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Singer Patchwork 7285Q Sewing Machine 2019

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Analysis of Singer Patchwork 7285Q

Singer Patchwork 7285Q: Welcome to our guide on the Singer Patchwork 7285Q sewing machine! Singer Patchwork 7285Q is an electronic sewing machine dedicated to quilting, a machine that can become an authentically for those who are looking for a machine specialized in quilting.

Singer Patchwork 7285Q

Few sewing machines have been specially designed for quilting. Singer Patchwork 7285Q is a sewing machine highly recommended for lovers of patchwork and quilting, which is why it includes special presatelas.

This model is quite complete, powerful and effective in its function, although it is also a product with a fairly high price, assuming an entire investment. Ideal if you need a sewing machine for quilting and you have the budget to get it.

Technical Characteristics of Singer Patchwork 7285Q

The Singer Patchwork 7285Q sewing machine is considered one of the best machines for what is known as quilting, that is, for quilting. It has dimensions of 34 x 44 x 35 cm, that is, it is slightly larger than other models, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The handling of this sewing machine is so simple that even those people who start in the world of sewing can get the most out of it.

Although it is true that it is the best machine if it is the first one that you are going to use as it is an electronic model. That is, it is better to start in this sense for a more ‘basic’ model.

As far as weight is concerned, it must be said that it is a very heavy machine that reaches 9 kilos. The motor has a power that reaches 65W. It is more than enough power to work properly and sew those thicker fabrics without problems.

This electronic sewing machine offers a total of 98 stitches, which allows users who make use of it to enjoy multiple possibilities in sewing. It has an automatic threader, saving a lot of time when threading the needle.

Thanks to Singer Patchwork 7285Q you can do almost everything: 9 basic stitches, 15 specific stitches for patchwork and quilting, 8 flexible stitches, 61 decorative stitches, as well as 7 automatic buttonholes in a single step. Ideal for those who do not seek limitations when carrying out their work or projects.

It has an electronic screen through which you can manage its different functions, in addition to providing information about each stitch. Only the stitch number, the width, and the corresponding length must be selected with the keys. The machine will be ready to begin.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Offers a total of 98 stitches, ideal for those who do not seek limitations
  • Easy, simple, agile and comfortable use, without complications of any kind
  • Not only is it indicated for patchwork and quilting, as it is ideal for much more
  • It has more than adequate power to be able to sew several layers and very thick fabrics
  • It has a speed regulator without pedal, regulation of the width and stitches length
  • It has a double needle and free arm function
  • It has up to 6 LED lights to ensure better visibility in the work area
  • It includes numerous accessories (coils, needles, pressers, dust cover, carrying case, pedal, etc.)
  • It has automatic cortahílos, the system of simple threading and system of quill Drop & Sew
  • It is one of the favorite sewing machines for lovers of patchwork and quilting


  • It is a quite heavy sewing machine compared to other models, due to its metallic internal chassis
  • Its price is much higher than other models, assuming a significant investment
  • Despite being easy to use and easy to understand, it is not the best machine for those who are looking for a first sewing machine

Questions and Answers from customers

  • Can the trailing teeth be lowered?

Yes, they can be lowered, although for the padding you will not need them.

  • Is it also valid for clothing or only for quilting?

Works with all types of fabrics without problems. I also make arrangements for my family’s clothes and it’s perfect.

  • Does it include an expandable tray to sew patchwork?

Yes, it does include it. And I have to add that it is a great sewing machine.

  • What material is the canillero made of? Metal or plastic?

It is made with a part of metal and another strong plastic.

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