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Top 10 Best Ways to Celebrate All Saints Day

Celebrate All Saints Day: In tradition says that you have to go to visit the place where the remains of our relatives and loved ones lie. On All Saints day, people go to clean the tombstones and take flowers to decorate that special date. They pray prayers for them to shorten their years in purgatory and free their souls.

How to Celebrate All Saints Day

The tradition of going to cemeteries is not only Christian since many non-believers perform the act of visiting and accompanying those who lost and remember them on that day. Most of the sacred fields open days during the whole night and fill the room with lit candles to light, All Saints Day Prayer and guide the souls. This is one of the most iconic images of the All Saints Day Festival.

The day of all the Saints has a very gastronomical part, with typical foods of this day. The normal thing is to eat bones of Santo and buñuelos of wind. The bones are made with almond paste and filled with yolk candy, its light color, and its cylindrical shape, elongated and thin reminds us of a bone.

The All the Saint’s festival has been enriched with particularities according to each autonomous community. Each region of Spain has been adapting this day ideas and own activities. For example, in Catalonia, panellets or roasted chestnuts are typical, which can be found installs on the street. There are the borrachuelos in Andalusia, the Migas in Castilla La Mancha or the anise donuts in Salamanca.

Celebrate All Saints Day

All Saints Day is not only commemorated in Latin lands. It is celebrated in other areas and countries of Latin America.

n an article published by the SAME, Alejandra Maria Sosa Elizaga, proposes 10 practical suggestions to celebrate as a family, group or with the parish community on the eve of the Solemnity of All Saints on Tuesday, October 31.

“As every year at this time, shops and streets are flooded with devils, ghosts, monsters, skulls, and other paraphernalia of ‘Halloween‘, many people take it as something normal and even fun, but thinking about it, from the Christian point of view, what’s so fun to disguise the children or decorate the house with characters that represent evil, darkness, the opposite of Him Who is the Light of the world, enemies of the Lord in whom we believe? “, explains the author in the article entitled ” Let’s celebrate the saints, not the scares! ”

In addition, he added that the intention is to organize “a simple, fun, in which is present the two things that Halloween most like children: disguise and receive candy, but giving them a turn, so it is not a pagan holiday and much less anti-Christian. ”

Here Are 10  Suggestions for a Good Ways to Celebrate All Saints Day

1. Costumes of Saints – All Saints Day Costumes

Let everyone, children and adults, goes disguised as saints, and each one talk about why he chose that disguise, what he likes about that saint or saint.

2. Candy with Stamps

Children who knock on the door asking for sweets, do not give them sweets decorated for Halloween, but normal sweets to which they draw smiley faces with a halo, and also give stamps of saints (you can have them photocopied and cut, for example, of our new holy child, San Joselito).

3. Carry Out all saints day activities by Teams

Divide the party attendees into teams, give them material (crepe paper, China, ropes, etc.) to have fun making a saint costume to disguise a member of the team, and each team explains why they chose that holy, and tell what you know about your life. And give them all an award for their ingenuity and effort.

4. Draw the Saints

Let children and adults entertain themselves by lighting up drawings of their favorite saints, (it does not make them perfect), to stick them on the wall as an exhibition.

5. Take Photographs of the Attendees with “Aureolas”

Cut out paper haloes and stick them on the wall at different heights, so that attendees stand in front of the wall and have their picture taken and look like they have a halo. They are very nice photos of all converted into ‘Santos’.

6. Tell Anecdotes and stories

That each of the attendees is prepared in advance to tell an interesting, moving or funny anecdote of a saint.

7. Festival of videos

Organize a mini-festival of lives of saints videos.

8. Phrases of saints throughout the house

Put among the notices of the church or on some wall of the house, papers with favorite phrases of various saints, especially of the patron saint of that particular church.

9. Celebrate a Mass

Attend together on November 1 at the Mass of the Solemnity of all Saints.

10. Read the Catechism

Read what the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches about the saints (among the numerals from 956 to 957), and at the end make a prayer to ask for the intercession of the saints, especially of the patrons or favorites of the assistants.

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