Trump Urges Stop-and-frisk Policing to Stop Violence in Chicago

Trump Urges Stop-and-frisk Policing to Stop Violence in Chicago. Tonight is scheduled to swear in the capital Brett Kavanaugh as the new judge of the Supreme Court of the United States

Stop Violence in Chicago

President Donald Trump urged the Justice Department today to intervene to stop the violence in Chicago through the controversial policy known as “Stop & Frisk” (stop and requisition) during the forum of the International Association of Police Chiefs held in Orlando, Florida).

Trump said in his speech that he has ordered the office of the country’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, “to go immediately to the great city of Chicago to help correct the terrible wave of shootings.”

“It does not make sense what is happening there,” Trump said during a brief visit to Orlando.

Tonight he plans to swear in the capital to Brett Kavanaugh as the new judge of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Trump defended the policy “Stop & Frisk”, which has been questioned by Civil society in the country to consider that it lends itself to discrimination against minorities by the authorities.

She pointed out that this policy “works” and can be applied “correctly” and she gave as an example what Rudy Giuliani did with her when he was mayor of New York.

“It works and is aimed at problems like those in Chicago,” said Trump, who said his priority is to protect police officers.

The president, who criticized the press and the Democrats, said that those politicians who “propagate a feeling against the police” make the work of the uniformed men “more dangerous”.

After paying tribute to a group of police officers recognized for their bravery, he also indicated that the Democratic congressmen are not securing the necessary resources to strengthen the forces of law and order.

The president traveled to Florida in the company of the vice attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, amid rumors about his possible departure from the government.

However, the president said today that he does not plan to fire him.

The president also criticized the legal efforts of the Chicago municipal government against the presidential directive that seeks to reduce federal funds to cities that offer sanctuary to the undocumented and do not collaborate with the immigration authorities in programs that are not mandatory.

Official statistics indicate that 2016 was one of the most violent years in Chicago in the last two decades, with 771 homicides, and that in 2017 the figure was reduced to 650.

Last March, Chicago registered the thirteenth consecutive month of decline in violence rates, with 25% fewer homicides compared to the same month last year.


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