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The 5 Best Diwali Recipes – Special Diwali Food Menu, Dish 2019

If this Diwali Recipe was not eaten on Diwali then what festival celebrated

Diwali Recipes: Festivals celebrated under social, cultural and religious customs and traditions are called festivals. It is time to celebrate happiness in a lively lifestyle and a busy life. Therefore, every festival has some specialties and ways of celebrating it are also special. Shopping, gifts of transactions, etc. are going on at festivals, but there is another thing without which there are no festivals, festivals.

Diwali Recipes
Diwali Recipes

It is the festival of specialty Diwali 5 Days prepared in the houses on the occasion of the festival. These Diwali Recipes can vary according to special culture. In India, the festival of festivals is on the peak and Diwali is special in all these festivals. So let’s know about special recipes made on Diwali.

It is a special thing for Diwali that on this occasion, all the family members who are away on this festival, they all try to be together at this festival. That is why the house becomes lonely. In such a situation, the family gathered after a long time does not enjoy any different fragrances in the kitchen. But now it comes to what is to be made. It’s a straightforward solution to make some traditional Diwali Recipes, which is often a part of this festival and can also try some special Diwali Recipes according to the members’ choice. Usually, the Diwali Recipes which are made on the occasion of Diwali are as follows.


1. Anuras

This is a sweet Diwali Recipes made from rice which is a traditional sweet of Maharashtra. But at present, it is becoming popular in almost every part of the country. It can also be made with Mawa-Rice and can also be made.

2. Halva

Halwa is also one of the traditional Diwali Recipes that is usually made on every festival and also on other Manglik festivals. Even after the arrival of a guest in the house, it has also been introduced in the rural areas especially as a sweet Diwali Recipes. Halwa is currently made of many varieties. In addition to semolina, carrot, gram flour and pudding are made in winter. So there is evergreen pudding evergreen. On the occasion of Diwali, there is a trend of making mungalal pudding in urban and rural areas especially.

3. Kheer

This sweet Diwali Recipes made of milk and rice is very special. Diwali is on the day of Amavasya and it is not considered to be auspicious to sell milk to the new moon in rural areas, hence the tradition of using milk since ancient times. Therefore, milk is made from milk on this day. In kheer, it increases its taste by adding saffron, cashew, raisins, almonds, cardamom, etc. Although the Kheer festival is presently becoming popular as a common sweet Diwali Recipes too. But on festival occasions, it has special significance. Halva, Kheer and all such Diwali Recipes are also used for the Goddesses.

4. Kesaria Shri section

It is also made in many areas on the occasion of Diwali. It is a special suite Diwali Recipes made from a mixture of yogurt, sugar, and saffron, which is also very easy to make.

5. Whole vegetable

whole vegetable is also a special Diwali Recipes to be made on festivals. Nowadays, new things are being used to make puri, so for the whole, both vegetables and dry vegetables can be made. Pumpkin sour-sweet vegetable, chickpeas, potato, potato cumin, etc. can be made according to your choice.

Currently, because restaurant culture is becoming more evolving and instead of working hard at home, it is preferred to go out with lunch or dinner with the whole family. But if you cook a restaurant like a restaurant at home, then your festival can be more healthy. For this, you will need Malai gravy, paneer butter, pea-paneer, Noor jahani kofta, mixed tadka, jat-patt potato dum, dal butter, cashew mushroom masala, Jayapura casserole, mushroom Manchurian, pineapple raita, balushahi, laddu, Barfi, Jalebi, Gujia, Kanji, etc. can also make Diwali Recipes.

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