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Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 Live Streaming Medal List

Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018: Buenos Aires becomes the world capital of youth sports. Argentina welcomes over 12 days to more than 4,000 athletes from 206 countries, between 15 and 18 years old, who will fight for 1,250 medals in 43 disciplines.

Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

The first ceremony of an Olympic Games that will take place outside a sports stadium will mark the start of the third edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games , which will be held in Argentina until October 18. The famous Obelisk of Buenos Aires is the stage chosen for the inauguration and the theater group Fuerza Bruta will act as master of ceremonies.

In addition to this particularity of free entry and free for all who want to bring at six in the afternoon (local time) to the symbolic monument, but also can be followed by television, internet and mobile applications of the Olympic Games, the role of the ceremony will fall on the young people. “Equality” and “gender” are two terms that will sound a lot in the coming days, and that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) wants to convey this message both at the inauguration, in which two young men and women will light the cauldron , as in sports competitions, with mixed modalities.

The inaugural act will also serve to know the official song of the Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 , entitled ‘ Let’s go together ‘, and that is a Disney production that will be performed in Spanish by Candelaria Molfese and Fernando Dente, two young people well known for their participation in the Disney’s musical tour of ‘Violetta’. Also, the composition ‘Olímpicos’, by the Argentinean musician Leonardo Sujatovich, and which will sound during the delivery of medals in the different competitions, will also be announced this afternoon.

And since there are no Olympic Games without pets, although the participants and main protagonists are young people, the event in Argentina can not be missed either: ‘Pandi’, a nice yaguareté, an indigenous animal from the north of Argentina, will also play a leading role. Presented at the end of May with the name of #Pandi, with an initial hashtag to show its strong digital profile, it symbolizes the longing of Buenos Aires 2018 that the first edition of an Olympic celebration with strict gender equality be a source of inspiration for the construction of a better world through sports.

Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

The Olympic mascots are ambassadors of the Games and #Pandi is no exception playing a fundamental role in spreading the message of the event and the Olympic values ​​of Friendship, Respect and Excellence both among the participants and among the supporters of sports competitions , which in this case will be especially children and young people.

Argentina, which does not live its best economic moment, is set to become the world center of youth sports with the presence of more than 4,000 athletes from 206 countries and with the particularity that there will be the same number of men as women. In addition to the Argentine capital, the venues of Bella Vista, San Isidro, Hurlingham, Villa Martelli and Vicente Lopez will host the competitions of this third edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018.

Summer calls although the southern hemisphere began the spring two weeks ago, it will be the first time that this youth modality arrives in America, since both in 2010 and 1014 were held in Asia, Singapore and China, respectively. There is another modality, called winter, which has also already held two editions: 2012 in Austria and 2016 in Norway, with Switzerland being the chosen venue for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games.

Buenos Aires began to dream of hosting this event in 2011, although it was not until July 4, 2013 when the chosen venue was known, surpassing the candidatures of Medellín (Colombia) and Glasgow (Scotland) in the final. The euphoria of hosting so many athletes from around the world has led the Argentine Government to consider a candidacy for the Olympic Games of the year 2032, although everything will depend on the success and the impact of the appointment that begins this afternoon.

The Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 were born at the end of the last century as a response to the growing worldwide concern about childhood obesity, the technological hobbies of young people and their low participation in sports activities. Despite the fact that at the beginning a global sporting event was thought to motivate young people, discover future stars of sport and at the same time models for youth, the initial response of the International Olympic Committee was negative.

List of sports for these Summer Youth Olympic Games

Athletics36 tests
BadmintonYouth    Olympic Games    Women’s Youth Olympic Games Men’s Youth Olympic Games Mixed Doubles
Dance Sport3 tests
BasketballWomen’s Youth    Olympic Games 3×3 Men’s Youth Olympic Games 3×3
Volleyball BeachYouth Olympic Games for Women    Commonwealth Games for Men
BMX3 tests
Amateur boxing13 tests
Cycling2 tests
Horse riding2 tests
Climbing2 tests
Fencing7 tests
FutsalYouth    Olympic Games Women’s Youth Olympic Games
GymnasticsArtistic Gymnastics (14 tests)    Rhythmic Gymnastics (1 test)    Trampoline (2 tests)    Acrobatic Gymnastics (1 test)
GolfOlympic Youth Games
Weightlifting12 tests
Field hockeyYouth    Olympic Games Women’s Youth Olympic Games
Inline Skating2 tests
Judo9 tests
Karate6 tests
Greco-Roman fight5 tests
Sports wrestling10 tests
Swimming36 tests
Modern pentathlon3 tests
Canoeing4 tests
Rowing4 tests
RugbyYouth Olympic Games VII’s Femeninos    Youth Olympic Games VII’s Masculinos
Jumps5 tests
Taekwondo10 tests
TennisYouth    Olympic Games    Women’s Youth Olympic Games Women’s Doubles Youth Olympic Games Men’s Youth    Olympic Games Doubles Men’s Youth    Olympic Games Mixed Doubles
Table tennisYouth    Olympic Games    Women’s Youth Olympic Games Youth Olympic Games for Mixed Team
Archery3 tests
Sport’s shot6 tests
triathlon3 tests
Candle5 tests
Beach volleyballYouth    Olympic Games Women’s Youth Olympic Games

However, IOC President Jacques Rogge officially announced the plans for the Youth Olympic Games 2018 at the 119th session of the IOC in Guatemala City on July 5, 2007, setting goals to bring together the best young athletes in the world. an introduction to Olympism, innovate in education and debate about Olympic values.

Medal box

Click on the name of the country to indicate the list of medalists

The sports disciplines in which young people compete are the same as those foreseen in traditional games, although with some adaptations and limitations. For example, soccer has been replaced by futsal, in water sports the IOC has included jumps and swimming but synchronized swimming and water polo are out, and some sports, such as basketball, have been modified in the format play only under the modality of 3×3 in half court. Kiteboarding and BMX Freestyle Parkwill make their debut this year, as well as a new version of handball played on the beach.

The Summer Youth Olympic Games begin in Argentina

The Youth Olympics host for 12 days more than 4,000 athletes from 206 countries, between 15 and 18 years old, who will participate for 1,250 medals in 43 disciplines. This Saturday is the opening ceremony of the Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which will be held until October 18. The venue chosen for the Olympic opening will be the emblematic Obelisk of Buenos Aires.

The Youth Olympics host for 12 days more than 4,000 athletes from 206 countries, between 15 and 18 years old, who will participate for 1,250 medals in 43 disciplines. In addition to Buenos Aires other venues of the sporting event will be Bella Vista, San Isidro, Hurlingham, Villa Martelli and Vicente Lopez. This is the third edition of the Youth Olympic Games. In 2010 they were held in Singapore, while in 2014 they were held in the city of Nankin, China. The concept of the Youth Olympic Games was created in response to the growing worldwide concern about childhood obesity and the low participation of young people in sports activities, especially those in developed countries.

The sports played in the Youth Olympics are the same as those planned for the traditional Olympic Games, but with some adaptations and a limited number of disciplines and events.  For example, in water sports, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to include jumps and swimming, but excluded synchronized swimming and water polo.  Basketball uses the format FIBA ​​3×3 (not 5×5) in which three people play per team and there is a substitute. Only half court is used and the first team to reach 21 points wins.  The disciplines of cycling are mountain biking, BMX and road, track cycling was off the agenda.  Colombia will carry 56 athletes who make up a delegation that will compete in archery, taekwondo, gymnastics, sports shooting, wrestling, judo, tennis, squash, triathlon, weights, swimming, cycling, athletics and rugby.

And as nothing is left to improvisation, the gold, silver and bronze medals for which athletes will compete have also been designed by a young man, Farid Husen, 18, and born in Indonesia. It will also be a novelty this year the realization of mixed gender events, which will bring together athletes from different countries in the same team.

Google reminds us of the Summer Youth Olympic Games, with today’s doodle

Google remembers this Saturday with a Doodle the inauguration of the Olympic Games of the Summer Youth of 2018 , that start in Buenos Aires . In its third edition, the Games will gather athletes from all over the world between 14 and 18 years old in the Argentine capital.

Google reminds us of the Summer Youth Olympic Games, with today's doodle

The search engine illustrates the event with a bird that practices sports such as weightlifting, fencing, gymnastics or cycling, sports that will be part of the competition from October 6 until October 18, when the closure will take place. Throughout those days, athletes from all corners of the planet will compete in thirty sports.

Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 – Changes in ceremonies

The opening ceremony, which breaks with the tradition until now, since it was held in a stadium, will be on the street. Specifically, in the famous Obelisk of Buenos Aires , in the heart of the city. In this sense, the budgetary limits forced to make the decision, since the organizers did not want to make a high expense at the beginning and at the close of the Games.

Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 – Pandi, the mascot

The mascot of the Games , Pandi, is inspired by the yaguareté. According to the portal of the event, he is 16 years old and “uses the positive energy of Olympic sports to overcome all kinds of obstacles”. “Its name is due to the merger between the scientific name of the yaguareté that is ‘Panthera onca’ and its relationship with the digital world,” it is also explained on the website.

Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 – The precedents

Previously, the Summer Youth Olympic Games were held in Singapore, in 2010, and in Nankin, China, in 2014. In its winter variant, the next edition will be in 2020, in Lausanne, Switzerland. It will also be its third edition.

And the fact is that the globalization and the values ​​that these Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 want to transmit will allow not only the athletes to participate, since the event is also open to young journalists and youth ambassadors of the respective countries. In addition, athletes will participate in workshops and various activities designed to highlight the cultural richness they represent and instill Olympic values: Friendship, Respect and Excellence, as well as Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality.

In an atmosphere of equality and respect as it is assumed to young Olympic athletes, and although there are medals in between, was never better pronounced the phrase of Baron Pierre de Coubertin that “the most important thing of the sport is not to win, but to participate, because the essential thing in life is not success, but to strive to achieve it “.

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