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Keep Your Pets Safe During A Storm – Weather Tips to Keep Pets Safe

Keep Your Pets Safe During A Storm: With the first tropical storm of the season planned for the east coast of Mexico, PETA is offering important tips to help ensure the safety of pets for this storm and the rest of the hurricane season. Please inform your audience of the following information, which can help save the lives of cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets that need to be included in the hurricane and other disaster preparedness plans:

Pets Safe During A Storm

Recommendations to Safeguard Pets During the Tropical Storm

* Keep the animals inside. Never leave them chained or confined on the outside. If you seek shelter within your residence, include any rabbit, dog, cat or other animals that may remain indoors.

* If you need to move to a safer place, know your destination in advance. Although emergency shelters sometimes do not allow pets, motels in the area often accept dogs, cats, and other small animals in an emergency. Do not attempt to leave animals unsupervised inside a car, they may suffer from heat stroke when the ambient temperature exceeds 21 ° C, even if they have water available and the windows are slightly open, or the car can be flipped or crushed during a strong storm.

* Transport small animals in safe animal carriers and keep dogs on leashes. Terrible sounds and strange environments can make them react violently. Bring water and food containers, your favorite toy, a blanket, a towel, and enough food for at least a week.

* Place microchips on the animals and make them carry safe and legible identification plates.

* Protect other animals in need, including stray and abandoned by neighbors. If you see an animal in danger and can not help you, write down your location and call the authorities for help immediately.

Winds and heavy rain, thunder and lightning that illuminate and make the whole sky rumble. Yes, storms can be a traumatic experience for some of us. Imagine how they should be for dogs, regardless of race or age.

What Can We Do to Make to Keep Pets Safe During A Storm?

1.- Provide a Safe Haven

Dogs instinctively want to hide when something awful happens, so offering your dog a little house is the perfect solution and can help alleviate your anxiety. You can put blankets and toys in your house to make you feel more welcoming.

2.- Natural Therapies

If your pet suffers from severe anxiety, there are medications that you could consider giving with the consent of the veterinarian. However, there are natural remedies that we recommend you try first, such as chewing a painkiller. Bach flower extracts and lavender oil are natural alternatives that you can try but always asking the veterinarian about dosage and administration.

Pets Safe During A Storm

3.- Professional Help

If the phobia towards your dog’s storms is serious, it would be best to talk with the veterinarian about anti-anxiety medications. Although most pet owners would not like to come to this option, we should consider if the dog is suffering. We can also request help from a professional coach. Each dog reacts differently to each method so it would be best to deal with as many methods as necessary until finding one that works for our pet.

4.- Stay With Your Pet

Many pet owners do not want to comfort their pets with the risk of reinforcing the fearful behavior of the dog. But a strong storm is not the time to leave your pet alone. Since dogs are domestic animals, it is natural that they want to be with their families in a stressful event. Gentle massage and a quiet conversation can help you stay calm during the storm.

Pets and Snow

Furry ones also need attention and care during cold days. In the winter season, there are many things that we must be aware of so as not to suffer any inconvenience. However, between work, routine and daily occupations we tend to put aside the needs of our pets.

We remind you of some key tips for caring for your dog when you are in the middle of a storm.

Pets Safe During A Storm

What to Do During a Snowstorm

1. Keep your pets inside the home, and always on a leash if they must leave. The key is to keep the animals safe, warm and indoors, but sometimes it becomes necessary to go out to get fresh air. If you take a quick walk around your urbanization (no more than 10 minutes). The snow sometimes makes the landscape unfamiliar to the canines, ensures your pet on a leash so they do not escape or get confused on the way. For short-haired animals, a sweater does not hurt. Short, frequent walks are better than a long walk during the day.

2. Do not use an electric blanket. If your pet cools, do not increase your body temperature too fast. Take them to a warm and dry place, with a regular blanket if necessary. Electric blankets can burn or rub with soft spots that suffer from frostbite, so avoid them completely.

3. Observe the gums and/or if there are pale or blue spots on the skin. These are telltale signs that your pet is too cold. They will also be cold to the touch, and probably show signs of weakness. Once again, take the pet to a warm, dry place to warm it slowly. Cats will probably look for a warm place, including hidden places like a car engine, so keep them indoors and make sure they are inside it before you go to bed.

4. Avoid garages. Keep your pets out of the garage as they may contain filtered antifreeze or other toxic substances.

5. Keep them entertained. The fact that you can not leave does not mean that your pet can not exercise. If you have space, throw around a Nerf ball or teach them a new trick. Give your pet a lot of attention, you do not want them to feel frustrated.

6. Provide plenty of clean and fresh water . Especially if you are heading for a short walk in the fresh air, give your pet a lot of fresh water so he does not try to hydrate himself with the baby. This could contain chemicals or dirt.

7. Clean your legs after outdoor activity. Be sure to remove any toxic de-icing residue from your pet’s legs. The use of furry boots can help keep them clean and warm.

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