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The 6 Best Most Beautiful Villages in France

Most Beautiful Villages in France: It is no coincidence that the Gallic country is the most visited in the world. We show you some of the reasons: the six most beautiful villages in France.

Most Beautiful Villages in France
Most Beautiful Villages in France

From Paris, its imposing and majestic capital, to its remote villages, passing through the cosmopolitan coastal cities, the Gallic country offers us so many possibilities that it is almost impossible to reach. But what about the most precious prints? We offer you an authentic postcard guide: the six most beautiful villages in France.

The 6 Most Beautiful Villages in France

Most Beautiful Villages in France

France is the most visited country in the world and receives almost 90 million tourists throughout the year. If you want to become one of them, take good note of these six fairytale destinations.

1. Barfleur

We started our journey north, far north. Right in the Canal de la Mancha is Barfleur, a tiny coastal town of just over 600 inhabitants. From the middle of the eleventh century, the city became a national reference since it was one of the ports of direct communication with the British Isles.

Most Beautiful Villages in France
Most Beautiful Villages in France

An image worthy of contemplation is the arrival of the fishing barges to port when the afternoon begins to fall and the shadows lengthen on the horizon. In addition, the area has been adapted to the influx of tourists and the entire promenade is dotted with small bars and traditional bars.

Here, it is mandatory to try their famous wild mussels, a delicacy difficult to find, since the fishing of this mollusk in free waters is less and less frequent. If you dare to visit Barfleur in summer, cooked with cream or seafood is an authentic delicacy.

An ideal excursion! Do not forget to visit the Punta de Barfleur, where the second highest lighthouse in France is located. Nothing more and nothing less than 71 meters!

2. Riquewhir

Most Beautiful Villages in France
Most Beautiful Villages in France

Surrounded by vineyards on all sides, almost all the town rises from typical Alsatian houses, that is, combining wood, stone and floral decoration on facades and balconies.

The old medieval city conserves great part of its impressive wall, reason why the locality has two well-differentiated parts. Reaching the old part through one of its porticos will seem like a trip back in time.

3. Vezelay

Most Beautiful Villages in France
Most Beautiful Villages in France

It is a historic village epicenter of ancient Christianity, marked by its unique basilica. The construction is of Romanesque style and an architectural emblem of the time. Originally an abbey, it is currently the starting point of the  Lemovicensis path, one of the four French roads of the Camino de Santiago.

If you have in mind to make the millennial step, this is a fabulous option. A total of 1878 kilometers to the Galician capital!

The whole town is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and you will notice that centennial aroma in every corner.


Most Beautiful Villages in France
Most Beautiful Villages in France

Once again we return to the eastern border in our search for the most beautiful villages in France, to meet this time with Yvoire, a few kilometers from the Swiss city of Geneva.

This medieval village is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Geneva, with stunning views of the Alps. Its charm lies in its original urbanism, designed by the very Amadeo de Saboya and whose characteristics have survived over the years. Nowadays it looks more like a theme park than a real town.

Yvoire retains the charm of yesteryear, but also its traditions. One of the most recommended visits here is the Garden of the Five Senses, an example of the passion of its inhabitants for flowers and plants. An attraction for all the senses that can only be enjoyed between the months of April and October.

If you have the opportunity, visit Yvoire in spring or summer, because the winter here is really hard and many of your activities and visits are restricted during those months.

5. The Roque-Gageac

Most Beautiful Villages in France
Most Beautiful Villages in France

This town in the Aquitaine region evokes the most romantic landscapes among the most beautiful villages in France. It is a village of about 500 inhabitants on the banks of the Dordogne River and at the foot of an imposing cliff.

La Roque-Gageac houses human settlements since prehistoric times, so it is a place that challenges time. In the decade of the 50, a huge stone fell off the cliff, crushing the town and forcing it to rebuild almost completely.

See the barges go downstream, floating on its calm waters, is an exercise of relaxation and tranquility.

In La Roque-Gageac the houses, as if sprinkled on the mountain, merge with nature in shapes and colors. An amazing stamp!

Do not miss the magnificent garden of exotic species that adorns the town or the possibility of descending the river in one of its legendary traditional boats.

6. Cordes-sur-Ciel

Most Beautiful Villages in France
Most Beautiful Villages in France

How to touch the sky, almost literally. We finish our tour a little more to the south, in the Midi-Pyrenees, where this mystical town of 1000 inhabitants is located, surrounded by legends and mysteries. And it is no wonder, seeing its location: as in the past, at the time of conquests and battles, on top of a hill with a castle and a wall around it.

The most well-known image of the town can be enjoyed in the autumn when it rises above the dense morning fog as if levitate above the same sky. This has turned it into a tourist attraction almost overflowed, but it is really worth it. Just as it is worth the effort: access requires considerable effort by climbing its altitude.

But if you plan to make your trip to France on other dates, do not worry. Its charm is enjoyed equally and also the spring and summer months have an absolutely Mediterranean climate, soft and pleasant.

For many, including the Gauls themselves, Cordes-sur-Ciel is at the top of the most beautiful villages in France.

Most Beautiful Villages in France

What do you think about our tour of the most beautiful villages in France? Have we made a good selection? Remember that you can follow our recommendations and set up your custom trip with our Trip Finder tool. Choose destination, dates, flights, hotels and budget … and travel!

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