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How to Put Natural Grass

How to Put Natural Grass
How to Put Natural Grass

How to Put Natural Grass: The first thing that we have to do before putting the natural grass in the garden is to eliminate the weeds since in this way we reduce the problems once the grass is in place.

For that, we can water the whole area every day so that the weed that is buried germinates and thus use a herbicide to remove them. This is a process that we have to repeat once a week without forgetting to water.

Step by Step How to Put Natural Grass

How to Put Natural Grass
How to Put Natural Grass

By this, we mean to remove the soil when de-compacting it. By doing this work we can make the air and humidity circulate correctly, but apart from that, it is also very helpful to remove the weeds.

It is important to do the tilling before adding the seeds to the ground, otherwise, it would not be possible.


If we observe that the earth does not have the capacity to absorb water correctly or if there is an area that receives more water than the rest, it is necessary that we do a drainage work, in this way we can avoid the appearance of puddles in the water. soil and that the lawn becomes sick, as well as rot by asphyxia radicular or, get to suffer attacks by fungi such as Pythium.

If we do a good job of drainage, the lawn will be able to grow much healthier, it will take better advantage of the nutrients, it will diminish the chances of suffering from any disease, the soluble salts will decrease, among other things.

Put the Substrate

How to Put Natural Grass

When the soil is very sandy or does not have a lot of nutrients, it is advisable to add organic matter, since in this way we can get the soil to retain more water as well as nutrients that are necessary for the lawn.

If on the other hand the soil is clayey and puddles tend to appear, it is best to place some sand. In this case, it is not necessary to worry about the number of nutrients since we can then add it as a granulated fertilizer.

It is important to keep in mind that when buying the substrate, it must be of quality.

Sow, Place the Sods or Stolons

How to Put Natural Grass

By Seeds

At the moment we place the seeds we have to be attentive to the quantity per meter explained by the supplier.

The most common is that it is between 35 and 42 grams per square meter. It is necessary to avoid placing more seeds, because if that happens the grass may rot. If the soil is quite fertile, it can be enough with only 30 grams and if it is very poor, we can increase this amount to 60 grams.

By Types

These are known as the plates or the very popular rolls of grass, which are those that come from the fields and are extracted with the help of special machines.

We can get the sod in the nurseries or on the farms where they are grown. At the time of placing them, it is important to remember to water the land three days in advance, the same as we have to avoid stepping on the lawn while we put it on.

By Stolons

This is another way we can place natural grass, but it is only used for certain varieties such as the Gram.

How to Put Natural Grass
How to Put Natural Grass

In this process cut the pieces that have between 3 or 4 knots with the help of a pair of scissors, then we puncture in the ground and these are buried to half of what they measure, something that makes the roots develop from the knots, They grow with greater ease and speed.

The separation between each of the cuttings has to be between about 15 to 30 cm. If they are at a shorter distance the ground will be thick in about 3 months.

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