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5 Best Moments of American Music Awards 2018 Not to Forget

Best Moments of American Music Awards 2018: From Taylor Swift breaking ALL the records to Tracee Ellis Ross dressed in flamenco from Whatsapp: this was the best of the AMAs.

Best Moments of American Music Awards 2018

Last night the most prestigious music awards were held in the United States -no, not the Grammys-, the American Music Awards (AMAs). The musical event that most rewards relevance and quality – not so much the commercial spirit – managed to reunite the true stars in the Microsoft Theater of Los Angeles and left many images and moments for the memory. Starting, of course, for Taylor Swift, who showed that she is still the queen of absolutely everything without the help of social networks, which has almost been abandoned for months. We start!

Best Moments of American Music Awards 2018

Taylor Swift- Breaking All the Records of the AMAs

1. Taylor Swift- Breaking All the Records of the AMAs

It was expected to Joe Alwyn, his discreet partner for more than a year ago, accompanying her on such an important night. But Taylor preferred to go alone and to talk about her musical merits and not about her boyfriend and how good they are together. Brava! Thus, broke all possible records in this awards ceremony taking 4 AMAs home: Tour of the Year, Favorite Album, Favorite Female Artist and Artist of the Year. These 4 joined the 19 he had already at home of previous editions reaching the figure of 23 awards, surpassing the record previously held by Whitney Houston as the most awarded of the AMAs.

No, I did not need Joe to talk about her last night.

Amber Heard- THE BEAUTY

2. Amber Heard- THE BEAUTY

She is not a singer, she is not a dancer, she has no apparent relationship with music. But it is also one of the stars that give more brilliance to red carpets for its innate beauty and classic elegance. With a risky Ralph & Russo dress- her neckline was pure vertigo-a simple wet hairstyle and makeup focused on a very intense look, reminded us that classic Glamor still exists. But in a desirable contemporary version.

Halsey- the Most Desired Pink

3. Halsey- the Most Desired Pink

The singer has just determined what will be the most desired hair color of this season: the pink with golden touches. Coordinated with her dress, it is a tone with such delicacy that we do not know whether to run out to the hairdresser to ask for it. How can it be so flattering?

Tracee Ellis Ross- The Best Hostess

4. Tracee Ellis Ross- The Best Hostess (And the Most Demanding)

The actress, of 45 years, returned to be the presenter of this gala for the second consecutive year confirming herself as the character that the designers most want to wear. Who was the best dressed of the Emmys on their own merits, took many looks throughout the night and almost all of them had a peculiarity: they were African-American designers. Our favorite, of course, one that he used to present one of the prizes and that reminded us powerfully of the WhatsApp flamenco, by Lavie by CK.

Cardi B

5. Cardi B- because MORE and MORE

Red carpets are, first of all, a fantasy. It can be the most elegant, the best dressed, the most stylish, the one that has all the tendencies … But it is also a place to dream, for excesses and for fun. So Cardi B has managed not to talk about his beef with Nicki Minaj at the expense of a spectacular look signed by Dolce & Gabbana that reminded us that, sometimes, a little bit of eccentricity is appreciated.


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