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Singer Promise 1409 Review & Opinions 2019

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Singer Promise 1409 Machine

Singer Promise 1409: Welcome to our guide on the Singer Promise 1409 sewing machine! Singer Promise 1409 is presented as a simple and basic sewing machine, recommended only for sporadic uses at home and especially for beginners.

Singer Promise 1409 Review & Opinions

Its limited functions do not make it a good option for the professional field. Its design is very simple and unattractive, but its low price, its multiple accessories and its ease of use, make it a perfect sewing machine for buyers who do not require high demands.

Technical Characteristics of Singer Promise 1409

The sewing machine Singer Promise 1409 is a fairly simple model, ideal for people who are starting in the world of machine sewing. It has everything you need to start sewing easily, easily and efficiently. In white, this machine offers a simple and visually unattractive design.

It has up to 15 sewing programs, as well as an automatic wire feeder and thread tension regulator of manual type. This sewing machine has dimensions of 22 x 41 x 35 cm and a weight of 6 kilos. That is, it is a heavy product and it takes a lot, not being advisable to carry it from one place to another.

The Singer Promise 1409 sewing machine includes numerous and useful accessories to make sewing effective, easy and of high quality. It has soft cover for the machine, instruction manual, zipper foot, foot for buttonholes, foot buttons, needles, coils, darning plate, screwdriver and opener.

It is a perfect machine for home use, especially for beginners or people looking for a simple model to use. Note that the stitch width is variable between 0 and 5 mm, while the stitch length is variable between 0 and 4 mm. It is capable of sewing with great precision and accuracy, achieving optimal results.

It is also worth noting that the presser foot pressure adjustment is fully automatic. The manufacturing materials, despite their low cost, are quite solid, resistant and durable, with good finishes. This does not mean that with blows or scratches the machine can not be damaged, so you have to be careful.

Singer Promise 1409 is a sewing machine that has a compartment to store your accessories. In this way, they will always be perfectly localized, avoiding losing any of them. If anything Singer Promise 1409 is characterized by its uniform and linear sewing movement.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Very simple and easy to use sewing machine, perfect for beginners
  • Includes numerous and useful accessories for sewing
  • Perfect for sewing virtually any fabric, including thick fabrics, such as jeans
  • Functional, practical and versatile, so that its use is not a nuisance
  • Materials of manufacture quite resistant for its low cost
  • It has a pedal to ensure a much more comfortable and easy operation
  • Ideal for domestic sewing, as well as making crafts and own creations
  • This product includes instruction manual in Spanish
  • It has light to facilitate the sewing and to see without problems the stitches
  • The cost of this sewing machine is very tight and affordable to all pockets
  • Perfectly fulfills the expected expectations


  • It’s quite large, so it takes up a lot of space when it’s time to store it
  • It is a heavy machine, so it is expensive to transport from one place to another
  • Although it includes instruction manual it is very brief, and it is not very useful
  • It is slightly noisy compared to other models of similar range
  • The functionalities offered are very basic, but quite complete

Questions and Answers from Customers

  • Is this sewing machine capable of hemming jeans?

Yes, it allows to do hems perfectly.

  • I would like to know if this sewing machine can make eyelets, since for me it is indispensable.

Yes, this model can make eyelets. In the instructions it tells you how to do them.

  • Is the bobbin winding automatic?

Yes, the winding is automatic. Although when I made the first tap I had to loosen one of the screws in the holder to be able to adjust it perfectly.

  • Are you able to sew elastic canvas?

This sewing machine is able to sew elastic canvas without problems, as long as it is not too stiff and thick.

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