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14 Days in Australia Tours, Enjoy an Unforgettable Trip

Australia Tours: Australia is a country as fascinating as it is incomprehensible. We have designed a small route to enjoy its essence in just two weeks.

Australia Tours
Australia Tours

Australia is 1 of the exciting countries in the world. To visit it supposes a spectacular mixture, between the colonialism of the big cities and its overwhelming nature. Once you have decided to pack your bags, one of the biggest headaches arrives: organize the route. Therefore, we propose a 15-day tour in Australia.

14 Days in Australia Tours, What to See?

It is true that there is so much to choose from, that it is really difficult to design a route. However, we give you some details so that your tour of Australia is as productive as possible and where you can make the most of your time.

Australia Tours, Day 1

The first day is the arrival and “acclimatization” to the country. The normal thing is that you get to Cairns since its flights are cheaper than if you fly to Melbourne or Sydney.

If your case is the second, it is not complicated to go to Cairns to start the route. Take advantage of the remaining hours of the day since your arrival to get to know this city, visit its lagoon and start tasting Australian cuisine.

Australia Tours, Day 2

Australia Tours
View of the Great Barrier Reef

The next day, and from Cairns, you can take a trip to see the incredible Barrier Reef. The best thing is that you hire it before you get there, to secure a free place and get a lower price.

If diving is your thing, you can also visit Green Island, a coral key that is found on the inner platform of the barrier.

Australia Tours, Day 3

In the third of your 15 days in Australia, you can rent a car to get to Cape Tribulation. On the way you can stop at some of the spectacular beaches you will find, as well as in beautiful towns such as Palm Cove, Ellis Beach or Port Douglas. At Cape Tribulation, do not miss Kulki beach.

Australia Tours, Day 4

The next day you will return to Cairns, but not before walking through some of the footbridges that enter the tropical jungle. When you return to the city, you can stop at other interesting places, such as the wonderful Mungalli waterfalls.

Australia Tours, Day 5

Australia Tours
Mount Uluru

From Cairns, you must take a flight to Ayers Rock. There, he appreciates renting a car again so that he can visit with total freedom Kata Tjuta, or as it is also known, the red center of Australia.

Get lost in its paths and trails and fall in love with the nature of the area. Before it gets dark, get to know the sacred mountain of the aborigines, Mount Uluru. And finally, spend the night in the city you left, Ayers Rock.

Australia Tours, Day 6

The next day, drive back to Kings Canyon. You can walk along one of the many trails that are scattered through the canyon. The nature of Kings Canyon will conquer you, finding from small streams to impressive waterfalls. Spend the night there to make the most of your time.

Australia Tours, Day 7

At the equator of the 15-day trip in Australia, you must return to Ayers Rock to catch a plane to Melbourne. This tour will spend most of the day, so when you arrive in the city you will hardly have time to take a short walk around Melbourne.

Australia Tours, Day 8

Australia Tours

During this day, you will dedicate it to discover the fascinating city of Melbourne. You can walk aimlessly through its streets, knowing and discovering what it has for you, but you can not forget some places: the city center, the Fitzroy neighborhood …

To end the day you can go to the Italian district of Carton, where there are dozens of restaurants where you can dine.

Australia Tours, Day 9

Rent a new car to move to Port Campbell, a small coastal town of just 500 inhabitants. To get there, you must go through the beautiful and fascinating “The Great Ocean Road”, which will give you incredible views every so often.

Also on the way, you will find some of the most famous and crowded surf beaches in Australia. And spend the night in charming Port Campbell.

Do not forget to go up to the Twelve Apostles, where you will contemplate some cliffs that will take your breath away.

Australia Tours, Day 10

The next day, you must return to Melbourne, this time on the internal road. On the way, you can stop in the village of Winchelsea, or enjoy one of the wineries you will find.

Australia Tours, Day 11

The next day, in the morning you can meet Santa Kilda. This is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Melbourne, and it is located on the outskirts of the city. In the afternoon, take a plane. On this occasion, destination to Sydney. Arrive at the hotel and take a short walk around the city taking advantage of the last hours of the day.

Australia Tours, Day 12

Australia Tours
Sydney Opera

On this first day in wonderful Sydney, get to know the historic center of the city and, of course, the Opera House. You can also take a ferry to Manly Beach, crossing Sydney Harbor. From the boat, you can contemplate magnificent views of the city.

When you get to Mainly beach, you can take a dip in its waters. This day, you will spend the night in this lively city.

Australia Tours, Day 13

The next day, head to Bondi Beach. It’s a beautiful surf beach, and as the saying goes “wherever you go, do what you see.” You can rent a neoprene and a board if you have surfed before, or take a class for beginners. In the afternoon you can visit the Chinatown.

Australia Tours, Day 14

They finish our 15 days in Australia. This last day in Sydney (which, an eyewitness, is not the capital of Australia as everyone thinks, is Canberra), you can dedicate it to stroll, buy in one of its many special markets, enjoy some of its beaches …

On the next day it’s time to return to pack your bags, and take the flight that will take you back home, with the memory of 15 days in Australia perhaps exhausting, but unforgettable.

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