10 Cheap & Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

List of the Best Cheap Affordable Honeymoon Destinations: Where to Go for a Honeymoon – the Most Romantic Places. Where to Go for a Honeymoon: Your wedding will be fantastic, for sure! but after months of preparing your big day with some other startle, you will be eager to get lost in some paradise to enjoy a perfect Honeymoon. Still, have not decided where to go?

Where to Go for a Honeymoon? – Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

We want to inspire you with 10 exotic Cheap & Affordable Honeymoon Destinations to spend the most magical evenings of your life. Discover them with us!

1. The Nostalgic Afternoons of Zimbabwe

Eternal romances such as Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in “Memoirs of Africa” need exciting scenarios like the one Zimbabwe offers. This country will fill you with fascinating encounters with nature and offer you the most romantic evenings you can imagine making your Honeymoon perfect. One of the must-sees in Victoria Falls with its impressive waterfall.

Our recommendation is that you stay at the amazing Victoria Falls Hotel, where you will have a luxurious stay. You can round off the trip with a visit to the Hwange National Parkland sign up for one of the many nocturnal safaris. As a final icing, and if you are willing to throw the house out the window, how about a lovely trip aboard the Zambezi Queen by the Chobe River? Beautiful sunsets, magic, and hypnotic views are guaranteed.

2. Infarct Landscapes in the Maldives Islands

Do you want to know what your agenda will be in the Maldives Islands? Relax, sunbathing, water sports, and romantic excursions. The Maldives islands stand out for their underwater landscapes of coral, turning them into the mecca of diving lovers.

This combined with its long beaches of fine white sand, makes them the ideal cocktail to spend the Honeymoon. Our recommendation is a visit to the desert island of Kandolhu, a resort composed of only 30 villas (avoiding crowds!) That combines island life with luxury.

3. Beauty in White and Blue: Santorini

Santorini has become a classic among the destinations to go to Honeymoon and one of the favorites for the most romantic couples. And the sensuality of its shapes and the beautiful combination of its blue and white houses with the sea at its feet make it a unique place. You will be surprised by its volcanic beaches like Perivolos, surrounded by colorful roofs that contrast with the abrupt environment.

But the incredible thing about this small island is the possibility of combining serene afternoons enjoying beautiful sunsets with lively nights of parties where electronic or dance music sessions are common. In this sense the beaches of Perissa and Kamarithey are the most acclaimed If what you are looking for is a paradise with some touches of fun and atmosphere, look no further, this is definitely your destination.

4. An Infallible Classic: Venice

One day the romance became tangible and Venice emerged. This city that emerges from the waters and disappears mysteriously under the tides at nightfall, is a real feast for the senses. To begin with, the routes through its canals are beautiful, and the number of historical and artistic monuments such as the Doge’s Palace, the Basilica of San Marcos the incredible Academy Gallery.

But there are also those casual and impeccable moments that will make you relive it forever, like the simple fact of tasting a pizza in the Campo Santa Margueritta or the visit to the island of Murano with its peculiar glass factories.

5. A Tropical Stay in Punta Cana

Dreamy beaches and unlikely hotels bathed in sun and Dominican rum. Paradise exists and it’s called Punta Cana. If what you want is to forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend your honeymoon resting in an idyllic setting where everything is designed for enjoyment, your plane should land in this place.

To begin, you can stay in one of its many all-inclusive hotels such as the famous Casa de Campo, accessing fantastic beaches, dazzling pools, and parties just steps from your room. But this region hides beautiful places such as the Altos de Chavon villa of a singular medieval style, or the Samana peninsula with its spectacle of humpback whales. Delicious corners waiting to be conquered by your curiosity.

6. The Rarities of Mongolia

Mongolia awaits with many secrets and emotions couples who want their honeymoon to be out of the ordinary. Our recommendation is to travel in the months of July and August, when the weather is sunny and when you can also participate in the unique festival of Nadaam, one of the most genuine experiences you can find.

Although the capital, Ulan Batar does not have a special attraction, from it you can access one of the most popular visits: the Gorkhi- Terelj National Park, but, since you have arrived in Mongolia, you should be seduced by the Gobi Desert and dare with a camel excursion through its dunes.

7. Extreme Cold in the Perito Moreno, Argentina

If, as newlyweds, the winter is blowing on you and the frozen landscapes where you can look for the warm embrace of your orange half, here is a spectacular place: the Perito Moreno. This incredible gift of nature is located south of Los Glaciares National Park and covers about 30km long and 60km high.

To be able to appreciate it, from the National Park there are excursions and trips in ideal boats to see their ice landscapes and their incomprehensible blue formations. You can complete the visit with other glaciers such as Upsala, Spegazzini, or Bolanos.

8. The Sweet Waters of Kerala

Beyond the electric lights and the continuous buzzing of the big cities, Kerala has the gift of the recondite and genuine. Two beautiful experiences could mark the beginning of your new life together. The first, to travel through the waters of the rural part of Kerala in Kettuballam, a squat traditional boat of Jack’s wooden planks joined with coconut fibers.

The second, take a trip to one of the many sanctuaries, such as the Wild Life of Neyyar, a reserve of ancient medicinal herbs where more than a hundred exotic species like Asian elephants coexist. Will you be able to return to your city after knowing Eden?

9. The Wonders of Cape Town

Cape Town, also known as the mother city of South Africa, has an elf and the newlyweds who choose it as a destination to spend their honeymoon will not regret it. Perhaps the soul of this city resides in the Table Mountain, named one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, which can be explored on foot or by means of a cable car.

Anyway, its panoramas are indescribable. Perhaps the secret of the charm that transpires Cape Town is in the neighborhood of Boo Kaap that bathes the slope of Signal Hill with its vibrant colors. What is clear is that this city captivates even the most experienced travelers, what better way to go with that person with whom you want to share each of the minutes of your life?

10. An Encounter With the Exotic: Vietnam

Only once will you share this trip of newlyweds together. How about giving yourself the whim of spending a few days in Vietnam? Imagine cycling through coastal cities like Hoy An, which mixes the most traditional architecture with curious touches of modernity.

What’s more, how about staying a few days in the unique and exclusive resort that is located on the beach of Nha Trang? We want to finish our list with the splendid Evason Ana Mandara a unique place that displays all kinds of luxuries to enjoy the exoticism of this place that we previously called the Cochinchina.