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The Importance of Diwali – Why Is Diwali Celebrated

Importance of Diwali

Importance of Diwali: Today is the festival of light. Diwali means a festival of light. Each of you has a light in itself. This festival is celebrated all over India, Nepal, Singapore, Malasia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mauritius, Suriname, Trinidad, and South Africa. People give each other auspicious wishes of Diwali and share sweets. At the time of Diwali, we forget all the sorrows in the past. Whatever is covered in the mind, you run crackers and forget all.

Importance of Diwali
Importance of Diwali

Like the firecrackers, the past also goes away, all burns and the mind becomes new. This is Diwali.  A candle is not enough. Everyone must be happy and published. Everyone has to be happy and intelligent. The light of intelligence has been ignited. Considering light as the symbol of knowledge, we light the knowledge and celebrate today. What do you say?

Let the past go, forget

Let the past go, forget it. Celebrate life with wisdom. Festivals can not really be celebrated without intelligence. Wisdom is to know that God is with me. Look at all the possessions that we have today. Remember, you have a lot of wealth and feel complete. Otherwise, the mind will always remain in deficiency,  “Oh it is not … it is not, it is unhappy for it, it is sad for him.” Growth towards deficiency The ancient method is that all gold silver coins are placed in front of you, you put all your property in front and say, “Look, God has given me so much. I am so grateful.” It is said in the Bible that those who have it will get more, and those who do not have anything, whatever is very little, will also be taken. Feel its abundance Then you will know that a lot has been given to you.

Then we worship Lakshmi. Lakshmi is worshiped of Dhan and Aishwarya, and Ganesha – the impulse of consciousness that takes away all the obstacles in our path – this chant is done on this day.

Wealth is within us

There are 27 nations in Europe. We will give a lamp to every nation. Then we will meditate for a while. When we meditate, we thank the universal soul for its abundance. We also pray for more so that we can serve more. Gold silver is only a left symbol. Wealth is within us There is so much love, peace, and joy inside. What more do you want? Wisdom is the real wealth. Your character, your peace, and self-confidence is your real wealth. When you go ahead with God, then there is no wealth to grow from it. This royal thought comes only when you get involved with God and infinity. When the wave remembers that it is connected to the sea and is part of the sea, then it gets huge power.

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