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Alfa NEXT 30 Spring Machine – Review, Price & Opinions

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Alfa NEXT 30 Spring Machine
Alfa NEXT 30

Alfa NEXT 30: Welcome to our guide on the Alfa NEXT 30 Spring sewing machine! Alfa NEXT 30 Spring is a high-performance sewing machine designed for domestic use. It offers a modern design, compact, colorful and with good finishes.

Alfa NEXT 30 Spring Machine

Alfa NEXT 30 Spring allows realizing a great diversity of stitches easily and simply. Although it is not the cheapest sewing machine on the market or the highest performance, this model is a great ally for those seeking simplicity, versatility, and practicality.

Technical Characteristics of Alfa NEXT 30 Spring

The Alfa NEXT 30 Spring sewing machine has a nice turquoise green color combined with white, although it is also available in the rose hip. It has up to 18 programs with different stitches, more than enough for beginners or people without big needs.

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It offers a zigzag width that varies from 0 to 5 mm and a stitch length that varies between 0 to 4 mm. The motor of this sewing machine has a power of 70 W, while the lamp has a power of 15W, more than enough in both cases. It has an automatic winding system.

This model includes numerous accessories so that sewing with this machine becomes a complete and interesting experience. Its accessories include taps, seam ripper, needle case (No. 70-2 / 80-2 / 90/100), buttonhole foot, darning plate, screwdriver, zipper presser foot, and invisible stitch presser foot.

It has dimensions of 30 x 37 x 19 cm, in other words, it has a compact and harmonious design. It has a removable arm with a compartment to store your accessories, so they will always be perfectly located.

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It can be said that Alfa NEXT 30 Spring has the largest sewing surface on the market in sewing machines. Due to the large sewing surface it provides, it is an ideal machine to be able to sew large garments with greater ease.

The materials of manufacture, in spite of not being of high quality, result sufficiently resistant, durable and solid. Alfa NEXT 30 Spring is one of the few sewing machines on the market that offers a special stitch for elastic fabrics, preventing sewing from becoming an arduous task for the machine itself.

An ideal sewing machine for both beginners and more crafty people in the sewing world. It is also presented as a good product to surprise a loved one with a beautiful, economical sewing machine that perfectly fulfills the expectations expected.

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Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Includes an instruction book that explains each step in detail
  • It has light to perform different jobs with better visibility
  • Allows you to perform countless jobs from home
  • You can find free online courses perfectly explained for beginners
  • It is not too heavy nor does it occupy too much space
  • Guarantees greater accessibility to the work area
  • Practical, versatile, functional, robust, useful and convenient to use
  • It offers an ergonomic design, simple to use, careful to detail and with good finishes
  • A multitude of thick fabrics can be worked efficiently and precisely
  • It is very simple to use, without complications of any kind. Ideal for beginners as well as for people with more experience
  • It is a product that includes numerous accessories and accessories


  • Although it is a more complete model in relation to other machines of the same range, its use at a professional level is not recommended
  • The sewing speed is not the best, but you can always choose models of greater range
  • Account only with the functions and basic programs to start in this world
  • It has a handle for transport, although the quality can be improved
  • Its price, although interesting, is somewhat higher than other similar models

Questions and Answers from Customers

  • Is the bobbin vertical or horizontal?

The bobbin is vertical and allows to manipulate with great ease at all times.

  • I have read that the quills included are plastic, can they be exchanged for metal ones?

I suppose you could, but I do not recommend it, because they will end up damaging the sewing machine with constant friction.

  • How can I change the width of the zig-zag?

The height of the zigzag is regulated with the wheel on the left, while the width of the zigzag with the right wheel.

  • Does it have enough power with 70W or do you recommend a more powerful machine?

Well, that will depend on what you want to sew with her. I’m doing quite well. It sews quickly and accurately. I think it’s more than enough.

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