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50+ Best Happy Halloween Love Quotes – [Messages & Wishes]

Halloween Love Quotes Messages Wishes: The last day of October has become a custom to celebrate the day of the witches, the reason is to spend a moment of healthy fun, with costumes of demonic beings, monsters, witches, undead, etc.

What better than you and your partner decide to celebrate this special date together and make a good pair sharing the jokes and wearing costumes that are very similar.

halloween love quotes

We are sure that the parties will not be missing and if they will not go to any they can celebrate the night of witches in the privacy of a room. On this occasion, we have prepared some fun phrases that you can express to your partner and that we invite you to download for free from this website.

Download beautiful Happy Halloween Love Quotes Messages Wishes send to my love for Whatsapp:

  • :: “Do not fear this Haloween night because instead of frightening you I will put on a very sexy costume to hit you. Happy day of the witches, my love! “
  • :: “Some people say that you must have charmed me with your charms because I only have eyes for you. I do not care what others think and the only thing I want is for this spell to end. Let’s celebrate Halloween, my sweet little witch! “
  • ::”I want to be like out of a fairy tale, we will bite together with the enchanted apple and we will be trapped in a spell of love. Happy Halloween, my King! “
  • :: “Although tonight you have decided to dress as a little witch for me, you are still a charming girl who, in costume or not, will always have me spellbound. I love my heaven and let’s have the best Halloween day. “
  • :: Since we are a couple we must put on costumes that complement each other so tonight I will disguise myself as the sleeping beauty and you will be my prince charming. “
  • :: “You do not need to break your head thinking what costume you will wear this night of witches, you have a natural charm that is capable of bewitching any mortal. Let me be the one who disguises as a prince to combine with your beauty. “
  • :: “Tonight there will be people everywhere disguised as zombies, monstrous beings but do not worry because I will dress like a hero to defend whoever wants to terrorize you”.
  • :: “Honey, I’ve seen how you’re worried about looking like a real monster, but I’ll always see you with little eyes in love and you’ll always be the most beautiful being. Happy Halloween, chubby! “
  • :: “On this day of the witches you will see yourself very sexy with that hat and that transparent black tunic that will reveal your fabulous curves”.
  • :: “Today I will disguise myself as a superhero who will come to save all those who live in terror on Halloween night, get ready my queen that I am going for you”.

Happy Halloween Quotes

  • :: “My Queen, tonight we will make a perfect pair, I with my other kilos and my brown vest can look like Sherk and you with your long dress will be my Fiona”.
  • :: “If you feel a noise outside your window do not be afraid that I am trying to enter your balcony as if it were Count Dracula who comes to possess you.”
  • :: “My Queen, what do you think if you disguise yourself as a beautiful princess and I as a prince who must break the charm by filling you with thousands of kisses”.
  • :: “I love that you want to disguise yourself as an enchanted princess who waits for the arrival of her prince charming, who will appear in the middle of a Halloween night to look for her beloved and kiss her so that you wake up of your charm”.
  • :: “Let’s put on our costumes, go out into the streets to scare people and ask like two children to give us our sweets. Let’s enjoy Halloween tonight. “
  • We hope that some of these phrases on the occasion of celebrating the day of witches fill your fantasy imagination to share it with your partner.

Search funny Happy Halloween Love Quotes Messages Wishes

Halloween Love Messages
Halloween Love Messages
  • Halloween, or Halloween, is a holiday in which children and adults dress up and go out, children ask for sweets, and adults go to a party.
  • You do not have to believe in this celebration, which we all know has a rather dark origin and related to the spiritual, because currently it is only seen as a holiday that is used, like most, as an excuse to have fun.
  • And since jokes are very common on this day, we want to share with you some funny phrases so you can tell them to your friends or share them on your social networks so that they can reach more and more people who see in this day a good resource of fun.

Download beautiful Happy Halloween Love Quotes Messages Wishes:

  • :: “My friend, you know how much I appreciate you, that’s why I feel obliged to ask you to put on your mask until the night during the party. What? You still have not put it on? “
  • :: “If you do not go out to give us candy, we will not throw eggs at your door, but we’ll write cheap with phosphorescent letters, huh. It’s good that we’re thirty, but we want our candy. “
  • :: “Sweeping, or is it that the engine does not start? Happy day, precious witch! “
  • :: “My dear friend, I already have the hair of your brother, the eyes of your uncle and the legs of your boyfriend. What, was not it? Ah, it’s okay, I’ve only replaced it with the closest thing there was: cat hair, rat eyes and toad legs. “
  • :: “Happy Halloween, my friend! How good it has been on the Day of the witches, so it will be worth it if you’ve been with the costume all year. “
  • :: “And the winner of the Halloween costume contest is you. If you. For having disguised you in the most original and horrible way that you could have come up with: of yourself. Happy Witches’ Day, friend! “
  • :: “Sorry, pal, this year you can not win the Halloween costume contest. Oh no, not because you have not come in disguise, but because professionals are not accepted. Happy day friend! Smile!”.

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Happy Halloween Love Quotes

  • :: “Happy birthday … I mean, happy Halloween, little brother! It is that you are very ugly. No lie, my ‘little monster’. Ya, ya, I will not bother you more frightful and tender creature. Well, at least you’re cute. Thanks. “
  • :: “I am happy and scared because on a day like today two children were born: one precious and one horrible. I, all beautiful and chubby, and my younger brother. “
  • :: “Happy Halloween to all the monsters of my friends and their girlfriends who are very beautiful. How did they get involved with these guys who are uglier than hunger?
  • :: “The night is approaching and with her, from the infernos, a whole mob of horrifying and tenebrous beings arrives. Oh, hello, dad, mom, brothers … “
  • :: “The world of monsters is so familiar to me, that’s why, friends, I’m not afraid of you. So, calm down, I’ve seen worse things in my life, I’m used to it. “
  • :: “The werewolves are coming. Okay, mom, I will not say that to werewolves any more. Now, that’s the last time I call hom … my cousins. “
  • :: “Today I will be a sweet little princess and I will kiss my boyfriend to see if he once becomes a prince. It’s already been about ten months when I kissed him and nothing to change. “
  • :: “What a good disguise, brother! And to think that all the year I have seen you, but only today I notice that it combines with everything “.

The Halloween party arrives and, aside from dressing up and spending the night asking for candy or at a party, it’s an excellent idea to play pranks on friends and family. We do not offend if we put a kind tone and do not make fun of their shortcomings, but we laugh with them. We can accompany the joke with a hug so that it is taken with better spirits and more laughter. Have a great time!

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Original Halloween messages to send to your friends

  • Halloween is a terrifying and at the same time very fun date of the year. That day you can make jokes to whoever you want, the idea is to get a good scare. This date is celebrated in several countries of the world with great success, that if you must choose the most terrifying joke that comes to mind.
  • Many young people dress up and celebrate Halloween at fun parties. The little ones ask for candies in the neighborhood, always accompanied by their parents.
  • Below you will find excellent messages that you can send to your friends on Halloween, you know enjoy this party with your friends, starting with a frightening message.

Download free cute Happy Halloween Love Quotes Messages Wishes

Halloween Love Quotes

  • :: If a child asks for candy for a Halloween, tell him he will find many in the cemetery.
  • :: If you walk in the moonlight on this Halloween night, you will surely see the silhouette of a witch on her broom laughing because the world celebrates the night when the living and the dead are mixed.
  • :: This message goes to all those who like Halloween. Have a great time next to the werewolf, dance without stopping with the ugliest witch and take a picture with the most naughty ghost, upload it to Facebook and scare anyone.
  • :: Tonight finally leaving the house quiet my love … no problems! Live Halloween!
  • :: Happy Halloween to my little monster. I love you!
  • :: Happy Halloween! Do you want to come with me on my broom, my love?
  • :: Tonight I will be your witch! For you, I’m going to do the magic of disappearing …… happy?
  • :: Halloween is a night of fear and fun: you know, it would be better for everyone … that you do not go out and scare others … Happy Halloween
  • :: I found out that you are going to do a Halloween party in honor of the witches … Do we have to take you a gift?

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  • :: One moment … I prepare for the party. Not everyone is lucky to always be ready as you. Happy Halloween
  • :: My love … tonight I would like you to be a devil to enter my hell …
  • :: Happy Halloween! Remember: Do not waste too much time on the mask … just a hairstyle and you’re ready!
  • :: Give me a moment that I should disguise myself. You are so perfect … do not do anything …, just do not forget the broom … Happy Halloween
  • :: Friend calls me urgent. There was a broom accident there is a witch very hurt. I’d like to know if you’re okay? Happy Halloween.!
  • :: A bold baby saw wings and asks God, Diosito, I’m a little angel, right? And God, you answer him, not my son! .You are happy little bats Halloween day!
  • :: Halloween is the party of the monsters …, then, it’s your night: Enjoy!

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