candy and with many stories and anecdotes to tell.

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