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The 4 Beautiful Dress for a Wedding Event 2018

Dress for a Wedding: A wedding is a beautiful event and of great importance for the life of the couple. For friends and family represent an occasion to celebrate, share and celebrate the union of those two loved ones, their love, and happiness. However, being a woman the selection of the perfect attire for the occasion it can be a bit challenging. The dress, the shoes, the purse, the accessories, the hairstyle, etc.

Dress for a Wedding
Dress for a Wedding

They are indispensable elements that every woman who has been invited to a wedding must take into account when dressing. It is also important to take into consideration the type of wedding you will attend, the place (lounge or outdoors), the time of the wedding (day, afternoon or evening) and the weather.

As a general rule, if the wedding will take place in the morning or afternoon, the dress that you will have to use will be a short one, cocktail type.

The 4 Beautiful Dress for a Wedding Event

On the other hand, if the wedding is at night, you can use a long dress, which allows you to lengthen and stylize your figure, and denote an elegance without equal. It is important to leave behind that myth of not dressing very striking so as not to ‘overshadow the bride’, although it is your day, not for that reason you have to stop fixing and producing yourself.

Dress for a Wedding
Dress for a Wedding

The important thing is that you do not wear a dress of the same color as the bride, that is, white since that would mean a great lack of respect. It is essential that you choose a look that favors you but also makes you feel very comfortable.

Find a balance between the traditional, the classic and the modern, and you’ll look just perfect. If you do not want to look like the other guests, pay attention to the following 4 original ways of dressing for a wedding :

1. Short dress: ONLY IF THE WEDDING IS A DAY. Choose a comfortable dress, with ruffles and a soft and measured color, such as pastel or earth tones. Since the event is daytime, completely avoid the sequins and bright dresses, as they will not look very agreeable.

Of course, combine your dress with sandals or high-heeled shoes that match. In the middle of the printing era, this may be the perfect opportunity to wear a dress with a floral or psychedelic motif. The accessories can be a bit more daring, to give more life to the look, however, that are elegant and not casual, so as not to lose the elegance.

2. Long dress: If the wedding is at night, you can give yourself the luxury of opting for this classic and traditional garment. It is up to you to select a modern and flattering model for your silhouette. The ‘Color Block’ is very fashionable, a trend that is based on combining in the same attire pieces of opposite or complementary smooth colors, in order that the contrast is the protagonist.

That is why we see combinations like a blue king dress to match a pair of mustard or yellow heels and accessories that combine with both colors. The idea is that your creativity flies, and you are able to choose a combination that is out of the ordinary but flattering. Avoid dresses with glue, as these can look very exaggerated and even cause trips.

Dress for a Wedding
Dress for a Wedding

3. Pants? : Yes, you can wear pants at a wedding. Everything is based on the correct selection of the pants. Choose dress pants with a classic and elegant cut, of a fine fabric. Avoid jeans and leggings completely, remember that it is not a casual event. The combination is also important. Choose a blouse that enhances and gives life to the outfit, as well as eye-catching accessories. Combine them with shoes or high-heeled sandals.

4. Skirts: You can not only wear dresses. You are free to opt for a maxi skirt or bell skirt (cut A) that reaches your knee, with a very elegant design and fabric. Combined with a white shirt or a blouse of a solid color you will achieve a very original and classic look.

Dress for a Wedding
Dress for a Wedding

You can make the accessories, accessories, and shoes are the protagonists, using some bright colors or bright, to give much more life to the attire.

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