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20 Halloween Facts, History & Myths – (You Must Know)

Halloween Facts and Myths – Celebrated on October 31, the festival of Halloween is one of the oldest and most popular holidays in the world. Every year, it is celebrated with immense enthusiasm and dedication. The joyous occasion of Halloween is said to be the spookiest night of the year, so, how much you really know about this holiday?

Halloween Facts
Halloween Facts

Halloween Facts, History and Myths

With Halloween 2019 is going to approach soon, learn the little bit about this day through our exclusive collection of Halloween facts, myths, and detailed history. Let’s have look to it!!

Unique Halloween Facts

The scariest event of Halloween is a special bundle of treats, rituals and entertaining customs. So, while you are preparing for loads of enjoyable and fun-filled games, why not brush up on a few interesting Facts about Halloween. Read on our section to get some amazing and Unique Halloween Facts. They are historical, funny and weird that will give you an awesome insight into the festivity of Halloween.

  1. Halloween is also known by various other names such as All Hallows’ Eve, The Feast of Dead, Samhain, The Day of the Dead, Snap- Apple night, summer’s end, Witches night etc.
  2. Halloween is the most commercial holiday in the USA after Christmas.
  3. Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween day that dated back to era 4000 BC.
  4. The ancient Celtic people considered Halloween as the main holiday because it represents the New year.
  5. Orange and black are Halloween colors as orange is associated with the fall harvest and black color is associated with darkness & death.
  6. More than 93 % of children go trick-or-treating each year.
  7. Jack-o-lanterns are originated in Ireland when people placed candles in hollowed out turnips to avert ghosts, and spirits on the holiday of Samhain.
  8. The essential Halloween symbol pumpkin is not just found in orange color, but also white, green and blue, that gives people more options for unique and creative carvings.
  9. An owl is a famous Halloween image which was regarded to be a witch in Medieval Europe.
  10. New York City’s ‘Village Halloween Parade’ is the largest Halloween parade in the United States.
  11. Halloween is considered to be the third biggest party day of the year, after New Year’s event and Super Bowl Sunday.
  12. Of all the pumpkins, around 99 % as jack-o-lanterns for Halloween day.
  13. Halloween is the sweetest holiday with an estimated $ 1.93 billion sale of candies.
  14. Snickers from the best choice of candy for Halloween.
  15. There are numerous places in the US that named with a Halloween theme.

Halloween Myths

Amid some silly and spooky antics, Halloween is much more than just costume parties and candy, in fact, the holiday has a great and exciting tradition. Explore the fun of Halloween night with these creepy yet joyous myths about Halloween day. Here are we presenting you a list of impressive and wonderful Halloween Myths. Take a sneak peek!!

  • Myth # 1: Dressing up on Halloween feast comes from Celts believed that Samhain holiday was a time when the gap between living world and the paranormal world was porous & spirits could get through. Due to this spirit, it was common for Celtic people to wear eerie costumes & masks to ward off any evil spirits.
  • Myth # 2: The symbols of Halloween aren’t random Bats, spiders and black cats are Halloween symbols because of their spooky history. In the middle ages, all these symbols were referred to be the familiars of witches. They were often associated with bad luck.
  • Myth # 3: Halloween and the candy industry supposedly consumed daylight savings time. Candy makers are more excited to extend daylight savings time at the beginning of the November month to get an extra hour of daylight so that kids could gather even more candy.
  • Myth # 4: Fun activity trick-or-treating has been around a long time. There were several versions of trick-or-treating have existed since medieval times. As per the legend, it was also called as ‘guising’ in the past, where kids & adults went around in costumes during the event of Hallowmas begging for food & money in exchange for prayers/songs.
  • Myth # 5: Halloween is known to be a great eve for finding your soul mate. In some regions of Ireland, many people used to celebrate Halloween day by playing some romantic fortune- telling activities & games. All these games allegedly predicted who they would marry and when.

Halloween History Wiki

Going beyond the costumes and charades, the History of Halloween is very intriguing. All Hallow’s Eve has its roots in the pre-Christian Celtic festival called Samhain, which dates back to over 2000 years.

During this pre-Christian era, the Celtic people celebrated Samhain as the end of harvest festival. They believed that the boundary between living and the dead was dissolved and dead souls became dangerous for the living and that’s why they placed the skeleton on their windows and doorsteps on the night before Samhain. They also used the vegetable head to frighten off evils.

By 43 AD, Romans took hold of a territory of the Celtic. Therefore, Samhain became Halloween with the birth of Christianity. With the new world region, Christians began changing the religious practices of the Celtic people.

Though Christians tried to celebrate 1st of November as the peaceful and serene All Saints’ Day, soon the day of Samhain caught favor among the Christian youths and since then Halloween became the day of big bonfires, costumes, grand parades, trick-or-treating, Jack-o’-lanterns & carved pumpkin decor.

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