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The 10 Best Cat Breeds – Expert Review

Best Cat Breeds: Cats are common domestic animals, for each race has different characteristics, so we tell you which are the smartest cats that exist. If you are thinking about buying or adopting a cat and you do not know what to base yourself on, we are going to propose that you take into account the following aspect: intelligence.

The 10 Best Cat Breeds

Obviously, it is not the most important thing, just as neither would it be beautiful or ugly that the race may seem to you, but it is true that it can help you when deciding.

Best Cat Breeds
Each cat breed has different characteristics, but intelligence is common for all

Each race has different characteristics, although it is true that intelligence is common for all cats. There are not many data and studies that answer in a clear and concise way which is the most intelligent cat and if it is a lot or a little. But it is also true that there are certain aspects of the pet that will indicate that one race has greater intellect than another.

As we have said, there are difficulties in determining the intelligence of cats. However, taking into account certain aspects can be concluded which are the most intelligent Best Cat Breeds. So here we show you a list with which you can filter in the first ten positions of the ranking.


Without a doubt, before starting to analyze the intelligence of this cat we have to stop to comment on its physical appearance. It is a breed that stands out for its intense blue eyes and its characteristic beautiful coat. We can not hide that it is impossible to notice him.

BURMESE CAT - Best Cat Breeds
Burmese cats are characterized by their blue eyes and by having a calm and curious character

As for their behavioral traits, it is characterized by being calm and docile, so if you think that it will not fit in your family you are wrong, it will adapt even with children. In addition, it is a curious cat, to which you can easily teach some tricks. No doubt you will have fun with this cat, considered one of the smartest.


Big, striking and deep eyes that transmit everything that this cat is: curious, active, playful, sensitive and, of course, intelligent. The Abyssinian is a breed cheerful and great activity that also will ask you to give affection cries, so you should not have your pet if you spend long periods of time alone.

ABYSSINIAN CAT - Best Cat Breeds
Abyssinian cats are very happy and active, so it is very important that you play with them

Otherwise, you can play with him, teach him some juggling that he can repeat, because he will not have any problem in jumping, climbing, somersaults and snooping anything that is put in front of him.


Again we find a cat that stands out for its look, with blue eyes and that is accompanied by a slender body and perfect to give a great agility. Therefore, it is a very active race.

SIAMESE CAT - Best Cat Breeds
Siamese cats are very curious and affectionate, having the need to communicate with their owners

Following his character, it is also said that he enjoys intelligence since he is a cat with whom you will be able to understand easily. And curiosity makes him learn and, at the same time, communicate with his owner, for which he feels great affection and devotion. Sociable and curious are the two characteristics of the Siamese.


In this case, the most peculiar feature of this cat is the ears, since they are longer than usual and also very thin at the tip. In addition, it emphasizes its slender body, with long extremities, but also flexible and muscular.

This type of cat is very easy when it comes to learning

It is a smart cat, you will not find hardly any problems when teaching, both how to behave and how to play, with tricks and skills. In that aspect also stands out for being a communicative cat and very affectionate that will let us know what you need at each moment.


If you have seen this breed and reminded you of another animal, do not be surprised, you have succeeded. The wildcat and the Iberian lynx have a very reasonable resemblance, but you will know if you are in front of one or the other because of its size, since the former is much smaller.

WILDCAT - Best Cat Breeds
These cats are nocturnal, so they know how to adapt very well to new media

In this case, we are going to talk about an intelligence somewhat different from the previous cases. And, it stands out for being nocturnal and takes advantage of these hours for hunting. This also lets us see that it is a cat that adapts to new media, in which it can also take its most aggressive side.


If in addition to an intelligent cat you are looking for a family, the exotic is your best option. It is considered the most affectionate and appropriate race to live with people, something you should know because you can not leave it alone.

EXOTIC CAT - Best Cat Breeds
The exotic cats are very faithful and very familiar

Accompanying his personality we find a docile and calm cat, at the same time intelligent and faithful. For all this, you will not have problems to educate him or him to learn.


The first thing you should know about the Bengal cat is the large size it has. Therefore, it has a strong, robust structure that, together with the appearance of the head, give it a fierce touch.

BENGAL CAT - Best Cat Breeds
They are strong and hyperactive cats, so curiosity is one of their characteristics

He also highlights his hyperactivity personality. He is not going to tire of playing with anyone, something that also makes him be affectionate and close. Once again, the intelligence is present and the Bengal cat will sniff any corner of the house in search of any detail.


Despite its abundant and thick mantle, it is a very stylized animal. The Balinese is a great stately cat but also with a great activity for having strong legs.

BALINESE CAT - Best Cat Breeds
The Balinese cat has great activity and its most outstanding feature is its meowing

As for his character, he is a very faithful, affectionate and friendly cat, although only with whom he shows appreciation to him, to his master. It is also remarkable communication, with a meow just as elegant as him and a little different from the rest.


It is one of the most beautiful cats, because of its grayish coat that looks perfect with its emerald green eyes. But it is not the only thing that stands out. And it is that you will be surprised at how quickly you learn your own names, as well as how to behave indoors and use your accessories.

RUSSIAN BLUE CAT - Best Cat Breeds
This type of cat has a great ability to learn

You can have this cat as a pet calmly, play with it and enjoy its company and how you educate and teach it to sit, lie down, etc.


Finally, we present you the Havana cat. Among its characteristics is how active it is, how affectionate and attentive. He also likes to play and do new things, to constantly learn, so he is very intelligent.

HAVANA CAT - Best Cat Breeds
These cats are very attentive and affectionate with others, but their character is very independent

His character is ideal, independent, social and at the same time, he will ask you for affection every day. As if that were not enough, it is a race with special Best Cat Breeds, so this cat is smart and active.

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