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10 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog – Benefits of Traveling With Dog

10 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog. Traveling with my dogs is one of the things that I like the most! but not every time I take them with me

Always, before traveling, I value if you really enjoy the experience.

 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

As you know, each of them has a different age, size, race, and character, so it depends on the place and what you are going to do: I decide.

Keep in mind that when you take your dog to travel everything must be adapted to him. It is not the same to travel without that with a dog.

There are destinations where your dog will be more than welcome and in others, it will really be a nightmare.

10 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Below I will give you 10 tips to keep in mind before traveling with your dog. 

1. Keep in Mind if It Will Be a Good Experience for Your Dog

Nobody better than you know your dog and knows where he is well and where he is not.

If for example, you are going to walk a lot and your dog is not going too well to move so much. Or if there is going to be a lot of the trip alone because it can not accompany you to the activities you have planned, or you will not be able to dedicate all your attention.

Does your dog is accustomed to traveling?

When I say traveling, I do not only mean the act of traveling by car or any other means of transport. But to the routine changes, to adapt to the circumstance (restaurant, stay alone in the apartment, be active more hours, live with unknown people/dogs..). You have to bear in mind that you will be in new places with their noises, smells, people, different dogs …

To all my puppies, l am always advised to sleep in other people’s houses. Take the opportunity to visit your family, friends who live outside. It is important that dogs get used to being in places they do not know, and above all that they learn to REST in those places.

So, before you think about doing a super-trip with your dog, take day trips, weekend trips to places close to home. So that at any time you can go home without major consequences.

The first trips are normal that are a little chaotic for your dog, is not used to so many changes.

2. Do a Veterinary Checkup on Your Dog Before Traveling.

We think that the mistakes can stand EVERYTHING . and this is not the case, the state of health is going to affect a lot in how the experience lives.

For example, Bongo no longer comes with me to the dog’s ends. It’s too much for him. It is all day pending of me and that does not rest. So, I decided to take only Níspero, he is more independent and knows how to rest even though I am moving to do other things.

So keep in mind, your health and age before deciding to take it with you. I recommend that before going on a big trip you do a checkup at the vet to your dog. Before going to the road to Santiago with Bongo, I did a blood test 🙂.

3. Set the Destination of Your Trip to Your Dog

If you have overcome the above advice and decide that YES! You are going to make this trip with your dog.

Now it’s time to plan the trip with your dog.

It is important that the destination has places where your dog can rest, and also have fun.

That is, there are areas where you can run, discover new scents: forest for example.

I personally would not take my dogs if I know I’m only going to do human tourism. The ideal combination would be NATURE + TOURISM. Your dog will be calm and it will be stimulating for him to walk through a new city as long as he has had his needs met.

Surely you’ve heard me talk about this on occasion, I love teaching my dogs to go to restaurants with me but I’m sure that’s just not what they like most in the world. But THANK YOU can come with me to a restaurant, I can spend the day with them or even travel with them, as in the post that concerns us.

4. Plan Well Where Your Dog Will Sleep

Accommodation is something very important that you will have to have solved before leaving home.

You can go on the adventure, of course, taking your own tent and so you can sleep anywhere.

An example is   Pablo de Bikecanine who sleeps anywhere whenever Jippy (his dog) is with him.

When I was part of the Camino Santiago with my dog Bongo, I booked all accommodation before leaving.

For me, it was important and essential that I sleep in the same place as me. Nothing tied here, locked there … It will depend entirely on the destination that you are going to go. There are countries in which you will not have any problem, in others, you will have them ALL.

Before going to the hotel make a good walk so you do not get nervous.

In our country, there are more and more places where we can go quietly with our dogs but there is still a long way to go.

5. Plan That Your Dog Will Eat During the Trip

At this point, there are as many answers as there are dogs in the room.

First, if your dog has intestinal problems or is very sensitive to changes in diet.

I recommend that you carry your usual diet or find out where you can buy at the destination.

6. Be Prepared for Veterinary Emergencies

I know it may seem a bit ashen, but whenever I travel or spend the day outside, I inform myself of the area’s Emergency Vet.

In addition to carrying my canine kit.

You never know … and when something serious happens we do not have the mind to react. So leave everything ready for action.

In the dog weekend, not only have I notified the emergency veterinarians in the area, but I have even calculated the dosage of some medications for all the dogs that attend. Luckily, and I hope that ALWAYS follows ALWAYS, I have not had to use them.

7. Carry a Canine Kit

I know it’s a hassle and it would be better to go with what’s on, but it can save you from a good one!

Of course, it’s just to get by until you get to the nearest veterinarian.

I pass the list of what I carry in my canine kit:


  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • thermometer: better one of children that has the flexible tip, since this way there will be no danger of it breaking when introducing it in the dog.
  • Wound healing material:

Sterile gauze

Gauze and elastic bandage

Sticking plaster

Cotton on strip

Sterile gloves

  • Disinfectant:

or Alcohol

o Hydrogen peroxide

o Soap

or Iodine

or Chlorhexidine

  • Medicines:

or Urbasón

or Diprogenta

or Blastoestimulin

or Silvederma

  • We could also bring more specific material such as:

o Absorbent dressings

o Small flashlight

o Elastic tape

o Needles

or Thermal blanket

o Splints of different sizes

o Physiological serum.


8. Salvador: The Transporter

If your dog has to be alone at some point it is vital that he is in a place where he feels comfortable and familiar. Once again, the transporter is a luxury! (you take your room with you!).

That’s right! as long as you have taught your dog before the trip. The carrier will help you have a place to let your dog rest wherever you are. In this post, I speak to you that I choose to transport for your dog.

9. Do You Have Travel Insurance That Covers Your Dog?

I know, it seems that everything is going to happen. But it can happen a thousand things!

Hiring a travel insurance for you and your dog can save you from the most surreal situations.

If you come with me on any trip or activity you will be covered by the Liability Insurance that I have with Catalana Occidente.

But if not, it’s great to hire one for days. Investigating on the internet I have found the company that offers a special one for dogs.  I found it very interesting.

10. Plan Activities During Your Stay With Your Dog

Try to find the balance between Activity-Game-Rest. It is very important that the plan be that you have your moments of rest. Once again the transporter can save you :).

Try to make the activities fun for both. It is clear that your dog enjoys walking through a new city, but if that walk includes visiting a park, much better forest!

I love to do tourism with my dog, in fact in the activity ‘Discover Barcelona with your dog’ we are accompanied by a tour guide who makes us get totally into the history of the city. Taking into account that before the dogs have been able to spend energy and do not leave home directly to do the tourist route.

Search for times for:

– Be calm and ‘free’:

-Play with your dog. Whether: tug-of-war, smell, mental games.

-Do nothing: Rest.


Summary: What You Need to Travel With Your Dog

So that you do not forget anything, I have made a list of what I think is important that you carry in your dog’s suitcase.


Passport, vaccination card, veterinary certificate (depending on where you travel), chip documentation.

For your dog’s walk:

Harness, collar with identification plate, strap, poop bag,

For the health of your dog:

Canine kit, coat, raincoat.

To transport your dog:

Carrier, muzzle,

Feeding your dog:

Water (take a large carafe in the car), the Regular meal of your dog (amount for the days you are out), folding and fixed bowl,

To clean your dog:

Towel to dry, wet wipes,

To play with your dog:

olfactory games (olfactory carpet), interactive toys (Kong type), toys to play with you (teether type, edible prizes).


Benefits of Traveling With Dog

Why take it with you?

Is with you! to your dog what he likes the most in the world is to live adventures with you. It is one of the best ways to strengthen the bond with your dog. Also explore new places for your dog is the most, so imagine what it is for your dog to travel to new places.

 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

I noticed a before and after traveling to León with Bongo. We were in the middle stage of delineated canine, and that trip marked us. He united us more.

You know your dog better, for good and for bad. I’m sure you discover the behaviors of your dog that will surprise you, so you can then train.

1. You Explore Outdoor Places

Traveling is knowing countless places, and doing it with your dog will be an experience. Just like you, you will want to discover new places, so let yourself be carried away by your nose and venture through the forest, mountains or beach. 

2. Company 24 Hours a Day

Traveling without a company is a great experience. However, there are many times that you need to feel with someone reliable and what better than having your best friend of 4 legs as an adventure companion, in addition, will be the best guardian. 

3. You Make More Friends

Having a pet is synonymous with attracting people and on a trip, they will help you socialize, especially with local people, who will give you the best tips to know your destination much better. 

4. You Know Places “Pet-Friendly”

Currently, many of the destinations have Pet-Friendly places, you will find restaurants, hotels, or events with different activities. We recommend you check the places that have this feature and ask for requirements to enter with your pet. 

5. You Have “Portable Heating” When Necessary

If you are someone who likes to camp, your dog will be your best companion. In addition to enjoying being outdoors, it will be best to embrace you and not suffer from cold in the changes of temperature. 

6. You Will Not Miss It

Leaving your pet at home or in nurseries always means being with the earring and missing it. Avoid all this process of looking for the right person and take your pet with you, we assure you that you will also enjoy the holidays.

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