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Alfa NEXT 40 Spring Machine

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Alfa NEXT 40 Spring Machine

Welcome to our guide on the Alfa NEXT 40 Spring sewing machine! Alfa NEXT 40 Spring is undoubtedly a more advanced model than Alfa NEXT 30 Spring, so it is indicated for people looking for a sewing machine with greater features and functions.

Being a superior model, also its price is higher, so we must assess whether it is worth paying more for a better machine or if the most basic model is sufficient.

High performance, multiple accessories, ease of use and careful design. In short, a good purchase if you want to get away from the most basic machines.

Technical Characteristics of Alfa NEXT 40 Spring

The Alfa NEXT 40 Spring sewing machine is a great ally for those looking for a more complete machine than the basic models, but it is not a professional model either. This sewing machine offers up to 25 different stitch programs to choose from, including 5 festoons.

It offers double presser foot height for thick fabrics and automatic 4-stroke eyelet. The zig-zag width varies from 0 to 5 mm, while the stitch length varies from 0 to 4 mm.

This model combines the sky blue color with the white color in a compact machine, not excessively heavy and with perfect finishes.

Alfa NEXT 40 Spring has a modern design, careful, colorful and with sober touches. Their manufacturing materials, despite not being first class, are of a high quality, resistant and robust. Although robust, it is advisable to be careful and not to give it any kind of blows so as not to damage or scratch it.

It has dimensions of 37 x 19 x 30 cm, while its weight is only 5 kilos, less than many models of the same range. Like the previous model, Alfa NEXT 40 Spring is characterized by providing users with a greater work area, facilitating its use in large garments.

It has a comfortable pedal that facilitates the function of sewing without any effort. It is a truly comfortable model to use, being able to place it practically in any space. Being a compact model can be placed in a small space without problems.

Alfa NEXT 40 Spring has a ‘High-Grip’ system making the sewing of any type of thick fabric much easier and more comfortable for both the user and the machine itself.

It includes numerous accessories among which stand out: taps, seam ripper, darning plate, needle case (No. 70-2 / 80-2 / 90/100), buttonhole foot, zipper presser foot, invisible stitch foot, as well as a screwdriver.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is a simple machine but with greater functions and features than the most basic models
  • Perfect for household chores, small arrangements, as well as something more complex
  • Aesthetically offers a careful, modern and colorful design
  • Offers a larger work area than other sewing machines, allowing sewing larger garments
  • The pedal is very comfortable and facilitates sewing of different clothes or fabrics
  • The instructions included in it come in several languages
  • It is quite silent when sewing, ideal to work without uncomfortable noises
  • It is a perfect machine for sewing on different fabrics, including thicker ones
  • It is a model that weighs relatively little, is compact and does not take up too much space


  • Its price is higher than other models, but also provides better benefits
  • The change of the lower coil is not very comfortable
  • Although something lighter than other sewing machines is not advisable to carry it from one place to another
  • It is not a model indicated for professional use

Questions and Answers from Customers

  • Can eyelets be made with this sewing machine?

Yes, indeed, in four steps. It has three types of stitch, one for each side and the third to close the top and bottom. In the manual, he explains everything perfectly.

  • Do you have protection for your fingers?

No, this model does not have finger protection.

  • Do you use universal presser foot?

Yes, precisely, the presser feet are universal. It is a very good machine. I recommend it to you

  • Does it allow for sewing elastic fabrics?

Yes, you can sew elastic fabrics with elastic stitches or by putting a double needle. The results you get are not fabulous, but they are not bad at all.


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