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The 4 Best Birthday Cakes Ideas

Birthday Cakes Ideas: If your child is years old, do not miss these 4 cake ideas. Surprise him with that design that pleases him so much!

Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes
Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes

The cake is the essential element of a birthday, of course, after the birthday boy. No matter how old you are, people look forward to this day and imagine a cake out of the ordinary. If you are planning a party for your child, these ideas for birthday cakes can be very helpful.

Although it may seem silly, it is not the same to eat cake any day of the year, because the day of your birthday is something special. That’s why every day more moms are looking for ideas for their children’s birthday cakes or someone very special.

When it comes to cakes, children always expect a magical design; it can be, for example, what they consider the best character in the world. The adults, although they do not say it, always hide a design or a special flavor to surprise them.

Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes
Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes

For that reason, we have decided to gather the best ideas for birthday cakes so that this year you can show off and present a unique recipe that will surprise everyone. Do not miss them: take note of these ideas for birthday cakes.

4 Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes

Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes
Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes

1. Animal Puzzles for Birthday Cake

It is an idea that children will surely love; and, if you love cookies, much more. This is a birthday cake very easy to make and in which your little one can surely help; This will make it much more fun.

It is a birthday cake formed with cookies in the shape of animalsyou will need to place four or five layers of cookies.

Of course, everything depends on the size of the cake you want. First, make the cookie dough and the filling that your child prefers. Then, stretch the dough and put your child with an animal cookie cutter to cut as many cookies as possible.

Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes
Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes

After you have them already, start making a puzzle. First, a layer of cookies and then a filling. So until the cake is completed. Surely it will be fabulous!

2. Pinata Cake

A spectacular idea for lovers of cakes and sweets. In addition, it is a surprise that children will love.

Although it seems a bit complicated, this cake is very easy to make. You just have to prepare two biscuits with the mixture that you like the most and that, of course, you know how to do very well. Preferably, they are of the same size.

When you have them ready, you must remove with the help of a sharp knife the top of both sponge cakes, trying to make it straight. Now, take one of them and, with great care, mark a smaller circle inside, leaving an edge of 5 to 7 centimeters; Be careful not to cut too deep.

Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes
Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes

Afterward, remove the filling from the cake and place a fist of chocolates and other trinkets that your child likes inside. Then, very carefully, place the other cake covering the hole and make the edges of both cakes match.

Finally, decorate with the cream of your choice. When the children cut the cake, they can see a big surprise.

3. Cakes in Glasses or Jars

An idea of cakes for when you do not have many guests. It can be for small children, when you choose the decoration, or for teenagers, who are already a little more “serious”. These small individual cakes can attract a lot of attention if you make a beautiful cake of colors.

Best Ideas for Birthday Cakes

For this, you should only make several thin biscuits. Take the same mixture and, with a few drops of vegetable dye, paint the colors of the rainbow a small portion.

Take all the preparations for the oven; When they are ready, cut them with a circular cookie mold. Armalas with your favorite filling inside the glass or jar and will be ready, you will have your individual cake!

4. Cakes with Fondant

For bakers, fondant is a magical mixture; for children, too. With it, you can make the most wonderful creations of the characters we want.

Birthday Cakes IdeasOn the other hand, you can enjoy a delicious cake. If your child wants a Star Wars cake, princess cake, The Avengers cake or any other character she likes for her next birthday, a cake with fondant cover will be the best choice.

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