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Singer Talent 3323 Sewing Machine 2019 – [Review and Opinions]

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Analysis of Singer Talent 3323

Singer Talent 3323: Welcome to our guide on the Singer Talent 3323 sewing machine! The sewing machine Singer Talent 3323 is a perfect automatic model for beginners and those with more experience, a simple, intuitive and very comfortable to use model.

Singer Talent 3323 Sewing Machine

Singer Talent 3323 is not a sewing machine that stands out for anything in particular since it is a sewing machine more than the market that fulfills its purpose perfectly.

Simple, but ideal for making arrangements and some tasks in the home without complications and enjoying more functions than the most basic models.

Technical Characteristics of Singer Talent 3323

The sewing machine Singer Talent 3323 offers up to 30 different sewing designs, ideal for performing many tasks or arrangements efficiently. It offers 5 stitches for decorations and embroidery, 11 elastic stitches, as well as 1-time automatic eyelet. Thanks to its automatic buttonhole in 1 time you can make eyelets in the blink of an eye.

It has dimensions of 22 x 45 x 35 cm, similar to those of any other machine. That is, it occupies space in the home, but not excessive. The weight of this model increases to 7 kilos, so it is somewhat heavy, but nothing out of the ordinary. This does not mean that it is easy or comfortable to move from one place to another.

Both the length and width of the stitch can be adjusted very easily with this model. Singer Talent 3323 allows adjusting the stitch length up to 4 mm, while the width of the stitch is adjustable up to 5 mm. Simply turning your dial will allow you to change stitch easily and quickly.

It has a light that is reflected directly on the work area, providing a better visibility each time you perform any task or task. It achieves seams with professional results and perfect finishes. The sewing machine of medium-high range interesting for beginners.

Includes numerous accessories: universal presser foot, zipper presser foot, buttonhole foot, presser foot for sewing buttons, brush cutter, needle pack, spool pin, bobbins, flat screwdriver, darning iron, felt coil fastener, auxiliary spool pin, anti sleeve -dust, guide for sewing edges and quilts, as well as pedal.

By having your 2 needle positions, with this sewing machine, you can design countless jobs, something that with a single needle is impossible. This model also has an automatic voltage regulator, another feature uncommon in other machines.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is a simple sewing machine, intuitive, and comfortable to use
  • It is a quite silent model that allows working without discomfort
  • The materials are very robust, resistant and with good finishes
  • Offers up to 30 different types of stitches, more than enough for beginners
  • Includes numerous accessories that facilitate sewing and arrangements at home
  • It also includes a case to protect it from dust
  • Is capable of sewing garments or fabrics of all kinds, including thicker ones
  • It allows using a double needle, a feature that many sewing machines do not possess
  • By having double presser foot height it allows sewing several layers of fabric without any inconvenience
  • Get easy access to collars, cuffs, collars as well as pants hems
  • It has a compartment in which you can store all your accessories
  • Its functions and features are up to the highest range models
  • Ideal for all the most common jobs in the world of sewing


  • It does not include the instruction manual in Spanish, but it can be easily downloaded from the Internet
  • It is a slightly more expensive model than other models, although it is also slightly more advanced and with better performance
  • The legs of this sewing machine are slightly unstable
  • It is somewhat heavy to transport it from one place to another continuously
  • It is not the best sewing machine on the market, but it more than meets its mission

Questions and Answers from Customers

  • Does it have an automatic threader or must it be done manually?

Yes, it does have automatic threading.

  • Can you sew the jeans bottoms?

Yes, they can be sewn without problems and work very well.

  • What is the power of your engine? Is it powerful enough?

The engine has a power of 85W, more than acceptable to work with virtually any type of fabric. Since I have it, I am very happy.


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