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Must Have Qualities of a Good Teacher

Qualities of a Good Teacher: Teachers have a big influence on the general behavior of their students. While student performance is mostly considered as a measure towards determining the qualities of a teacher, other things such the quality of interaction in classes matter.

Must Have Qualities of a Good Teacher

Qualities of a Good Teacher
Qualities of a Good Teacher

Good teachers should promote healthy interactions and discussions in classrooms so as to mold students into becoming great people in society. To achieve this, a good teacher must have the following qualities:

1. Have a Good Knowledge of the Subject Matter

The importance of this quality cannot be stressed enough. Teaching is all about transferring knowledge to students. If you do not understand the subject matter clearly, you will produce “half-baked” students.

A good teacher should have incredible knowledge of the subject and teach with enthusiasm throughout. This will bring about a better understanding on the part of the students, translating to better results.

2. Good Communication Skills

Communication is essential to a teacher. Clear communication of expectations and support to students will increase student achievement. But communication in class is not enough. Teachers have to communicate with all stakeholders to support kids including parents, counselors, administrators, etc. These stakeholders help the student remain motivated and focused on learning.

3. Be a Good Listener

If speaking is silver, then listening is gold. Ideally, good communication occurs when 2 parties are involved, with both communicating and listening to each other.

Therefore, in a learning environment, teachers are supposed to ask questions and patiently listen to what the learner has to say, whether it is wrong or right.

This will enable the teacher to understand the learner’s point of view, correct them accordingly and in the process, build a strong relationship with the students.

4. Be a Motivator

Qualities of a Good Teacher
Qualities of a Good Teacher

No two kids are the same. Meeting different kids where they are and growing them is another important characteristic. Teachers have to assess students strengths and weaknesses, learning styles, and interests. But once you know that what do you do? Implementing accommodations and interventions is extremely challenging even for the veteran teacher but it helps all kids to learn.

5. Have a Friendly Personality

Good teaching also involves being close to the students. Since students spend a huge part of their lives with teachers, it is wise for teachers to replicate the friendly personality that parents have towards their children, to their students.

This way, they will be easily approachable and thus, provide class related or other forms of assistance to the students at all times.


As you can see, a lot is required for one to be a good teacher. Basically, they should concentrate on their students at all times.

However, this might be challenging because part of the job description requires them to focus on other forms of paperwork in order to remain compliant in the teaching profession.

The good thing is that with websites such as www.goteachersintouch.com, a teacher won’t have to worry about such issues anymore. They help you do your paperwork and let you concentrate on teaching.

TeachersInTouch helps teachers with the work of teaching so they can focus on developing these traits. It makes communication with stakeholders easier. Parental engagement will increase by using this tool

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