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50+ Best Happy Halloween Quotes – [Messages & Wishes]

Happy Halloween Quotes

Happy Halloween Quotes: At last the day of terror and fear has arrived, the day of the scares and the “trick or treat”, and what better to have at hand some fun and funny words to send by Whatsapp or share on Facebook or Tumblr the best regards original to wish a happy day of the living dead, and that’s why today we offer you the best compilations for adults and children of beautiful Happy Halloween imagesmessages, and Quotes of Halloween. The best short and long individual and collective dedications, in English … Enjoy!

Happy Halloween Quotes
Happy Halloween Quotes

Funny Happy Halloween Quotes

  • After so many hours thinking about what disguise to wear, I thought that the best thing would be the disguise of a farmer, a farmer who sows panic. Do not laugh because for once you’re not going to stand out on the street without wearing a costume
  • I would like to do a night out because I have very diabolical plans in my mind. We could bite the spellbound apple and stay all night trapped in a great spell of beautiful love.
  • They comment that there is a party in honor of the village witches. Do you want us to bring you a gift? I hope that after these words at least we are still friends by Whatsapp.
  • I wish you enjoy a happy Halloween! Try to avoid being carried away by ghosts, but above all, avoid meeting me on this dark night. I will be thirsty for blood, for rich and juicy blood.
  • They say that on Halloween nights those people who do not believe in her at midnight will see monsters and creatures in her bed. And you? Do you believe in Halloween?
  • I’ll stay with you tonight with the excuse that nothing bad happens to you. And if witches, monsters, creatures or demons come, I’ll have a great excuse to hug you.
  • I’m sick of seeing Halloween costumes on social networks, I’m tired of seeing funny Quotes and messages … You really do not know what you can get to suffer tonight …
  • You will see how tonight I will not be who I appear to be, I can have fun and make you scream loudly : UNTIL DEATH.
  • Tonight everything will be calmer than any Halloween night, tonight you will not hear so much murmur and surely no one will knock at your door. And if they call … Then you will understand why everything was calm.
  • I think the perfect night to play … What do you think if you do that you’re afraid and I hug you? Happy Halloween day!
  • This night do not be scared if I show up and you do not see me as usual … You really do not get scared, because where I’ll take you we’ll treat you very well jo jo jo . Happy and dark day!
  • You could use a disguise as a witch, but do not try to be a witch. You already do it very well the other 364 days of the year. Happy day of the living dead!
  • To you, my favorite vampire, on this day so thirsty for blood I want to wish you happiness and fun, and to make this day a macabre unforgettable day.
  • Happy Halloween day to all the vampires, all the little witches, and all the mutant species and monsters that read these words. Enjoy your last hours of life!
  • I did not become a devil on this day, I became a devil when I started being in your circle of friendship. Happy day of trick or treat! Both for adults and children!
  • I’ve been waiting so long for this day as the good and bad witches who come to make this night very uneasy but happy. Happy Halloween everyone!
  • I’ve been preparing all the spells all year to bewitch you and fill you with love, I’m sure that after tonight you’ll only know how to be happy by my side, jo.
  • Today is one of those days that I highlight red on the calendar … And why red? It is something that nobody has ever told, but you want to never get to know why. Good night!

Happy Halloween Quotes in English

Happy Halloween Quotes

  • Happy Halloween! I wish you enjoyed this long-awaited day, I also wish you could enjoy what may be your last hours of life. – Happy Halloween! I wish you enjoy this long-awaited day, I also wish you could enjoy what may be your last hours of life.
  • I’ve been improving all my spells all year, I’m sure after tonight you’ll just want to stay with me. Happy Halloween’s day love! – I’ve been improving all my love spells all year, I’m sure after tonight you’ll just want to stay with me. Happy Halloween’s day love!
  • You will believe that it is just another day, that everything they tell about a day cursed by witches, vampires, and devils is a lie, but not one of those who suffered that truth while still alive have dared to confess that jo jo jo happened! Happy night of the living dead! – You will believe that it is only one more day, that everything they tell about a day cursed by witches, vampires, and devils is a lie, but no one of those who suffered that truth while still alive has dared to confess that  Happy night of the living dead!
  • I’m looking forward to tonight so you’ll be scared and find us in the dark … I’m so eager for you to hug me full of panic, I just think about calm you down with kisses. Happy Halloween! – I’m waiting for you tonight because you’ll be scared and we’ll meet in the dark… I’m so anxious that you hug me full of panic, I just think about calm down with kisses. Happy Halloween!
  • Happy day of trick or treat! I hope we both have the good fortune to be alive tomorrow to celebrate that once again we can enjoy our friendship again. – Happy day of trick or treat! I hope we both have the good fortune to be alive tomorrow to celebrate that once again we can enjoy our friendship again.

Happy Halloween Quotes Tumblr

Happy Halloween Quotes

  • Love, tonight I would like you to disguise yourself as a devil and take me to your particular hell.
  • All these images with Quotes of fear, more than fear, I produce a lot of grace. Sincerely: Asmodeus.
  • I have planned to disguise myself for you this Halloween, so I make sure that everyone will be horrified when they see me.
  • I thought that this Halloween we could disguise as boyfriends, we would not scare, but we would have a great time.
  • Enjoy this day, and especially fear the children. Be good and enjoy!

Happy Halloween Quotes for children

Happy Halloween Quotes

  • You are my favorite little witch because whenever I have needed you, you have appeared by magic. Happy Halloween!
  • Today is the day of the witches, but it is also the day of all the monsters that are always hiding out to greet you. Happy Halloween!
  • Happy Halloween to all the children who have been waiting for this date for a whole year, to be happy and have fun amid costumes and candies
  • Today is the day where the adults enjoy your fear, but it is really a fun day to enjoy. Be happy and enjoy! Happy Halloween!
  • I know it’s Halloween it’s a day of monsters, devils, fierce creatures, and witches, but I think it’s me you really should be afraid of.

Greetings from the Day of the Witches

  • On this beautiful night, I would like you to come for a ride on my broom. But do not be afraid because nothing bad can happen to you when you are already dead. Enjoy this day, and take care in the dark because something very bad can happen.
  • Toad eyes, watermelon substance, deer ears, and joy, this is the secret bit that will bewitch you to be happy all day. Happy Halloween!

  • Happy day of the witches, today my greetings are intended for adults and children, with the hope and desire to enjoy this special day.
  • At last, the day of the witches has arrived, and I have been able to observe that many people have not needed to change their profile picture. Happy and fun Halloween day!
  • Halloween is a day to enjoy with family and friends, Halloween is a day to be afraid and live that different but beautiful feeling. Enjoy this Halloween day because it will be the last one you live

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