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How to Start Growing Orchids in Your Home

How to Start Growing Orchids in Your Home: Get started in the cultivation of these beautiful and extravagant flowers of delicate care.

How to Start Growing Orchids
How to Start Growing Orchids

The orchids are a family of very distinguished plants flowers found in many regions of the world, especially in the tropics. They have around 17 thousand species throughout the planet, with very colorful and extravagant colors and shapes.

90% of its species are epiphytes: this means that it grows on another plant using it as a base. Its roots do not reach the ground but adhere to the surfaces of that plant to capture nutrients and water to grow.

How to Start Growing Orchids
How to Start Growing Orchids

Although its cultivation and care are complex and specialized, you can begin to initiate yourself in it from some species that you can have in your home. 

Among the most common, and requiring less attention,  Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Cymbidium, Bletilla, Pleione, Odontoglossum and Paphiopedilum stand out.

In this note you can learn how to grow them in your home, to start learning everything about them and their care. 

General Procedure for Growing Orchids

How to Start Growing Orchids
How to Start Growing Orchids

Substrate and container

You can grow orchids from seeds, but without a doubt the simplest method, especially if you just start, is to do it from cuttings of the floral branch. 

For that, it is convenient to do it in a container preferably of mud, so that its porosity favors the drainage of the plant. 

The substrate, on the other hand, must be sufficiently porous so that its roots can remain aerated. Choose a mixture of peat, pine bark, and pearlite; and remember that, for the most part, orchids grow on the bark of trees with exposed roots. Also, try that the container has a correct drainage. 

Place where to place your orchid plant

Try to place your orchid in a very bright place, but be careful that the sunlight does not affect it directly. The windows, interior terraces or balconies are the most recommended places. 

Flowering and transplant

How to Start Growing Orchids
How to Start Growing Orchids

Flowering will only occur when there is a temperature difference between day and night of approximately 8ºC. 

Every 3 years, it is recommended to transplant it. It is preferable to do it in spring and use light substrates (such as pine bark).


Orchids, unlike other plants, require more specific care, but when you see the flower grow, everything will be worth it. Keep in mind the following tips and do not be discouraged! 

– The leaves of the orchid should have a deep green color. If you notice that its color is very clear, it is probably not getting enough light. 

– The temperature should not be lower than 14ºC. 

– Do not place your orchids in places like the kitchen, where the air has great density. But take care of the direct currents of wind. 

– Keep your orchid away from heat sources and out of an excessively dry environment, since most orchids live protected from the sun by trees.

– To maintain an ideal humidity level close to 40%, you can either place them next to other plants or arrange a container with water near their roots. 

– If the orchid is in a pot, do not put a plate under it, since it is not good to be in constant contact with water. 

– Water your orchids with distilled water at room temperature. In summer, water two to three times a week; and in winter, only once. It is recommended to do it in the mornings and abundantly. 

– Take care of your orchids from sudden changes in temperature.

Keep in mind that these cares are general. If you have chosen to grow this particular plant, learn well and learn a little about it, since each species has its own characteristics. A plant will always grow better when the conditions in which it lives are more similar to those of its natural environment.

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