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History of Diwali | Secret Behind Diwali

History of Diwali: People around the world are preparing to celebrate the festival of light as “Diwali”. One of the biggest festivals of the East, “Diwali” is an indicator of the goodness of evil, the triumph of knowledge on light and on ignorance of light.

History of Diwali

History of Diwali
History of Diwali

Importance of lamp

To light the oil lamp, the light has to be dipped in oil, but if the light is fully immersed in oil, then it will not be able to produce light by burning it, so keep it out slightly. Our life is similar to the lamp’s lamp, we have to stay in this world even though it will have to remain untouched. If we remain immersed in the material world, then we will not be able to bring true bliss and knowledge in our life. Even when living in the world, we can become the symbol of happiness and knowledge by not drowning in the worldly parties.

“Diwali” is celebrated only to remind the light of knowledge in life. “Diwali” is celebrated not only for decorating the houses but also for exposing/conveying this mysterious secret of life. Burn the lamp of wisdom and love in every heart and bring the blur of a smile on everyone’s face.

Rows of light

“Diwali” is also called Deepawali, which literally means ‘rows of light’. There are many aspects and aspects of life, and it is important for us to fully express our life so that we can highlight them all. These lines of light remind us that there is a need to focus on every aspect of life and highlight the knowledge.

Every human has some good qualities and every lamp lit by us is a symbol of this thing. Some people have tolerance, some have qualities like love, power, generosity, while in some people, people have the virtue of keeping them together. These hidden qualities within us are like a lamp. Do not be satisfied with burning only one lamp: Burn thousands of lamps! To overcome the darkness of ignorance, we need to burn many lamps. By burning the lamp of knowledge and earning knowledge, we awaken all facets of our existence. When these are published and awake, then only “Diwali” is.

Diwali – Crackers, Sweets and Gifts

There is also a hidden meaning of burning firecrackers in “Diwali”. Often times in life we ​​are full of feelings, frustration and anger, ready to burst like firecrackers. When we keep on pressing our feelings, lusts/guts and rage, they reach a bliss point. Burning / exploding firecrackers is a psychological practice created by our ancestors to free the depressed feelings. When we see an explosion in the outer world, then within ourselves, feel a similar kind of sensation. A lot of light spreads with the explosion. When we are free from these emotions then there is the rise of deep peace.

There is another tradition during “Diwali”, exchange of sweets and gifts. Giving sweet and gift to each other means, removing all sorts of past and giving new life to friendship for the coming time.

Knowledge and light

Any celebration service is incomplete without feeling. Whatever we have received from God, we should also share it with others, because whatever we have to share, he has got us from anywhere, and this is the true celebration. Anand and knowledge must be spread and it can happen only when people come together in knowledge.

“Diwali” means to be in the present moment, so stay in this present moment, except for the past repentance and future concerns. This is the time that we forget about mutual discord and negativity all year long. This is the time to highlight the knowledge we have received and to start a new one. When true knowledge emerges, the festival gets more strength.

Spiritual Knowledge and Diwali

The nature of the soul is the celebration. In ancient times, the Sadh-saints used to incorporate purity in every celebration so that we did not lose our concentration or focus on different rituals. Customs and religious rituals (pooja-texts) are a symbol of gratitude or gratitude towards God. They bring depth to our celebration. The tradition in “Diwali” is that we experience abundance by putting whatever wealth we have earned in front of ourselves. When we experience deprivation, deficiency increases, but when we keep our focus on abundance, abundance increases. Chanakya has said in economics, “Dharma Kya Moola meaning:” that means “prosperity is the basis of religion. ”

For those who do not have spiritual knowledge, “Diwali” comes only once in a year, but every day and every moment for the knowledges is “Diwali”. Knowledge is required everywhere. Even if a single member of our family is immersed in the blackness of sadness, then we can not be happy. We need to spread the light of knowledge in the life of every member of our family, and then in the life of every member of society, and then in the life of every person of this earth. When true knowledge emerges, the festival gets more strength.

In the Yajurveda it is said, “Name Mana Shivsankalpamastu” – “We wish to express our sincere desire. Celebrate this “Diwali” with knowledge and resolve to serve humanity. Love in my heart; Burn the abundance/candle in the house. Similarly compassion for serving others; Burn the lamps of gratitude to remove ignorance and the gratitude for the abundance that God has given us.

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