Top 7 Fastest Growing Fruit Trees for the Garden

Fastest Growing Fruit Trees for the Garden: Would you like to be able to harvest a good amount of fruit in a short time? If so, do not miss our list of Fastest Growing Fruit Trees for the Garden that can not be missed in your Garden or Garden, as well as, if you’re looking for shade trees, we suggest some very interesting ones.

Top 7 Fastest Growing Fruit Trees for the Garden

All of them can be pruned in autumn or towards the end of winter to prevent them from growing too high and, incidentally, making it easier for you to catch the fruits.

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1. Fig tree

The fig tree, or Ficus carica, is a shrub or small fruit tree native to the Mediterranean that does not exceed 6m in height. It grows on all types of soils, preferring those that are calcareous. It supports the drought without problems, but to obtain a good harvest, it is recommended to give regular watering during the summer. Although it is very sensitive to cold, it withstands frost of up to -4ºC without difficulty.

2. Brown fruit

The Brown fruit, whose scientific name is Castanea sativa, is a tree that reaches 30 meters high. Originally from Europe and Asia, it is the largest producer of nuts in the world. It likes temperate climates, where it grows in fresh and well-drained soils. It supports up to -18ºC without hardly suffering damage.

3. Mulberry

The mulberry, better known scientifically by the name of Morus alba, is a tree that grows up to 15m in height. It is originally from China, and also has deciduous leaves. This species can be had in both temperate climates and fresher, and it supports up to -18ºC minimum and 38ºC maximum.

4. Citrus

Fruit trees of the genus Citrus, especially orange and lemon trees, are fast-growing plants that can be grown in small gardens. They grow up to 6-7 meters maximum, and since they have evergreen leaves, you can use them to shade some corners. They support light frosts of up to -6ºC.

5. Lemon Tree

Citrus limon does not exceed four meters in height, but it is a very aesthetic tree. Once transplanted and in a favorable climate, the young trees already grafted will bear fruit in one or two years.

Lemon is not only used lemon, but its wood is also very demanded cabinetmaking. In this case, I show you content with the essential care of this tree; pay attention to all the pests that can attack it!

If an excessively hot climate does not characterize your region, you can always plant the lemon tree in a pot or planter.

6. Cherry

Not any kind of cherry, American black cherry or Prunus serotina is one of the fastest-growing species. Higher than the rest (reaching thirty meters), we will have to wait two or three years to enjoy rich cherries.

Fast Growing Fruit Trees for the Garden To finish all the information, you need to properly cultivate and care for the chestnut.

The American black cherry  (Prunus serotina) is a variety that also grows fast, much more than other types of cherry, because, in two or three years, we will have good fruit production.

7. Chestnut

The chestnut is one of the fastest–producing trees nuts there. As much as if we plant chestnuts this fall, we will have production within three years.

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